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    Of course, today I get the upgrade after 8 videos!

    I'm assuming that the probabilities go down, either by era or by how many upgrades you already have obtained. Feels like it needs to be smoothed out a little, but at least *sometimes* you can still get an upgrade in a timely manner...

    It certainly feels that as we move up to later eras, that "within" becomes pretty much "after". I am now pretty much always having to watch the full 28 videos to get my daily upgrade.

    Cheers, have opened a ticket.

    Not seen it before, went through the usual clear cookies / cache cycle but it didn't help.

    It's on a bug list to fix, right? :)

    I can't open the 'buy engine' screen today; I just get a blank screen. Everything else loads up fine, but not that page.

    Just me, or is it a server/wider issue?

    Happening again on COM101 *again*. And it's gone back to sticking on 21400, which was (briefly) fixed last week. However, that's not the only video that sticks, just the most regular/obvious one.

    It does make the benefit of a second guaranteed video utterly worthless, when you can't even watch the standard one.

    Samisu, just restarting doesn't fix the problem because the it generally just tries (and sticks) on the same video. Yes, if I sit and restart videos 5 or 10 times I might get lucky, but that's really not practical or reasonable.