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    Nice, now there should be some sort of bonus that goes to the first person to post a screenshot of this in Forums! Would be an interesting competition!

    Not only the person who posted the screenshot, but maybe to all players joining and helping the "winning" association..?

    (If I'm correct you'll need 18 players to get HQ to level 13)

    And offcourse a small bonus for the person who brought up this theory ;)

    Yeah the question is, can you (before level 7) purchase the 2 extra gold slots already.

    Should be easy enough to test. Having enough players standing by to join and donate for the quick run up from level 6 to level 13 is another story but possible I guess.

    Offcourse I needed to test this myself, so I started on a server, opened my own association and purchased the 2nd and 3rd slot so that part worked fine :thumbsup::D

    Since the server is near its EG it won't be possible to get enough players and 5 workers to prove my theory any further right now...

    I don't think that would work, but it would be interesting to test. My theory, and that's all it is, is that once you purchase the gold slot for the first HQ, it will not allow you to purchase a new gold slot until the first one is used.

    If this is true, my theory won't work indeed...

    Nope, that's why I said theoretically ;)

    In theory:

    Before HQ reaches level 7 (or 8, don't know for sure) buy the 2nd and 3rd workerspots for 50 Gold.

    Then level your HQ to level 13 but make sure you don't have more than 1 worker at a time in the meanwhile.

    As soon as your HQ reaches level 13 your association will have your 5 workerspots available...

    Now the only thing to do is spend (probably) a lot of money within one day :D

    (As soon as your association hires its 4th worker you need to hire the 5th asap, if one of the 4 workers is gone before the 5th is hired, the 5th workerspot will become the 4th workerspot.)

    Wait a while, I think it's 7 days since last log in or since they went "black dot", and then the deputies will have to option to demote the chairman. ...

    That's correct. Although it's a long time ago, I've demoted my Chair who was inactive for 7 days.

    ... When I saw it happen the deputy that demotes the old chairman becomes the new chairman.

    Are you sure?

    I thought it would be the highest ranked Deputy who becomes the new Chair...?

    I think we should at least be told the percentages for all the stuff from daily bonuses. I dont know if thats some sort of rule or law, it might not imply with daily bonus being free. But still I and perhaps many more would appreciate honesty from developer.

    I can deal with being unlucky (e.g. lottery tickets in last 3 rounds), but I hate being scammed and lied to.

    My personal statistics from the start of the new shop until today, playing 5 different servers, redeeming 234 normal loginbonuses:

    1 day of Plus: 1,7%

    25 Gold: 3,8%

    10 Gold: 9,8%

    Stationbuildingdiscountvoucher: 3,4%

    Engine voucher: 5,6%

    Track voucher: 4,7%

    Investment voucher: 4,3%

    1 free lottery ticket: 66,7%

    Has NL01 recently restarted by any chance?

    The trainspotters land one per track, so if it's a newly restarted server and you only have 6 tracks laid, then you can only get a maximum of 6 trainspotters.

    Yes NL01 restarted 1.5 week ago.

    Naike and I are aware that we need to build (at least) 10 tracks to get 10 trainspotters, so if this would have been the issue, there wouldn't be an issue at all.

    Same things happen with my trainspotters.

    I play at 5 servers and I always collect the spotters at the same time when there are 10 spotters at all 5 servers.

    And like Naike I am missing some trainspotters from time to time, and it doesn't matter which server. One time I miss a few at NL01, another time at NL201 and so on. And with a little bit of bad luck it happens at more than one server simultaneously.

    Toots so it really depends on the server,some might use x2 ^0.7 and others x3 ^0.5 is that right?

    I assume the only way to find out is to wait till the start of EG.

    Thank you all for your replies :)

    In my knowledge all servers should have *2 ^0,7 right now, but there are a very few exceptions (e.g. NL201 Euromast which wasn't switched and still has the old *3 (lvl 40: 3*60k=180k) ).

    The cityranking after 6 eras will determine which cities will play EG plus their starting times.

    For this it doesn't matter if cities levelup while waiting for their EG-start or even switch places with other cities.

    However - I don't know for sure - a levelup can perhaps give the city some extra tons to deliver.

    NOT for US players ;( (at least not for me...)

    I play at 4-5 different servers and since the NEW SHOP was introduced I've had 8 full periods of 14 days, so 8 Megabonuses and 8*13=104 "normal" loginbonuses.

    8 Megabonuses:

    4x 5 free lottery tickets

    2x 50 turbo-vouchers

    1x 100 Gold

    1x bonusengine-upgrade-voucher

    These Megabonuses are just (almost) the same as the old day-14-surprise-loginbonuses ?(

    104 "normal" loginbonuses:

    2x 1 day Plus

    4x 25 Gold (100 Gold)

    11x 10 Gold (110 Gold)

    1x stationbuilding-voucher

    6x engine-voucher

    5x track-voucher

    5x investment-voucher

    70x free lottery ticket

    About 2 out of 3 "normal" loginbonuses is 1 free lottery ticket :(

    If I consider the same period of 112 days with the OLD SHOP I would have received:

    8x suprise loginbonus

    8x 1 day Plus

    8x 30 Gold (240 Gold)

    8x stationbuilding-voucher

    8x engine-voucher

    8x track-voucher

    8x investment-voucher

    24x wagon-voucher

    8x engine-upgrade-voucher

    24x mechanic-voucher

    40x turbo-voucher

    8x instant-built-voucher

    8x licence-voucher

    120x free lottery ticket (112 daily tickets + 8 from loginbonus)

    Now the sad/bad news =O

    With a little bit of higher algebra you can see what I DID NOT RECEIVE in those 104 days:

    6x day Plus ;(

    30 extra Gold ;(

    7x stationbuilding-voucher ;(

    2x engine-voucher ;(

    3x track-voucher ;(

    8x investment-voucher ;(

    24x wagon-voucher ;(

    8x engine-upgrade-voucher ;(

    24x mechanic-voucher ;(

    40x turbo-voucher ;(

    8x instant-built-voucher ;(

    8x licence-voucher ;(

    50x free lotteryticket ;(

    Now I'm just a little curious if any employee of RN can explain to me (and to all other players) in what way the new loginbonuses would be an improvement?

    [edited: not needed to highlight the whole RN team]