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    the Primus can only be won from lottery just like any other bonus engine. It needs a lot of luck though!

    The other bonusengines can also be won with competitions (previous era bonus engine), or you can get one with the 14th day surprise-login-bonus (7th day for speedservers).

    The Primus only from lottery.

    As far as I know: No this won't expire.

    Your gold and Plus are uploaded and kept aside until you decide to collect it.

    I still have a few 100s of Gold and 6 days of Plus left over from long ago, I even don't know where it came from (since I can collect this only at my Dutch servers my best guess is that it came from the former Dutch USA server Golden Gate, disappeared about 4 years ago due to lack of players).

    Copying: Right-click at messages doesn't do anything useful over here, but when I left-click at a message I get the option to copy that message. If I like to copy only a part of a message I can select that particular part and then it gives me the possibility to copy.

    Pasting: Right-click as usual.

    In ancient history we could copy/paste from the ingame chat services, but with the introducing of the new chat a while ago RN made that not possible anymore :(

    Normally I connect to about 10 cities at the SoE, the connection fees are not that expensive, so I don't care about switching homecity to connect cities without paying the connection fee.

    However, I can imagine circumstances in which players like to avoid those connection fees. During the SoE round which I won my homecity switched with almost every new city-connection, saving up more than 200 Million RNdollars in total. Which was sometimes a challenge because not all cities confirm all twin-requests (e.g. located in Rome I had to connect to London first to be able to connect Sarajevo without the fee)

    It goes back to about November 2016. Around that time the old lobby was introduced. Even for the german europe speed server DE205 Holstentor. For DE205 it shows the last 20 rounds

    Maybe you played the "wrong" servers and they are all younger?

    November 2016 is more or less 2.5 years ago, so I can see why I made the mistake of last 10 rounds, and indeed, one of my regular servers gives the last 11 final results now.

    But still, In my opinion it's a pity that the previous results (before Nov 2016) aren't shown which RN should be able to fix, shouldn't they?

    Too bad that that only goes back last 10 rounds (2.5 years normal speed servers, 15 months for speedservers) while there are a lot of people playing longer than that period...


    Other vouchers which you can't delay:

    track-vouchers, wagon-vouchers, pax-half-wt-vouchers, engine-vouchers, HQ-donation-vouchers, investment-vouchers

    So I don't see the problem with the 20%-vouchers, just scratch your lotterie tickets strategically

    If your association has a track-worker, then don't redeem the daily loginbonus of day 8 (trackvoucher) or day 14 (surprisebonus but possible 5 trackvouchers) yet.

    Wait until the trackworker is gone, or until you are done building tracks for that day.

    So you are the one watching my videos all the time :D

    For all the rest I totally agree with you (just like on our assoforum ;))

    X = stock in city just before city-consumption (e.g. 10,000)

    Y = stock in city just after city-consumption (e.g. 9,300)

    city-consumption = ( (X-Y) / X ) *100% = ( (10,000-9,300) / 10,000 ) *100% = 7%

    My experiences:

    If your asso has opened the 3rd slot with Gold there are 2 possibillities when your asso will dismiss a worker:

    1. If the asso has only 1 or 2 worker(s) and so the 3rd slot isn't used, then it doesn't mind, the 3rd slot will still be open ;)

    2. If the asso has already 3 workers, then the 3rd slot will be closed, and your asso need to use some gold to open it again.

    Whether you are President, or only a candidate, for both it is withdraw candidacy, there is no resign button.

    At Scandinavian SoE I was president and yesterday it was time for me to resign, and therefor I needed to withdraw my candidacy.

    And when I had done that I got the system message: You have been voted out of the office of president of South-East, which isn't correct as I did it myself...

    Inactivity does not mean a chair is removed. They stay there throughout as chair, whether active or not :(. I have seen many associations with an inactive chair.

    If rules haven't been changed about this, it should still be possible to remove inactive Chairs, I did it myself a long while ago.

    Deputies can demote a Chair when he/she has been offline for more than 7 days.

    Open your assoscreen and click at the 3 dots right to the Chairs name, then choose "demote". If correct the Chair will become a Deputy (or maybe just a Member, I don't know for sure), and the highest ranked Deputy will become the new Chair.