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    And at Fast Forward, where the epoch has only four days, I'll actually get only one.


    At all Fast Forward servers you will 2 Megabonuses because RN changes the period to 12 days instead of 14 days (only at these servers).

    Alexander's travel plan:

    Departure at St. Petersburg trainstation

    1. Helsinki Cathedral - Helsinki

    (passing through St. Petersburg at full speed)

    2. Crane Gate - Gdansk

    3. St. Michael's Church - Hamburg

    4. National Monument - Amsterdam

    5. Ericsson Globe - Stockholm

    6. Holmenkollen - Oslo

    7. Big Ben - London

    8. Eiffel Tower - Paris

    9. Cologne Cathedral - Cologne

    10. Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

    11. Palace of Culture - Warsaw

    12. Prague Castle - Prague

    13. Parliament Building - Budapest

    14. Acropolis - Athens

    15. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - Sofia

    16. Colosseum - Rome

    17. Milan Cathedral - Milan

    18. Giant Wheel - Vienna

    19. Munich Frauenkirche - Munich

    20. Grossmünster - Zurich

    21. Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux - Bordeaux

    22. Notre-Dame de la Garde - Marseille

    Arrival at Barcelona trainstation

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    Server:  NL01 Stoomketel

    An engine has to be 100% to run at maximum speed. As soon as the state of an engine decreases, the speed will also decrease.

    (BTW, the speed of a fully upgraded Bat is 175 km/h.)

    At Stoomketel we had today our 14th day of the new shop.

    In that period I got 100 Gold from the Megabonus (same prize as the old surprisebonus), 10 Gold, 1 enginevoucher and 11 free tickets.

    With the old shop I also would have 11 free tickets, a surprisebonus, 10 Gold and 1 enginevoucher.

    But I would also have had:

    20 extra Gold

    4 extra free tickets

    1 day of Plus

    an investmentvoucher

    a trackvoucher

    a stationbuildingvoucher

    an instant-built-voucher

    3 wagonvouchers

    an engine-upgradevoucher

    5 turbovouchers

    3 mechanicvoucher

    a licensevoucher

    I wasn't enthusiastic about the new shop (read: loginbonus) before it was implemented.

    Now I must say that this hasn't changed for the better, actually I am even less enthusiastic.

    I guess you're still working on it?

    Any idea when exactly this will be fixed and when the global switch can be continued?

    Maybe it has to pay for its self first??? Am hauling Grain to Cattle to Leather to Shoes to the City. That is my question, will I get extra cash for having the leather licese and hauling in this scenario? Shoes is the required good and leather is in the supply chain to hauling fully intergrated. Leather to Shoes...

    Yes you will get extra cash!

    When your train(s) have completed your schedule you can see in the licence tab - own licences the extra profit from your license (and also the amount you bought it for).

    I am pretty sure, you have to be a new player and you have to register trough the link, so you can't redeem this bonus, on a already existing profile.

    If I am wrong, please correct me

    I am pretty sure you're wrong this time.

    If you start a new round using the Facebook link (or the link in your email-account) you will get an extra starting bonus (7 days of Plus or free starterspackage or ...)

    One simple solution:

    When a industry levels just reduce investments back to 0% instead of 10%. :P

    But is that something we want? :/

    A possible explanation:

    The factory has just leveled!

    Before levelup Jayens had invested about 600k, which is reduced to 60k when the factory leveled.

    TGood had invested less before the factory leveled, also reduced after levelup.

    The reduced investments after levelup all have the same waitingtime (it doens't matter how much is invested before levelup).

    Jayens has not invested again after levelup so his waitingtime remains the same, but TGood has made 1 (or 2) small investment(s) so his waitingtime is reduced.

    EDIT: As I think it over again, it isn't a possible explanation, I think it is the explanation.

    Hi all,

    I've took to screenshot of the server's I play on after the update, first one is taken from steam boiler server and the second one is from broadway express server. I don' know what the new shop is post to look like ?

    To see how the new shop looks like, see page 1 of this thread.

    Samisu has shared his new shop: 🚅 New Shop

    And may I ask, when the shop update will come on these servers?

    It should have been today:

    I would like to be able to use or not use the bonus % off building upgrade. Sometimes you need that for the Lab or Roundhouse, but you need to or want to upgrade something else, but you can't choose not to use that on the hotel or anything else. I think like instant upgrade or gold use you should be able to not have to use it.

    Why aren't you just happy with the discount? Even when you upgrade a cheaper building you still don't have to pay full price ;)

    Before the flashsale started it was fine, only when you could redeem the loginbonus that exclamation-mark (which is Dutcher referring to) appeared, but since the flashsale has started the shop is contineously showing the exclamation-mark.

    Also playing at Stoomketel.

    Day 1 new shop: 100 Gold (megabonus)

    Day 2: 1 free ticket

    Day 3: 1 free ticket

    Day 4: 1 free ticket

    Day 5: 1 trainvoucher

    Day 6: 10 Gold

    Day 7: 1 free ticket

    Day 8: 1 free ticket

    Dag 9: 1 free ticket

    Day 10: 1 free ticket

    Day 11: 1 free ticket

    Day 12: 1 free ticket

    Day 13: 1 free ticket

    Day 14: 1 free ticket

    With the old shop I would have gotten 14 free tickets, 13 daily loginbonuses and 1 surprisebonus, so I'm not that enthusiastic about the new shop.