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    Got the titan and the gold.... did not get a SSP even though I had not already purchased it.

    If I try to buy it then it seems to ask for the 399 gold rather than some kind of voucher I can apply.

    You should now be able to join in again and continue the endgame. The emergency maintenance is over, and everything looks good - no performance issues.

    Thank you for your understanding, we are sorry for the frustration the issues caused, especially during endgame.

    The server has disappeared completely from my gameworld list now....

    The percentage trend and delivered tonnages are calculated every 15 minutes.

    So you have (current trend per hour) = trend*4 (simply because how many hours is more useful!)

    (current filled %) = (delivered/required) *100

    (percentage to go) = 100-(current filled %)

    How many hours = (percentage to go)/(current trend per hour)

    Of course you can do this in a spreadsheet and I already know that you can do this in a single line formula before anyone jumps in, was just trying to make this as clear as possible

    Well what it's doing right now is causing a neighbouring EG city to haul in ours for an hour to lower their own consumption and blow up ours too ;)

    Question about active players...

    Ok so having read the rules our city also pulled out 24 hours before (basically pax or park) so whilst there has been some complaints on the forums the error in the calculations didn't affect us. Maybe it even helped if people from the higher up cities came down to us before starting their own EG as their effect falls off when they go back and start theirs.

    We know PAX doesn't count in the EG too which is good but what about the following situation?

    Does anyone hauling an RG which is on the current card but which has been fully delivered count? These would be players who fell asleep during the last call, or chose to go to bed firing off their trains to help the city finish one more RG.

    If so then these idle players are contributing to the consumption during the current card and the tonnage for the next card even if after that their trains park.

    In effect this seems to make it pointless to have an offline RG once PAX is done?

    In this game the amount of harm you can do is incomparable with the amount of good you can do. Meaning that if I chose to haul a called good with my 5 Olympuses, sure, I will be adding (at best) a 3% increase to the stocks. But if I chose to haul uncalled goods with my 5 Olympuses I will wreak so much havok that a city will struggle at least an extra 5-8 hours just so they can recover.

    Exactly... that's why the game rules need tweaking to reduce the impact.

    In 5-8 hours a 2nd place city could overtake the 1st place one and so the havoc wreaking player has done their city a great benefit in the race... exactly as almost all professional sports players would do?

    Hmmmm was this player from the winning city or just a randomer in your own with nothing else going on?

    Gamesmanship is absolutely not against the rules and nor should it be in my opinion. You can win by slowing down the others or by speeding up your own. One player cannot do much to speed up 100 (in their own city) but they can do a lot to slow down 100 in another city.

    For example even just building the tracks and connecting to the other city could be considered unsporting as you are just adding to their tonnage?

    If you want this to happen less often then the calculations behind it need tweaking rather than banning people?

    Not really a cross post but should put part of my comment here too

    ok .. so to me platform X is a step in the right direction though it encourages one sided hauling to get to the top of a supply table and get the PP (eg. coal-iron-city and not also doing iron ore-iron-city) this has resulted in even city haulers turning into PP hunters if the iron ore is two more tracks away and given us lop-sided waiting time penalties. Though you could argue that makes it easier for the iron ore people to get to the top of their PP supply side :D

    How about a return on investments for those who haul integrated. You give PP in PlatformX sure... that's trying to give us a bit of reward but how about you get a proportion of your money back when an industry levels based on some complex (or even simple if someone can suggest it) formula of how much you supplied and how much you invested?