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    I cannot connect to the game. I manage to enter the lobby most of the times, but when i try to enter the game, im stuck at the loading screen. And the phone app isnt working either. I know several people people from my Asso has the same issue.

    Also i wonder, why doesnt the RN team communicate with us. Saying there are some issues. You are both on twitter and facebook. Its not that hard to have someone post a message that there are problems with the loggin servers (if thats where the fault is)

    I attached a screenshot of where im stuck.

    Ok, so it's only Big Ben then?

    I tested it with Chrome and got in to BB without any issues just now :/

    But there are a couple comments about sign-in issues there.

    If i had choosen the language, i dont think there would have been a problem. I dont have a problem on other servers. It just wont let me continue from that point where i have to select my language. Nothing happens when i push the continue button
    And im using chrome aswell

    I just tried with firefox, and it let me choose the language, and get in to the game. And after that i was able to use chrome to log in. So i think its chrome blocking something at that stage of a new server, where you need to choose the language.

    Could also be that its the new help center they are trying to implement thats messing things up.

    As it is now, you only have 4 ways of tracking peoples activity.

    Green = online now
    Yellow = Online within the last 3 days
    Orange = Not online within the last 3 days
    Red= Not online within the last 7 days

    While this is good for measuring tool activity for the relaxed associations, then for competetive associations its a really bad tool.
    We have no way of knowing if people have seen orders or are just ignoring them. If an association wants its members to focus on the Landmark and hauling integrated, and not direct haul to town as an example.
    Knowing the exact time when they were online would help alot to get rid of free loaders, who just use a big associations majorities, to help further their own goals.

    My suggestion is that you use the date and time for when last people were online instead of the colour coding. There is no need to change the time base on where players are from, as we are already used to working with different timezones. It would help alot of the more serious associations.

    Thanks for the answer.

    I will not be participating. I see no reason to take part in a Championship where real life money will be the deciding factor.
    In a normal round with no real prices on stake, i dont mind its pay to win. But in a contest where you can win prizes, you will most likely have to spend more money in the 6 weeks, than what the prizes are worth, if you even want to have a minimal chance to win it. I know you dont force people to buy gold, but alot of people are very competetive, and given the oppotunity, they will try and win no matter the cost.

    You could have made an entrance fee to the server. Then you would still have made some money. But this is not right.

    You will never find the real champion this way. The best player and association. You will only find the players with the deepest pockets. So stop advetising it like that.
    Your advetisement should be more like: "Do you want to pay alot of money to get an advantage over others, and with a small chance to win a simple prize not worth the investments you made, then join the Pay to Win railnation server, that we like to call the Master game or Championship to lure our already very active members to pay more money"

    I was wondering.. I asked this question on several platforms.
    No matter where i read, you say anything about being able to buy gold.

    Will you be able to buy gold in this master round. Buying Bonus trains and lottery tickets?

    Or will gold buying be removed together with lottery tickets so everyone has equal oppotunity to win?

    I know Travian is making money by selling gold, But you also gain money from people watching adds. This is the master round. the Rail Nation Championship.
    Are you going to let that be decided by money or skill???