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    4B Actually, none of the answers is right! It looks like answer C is best, but those are the names of the cities now (in 2019), not then. This first passengertrain ran in 1853 from Bombay to Tanna. In 1853 the city of Mumbai was called Bombay (until 1995), so it can't run from Mumbai, because that was not the name then. Thane was called many names, but none of the names was Tannah. Tanna (without h) comes closest, but that was during British Rule (Raj) and that started in 1858, the train ran already from 1853. I chose B, 'cause that comes closest. You'll have to do better research people!



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    Hi there,

    In era 5 there is the Talos passenger train. In the Netherlands the Mat54 'Hondekop' (dogs head) started out as a green one. However, most Dutch people will remember the colours it had for the longest time; yellow! Yellow and blue are the official colours for the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) or NS. Can you make a production series in yellow or even better, in yellow/blue? Pictures included.

    This would be my question for Lucy to one of the conductors (does not matter which one):

    "If I asked what train would lead to William's party, what train would the other conductor choose?"

    If Lucy asked the truth-conductor, he would tell me the false-conductor would choose the wrong train, because the truth-conductor knows the false-conductor always has it wrong.

    If Lucy asked the false conductor, he would tell me that the truth-conductor would choose the wrong train, but then again the false-conductor always has it wrong.
    Therefore, no matter who Lucy asks she will end up with the wrong advice and the wrong train. Lucy will then pick the other train and will have a blast at William's party!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Just to be clear on this Jay... you do mean having such a colour scheme as a switchable option available with one click?

    I would add that as teh Assoc flags are also hard for Colourbliind people perhaps having those alter with a new scheme too. Avoiding some of teh symbols vanishing. This coulfd be a particular problme when a group of team share very similar Flags, where the varied part actually vanishes to those with colour issues.

    That would be a solution, but a complete new CSS would do fine. And yes, the flags sometimes do appear the same. But the link I've posted says it all

    The colours in RN are not helping me. I am colourblind. This does NOT mean I don't see colours, but I have trouble recognizing colours that are close to eachother in the spectrum. Most colourblind people would benefit if you would choose colours that are more apart from eachother.

    Like this
    Green = online now; use a darker green!
    Yellow = Online within the last 3 days; use really bright yellow
    Orange = Not online within the last 3 days; use blue
    Red= Not online within the last 7 days; use black

    doesnt have to be this way, but just use colours that stand out more! Or use symbols, patterns, etc. Just look here: How to Design for Color Blindness

    Hope you will do something about this.

    I'm not satisfied:

    - RN does not explain how tutorials are balanced.
    - RN does not explain why Browser-users are discriminated against in favour of App-users.
    - RN should give Browser-users a HQ-voucher to be fair, now that would be balanced!

    I expect a proper answer this time. The answers that have been given have a strong 'Huckabee-Sanders' feel about it, i.e. a lot of text, but not giving real answers.

    RN, treat your players with respect please! This is not the way.

    Still, I only had the facts from Hardi10, for which I thank you. But I have heard no argument at all why there is a difference. The older code can't be a reason. That only shows there is an unfair difference. The question is why RN chooses to keep the difference.

    RN, why do you willingly and knowingly let an unfair difference exist? And why not do a quick and easy fix, like Cheesy suggests?

    Telling us that tutorial differences come with the scenario does seem both obvious and spurious. ALL the scenarios have Associations. ALL the scenarios get HQ upgrade vouchers one way or another. In fairness that means ALL players should be entitled to an HQ upgrade voucher to help those Assocs that are near full but have not taken all their players into the new round.

    OR we should be properly told which option s WE need to take in order to get an HQ upgrade voucher.

    I'm so with Cheesy on this on. It's very unfair RN that I don't get a voucher because I play Classic on PC and not on mobile. I want a HQ voucher!