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    EG just started on the Dutch SoE server.
    The battle for victory will be between 2 cities: Vilnius and Sarajevo. Both have a total of 189 traks for all their RGs, but the first set of Vilnius is 53 tracks and Sarajevo 38 tracks, a difference of 15 tracks is roughly 3 extra RGs.

    The entire game is based on rational elements (tactical skills, organisational talent, etc) and suddenly in the EG there is a new element "LUCK" which plays a very big role.

    A 100% balancing will need indeed a complete redraw of the maps, But the present assignment of Goods is completely not balanced at all, there can be a difference of 10 tracks single way per set and that's too much, to give equal chances to cities/regions. When the difference would be maximum 3 tracks (lower prefered) it would be more or less balanced.

    The sequence in my options is random, nothing more.

    Thanks for tha additional suggestions and the made remarks.

    @Locomotius Prime
    I disagree with your suggestion 2a and 3. I strongly believe like in real life 1 person, 1 vote. People should have the choice to vote or not. That is why i suggested t set the counter on zero at each election. This will automatically lead to that lesser active players will not vote and the active players automatically will have more influence on the elections, but with setting the counter to zero, less active player still have the choice to vote or not. Not every player starts at day 1 of a new round. Last server that finished i start at day 20 in the game, so i will have no voting powers for weeks and that wouldn't be fair.
    Your point 4 cannot be implemented on international servers, as the voting will take place when people on the other side of the world will be sleeping/working/ schooling. Most regional servers are becoming more and more international too, so shortening the voting period isn't fair.

    A cabinet member can be ousted every day after a vote inside the cabinet with a 7/11 majority (if the president has voting power too) or 6/10 majority (without voting power for the president).

    People who cannot handle power and/or abuse power, life everywhere in every part of the world, so we find them also in the gameworld. The main goal is to avoid 1 bad President is spoiling 12 weeks of playing fun for 100, 200, ..... 500 players. I also understand making a new rule, will lead to abuse of that new rule, it is almost human nature to bend to rules into their own favor.

    Your argument about the lvl of an industry is completely irrelevant, as that is something you can influence.

    Although i haven't played that much rounds on SoE, i have been a part of a team and region that has ended 1st and 2nd. So it has nothing to do with a game plan for the Endgame, a bit strange argument as you have no idea about our game plan.

    Poker has element "bluffing", this element is absent in the EG of RN and Pokers is an individual game, while RN is a teamgame. In the last round of the SoE server i played, the winning region had twice as much active players as my region.

    What you keep on missing is: a more balanced set is very relevant for the regions which are competing for the spots behind the topregions. And you keep on missing my points i suggested also the assigned be balanced based on tracks. Which i think is the best of the two options i suggested.

    I wrote about Steam over Europe (=SoE) In SoE we often just 2 or 3 regions competing for victory. All other regions battle for the other ranks and most of the time only complete 20-24 of the total of 48 goods, and in that case it matters a lot which goods you get assigned.

    For the top 2 or 3 regions an more equal assignment of RGs per set doesn;t really matter and has no negative influence.

    As i wrote, the balancing can be done based on fair assignment of goods (2 RG from each Era) or based on nr of tracks.

    Our chair had an accident and cannot be online and i am sitting for him. A few days ago his +account ran out, but he has enough Gold to extend it.

    I fully understand the use of Gold is limited for a sitter, to avoid wasting it, but a sitter is also chosen because he/she is trusted. I don't want full freedom as a sitter of somebody Gold, but buying a +account is what i am asking for.

    1) allow a sitter to extend/buy a +account
    2) limit the extending of the +account, for example: when buying the number of days of the +account cannot exceed 10 days. This means it can only be extended in the last 3 days of the present +account and/or it isn't possible to extend for weeks. The limit of 10 days, can also be 8 or 9 days.

    Unless you haul for total victory in the Endgame, the type of goods assigned in every set has a big influence on the final result.

    This EG on SoE i see Megacities who have 3 one track RGs assigned in the first set of 12, and my Megacity has no 1 or 2 tracks RGs assigned, an other Megacity has five Era6 goods (5/6/7 tracks) assigned. The assigned goods can make the difference between ending 3rd or 10th, and that is not fair.

    In order to make it more fair and balanced:
    Make the assignment of RGs equal for all Megacities, so all has the same chance for a good result.
    Equal could be:
    1) each set of 12 consists out of 2 RGs from each Era
    2) equal number of tracks

    The element of LUCK in the assigned RGs has a too big influence on the result.

    Due to a disagreement on tactics, the 2 biggest Associations can no longer work together for 1 Megacity in our Region. We have been working very hard to level up our hometown and made into the EG. This despite the abusing of President his powers.
    The abuse of powers were:
    * pretending to level up his hometown, while they were sure of the Endgame
    * when the City Bonus was moved to my town by 1 of his teammembers, because the President's hometown didn't made any progress in leveling up for 7 hours and even had a negative trend for the last 3 hours (the president himself was hauling to the LM), he moved it back to his hometown
    * he fired 2 cabinet members (1 from his own Association and 1 from my Association), so only his puppits remained in the cabinet

    What we already saw for weeks, he demonstrated very clearly: he is a dictator and not afraid to abuse the powers as President.

    Most of the time a President will stay in his/her seat for the entire game. Just 25% of the players in a region make a real choice between the candidates, the rest just votes for the nr 1 to complete the assignment for voting from Lucy.

    To reduce Presidents power and make it more fair the following suggestion:
    1) An elected president is in power for 1 era only;
    2) every era there is an election for president in which all precious votes are cancelled and all candidates start at 0 (zero)
    3) from the 10 cabinet members, the president can appoint only 5 of them and only remove the 5 members he appointed
    4) the 5 by the president appointed members should have all a different hometown, so every city is represented in the Cabinet.
    5) the remaining 5 seat in cabinet will be filled by a representative of the 5 biggest Associations in the region, these members can only be removed via a voting in Cabinet after a 7/11 majority. The 7/11 majority is needed to avoid that 5 by the president appointed members + himself, still can remove every other member who is a representative of the 5 biggest Association. If a representative of an Association is removed after the voting, he/she will be replaced by an new member of the same Association as long as that Association is still amongst the 5 biggest Associations in the Region.
    6) Limit the members of Cabinet coming from 1 Association to 5 members excluding the president
    7) a removed cabinet member cannot be appointed again in the cabinet within the same Era.

    Maybe some might be added, to make it even more balanced.

    Often the president comes the biggest Association in the region, while the Association only has 20%-25% of the total number of players in a region. With the present powers of the President, he can act like a dictator and only handles in his own interest, his own hometown and his own Association, and don't care about 75%-80% of the other players in the region. In real life this is called "The Terror of the Majority" (with majority is not ment 51%, but is ment: the biggest group).