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    So.... any chance of a "gold free" or "gold limited" masters qualification server next time you run a challenge like this? Then we could see who the real star players are? Or is there a reason why this isn't possible?

    Please don't get me wrong - I don't have an issue with the idea of purchasing gold. I understand the business model of in game purchases enabling "free to play" games to get the technical and player support that makes a game worth playing, and I happily purchase gold myself (I find playing without a plus account annoying!); but in the context of a skill based challenge, high gold expenditure makes a big difference to peoples' potential result.

    Stupid question - don't judge me! I'd like to play, just to be part of it. But I work (as do many) and have limited play time and. So a) is it even worth me signing up and b) am I going to drag my friends down with me?

    How long have you played Rail Nation?
    2 rounds

    Favourite goods to transport?
    Whatever pays well at the time

    Favourite Rail Nation scenario?
    USA. May think about Europe - but not sure my train driving skills are up to managing passengers

    Strangest/ Coolest place I’ve ever player Rail Nation?
    Only ever play in my living room (all games sites blocked at work - heck - you'd think they pay you to have fun at work sometimes!)

    Favourite Rail Nation era?
    3 - more trains, more goods, more fun

    Favourite end game snack or treat?
    Anything that can be prepped in 15 mins flat

    Anyother railway themed hobbies?
    Travelled most of the English and Welsh steam railways... gotta love that smell

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?
    Cider :)

    Favourite railway-related movie?
    Railway Children

    Favourite railway-related song?
    No. Just no.

    Caption this image
    Shut my thumb in the door and now look at it!

    I'm playing the USA Rocky Mountain scenario, and just getting used to the up-grade. Nice to see the career engine in use at last!

    But (and I'm probably being really thick here...) I'm struggling to see who's station I am visiting when picking up bonuses for other players. Where is the player name hidden?