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    You'll get the career engine on every server you are playing the moment when you achieve career level 2. You need 100 or 200 (I forgot the exact number) career points to achieve that.

    If I remember correctly it was only 50 carreerpoints that you need to get the carreerengine...

    I submitted a ticket regarding the sitting issue. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same exact issue. A team mate was trying to sit for me, but was not able to. I opened the Sitter screen and there's a message: "It is no longer possible to sit for this account in this game round."

    My best guess is that your account has already been sitted for 30 days during this round.

    You shouldn't see it as a live auction, but rather as an auction that lasts exactly 1h55 min, during which time every corp can bet as much as they deem the worker worth.

    At the end, the corp that paid the worker most hired him. It's as simple as that. Thinking someone stole your worker at the last second is simply wrong. You just didn't value him enough, compared to the other corp. Or couldn't compete with their bets.

    Nobody is forced to bet at the last second, but people tend to do it, because that way you can usually get workers for less money.

    I agree!

    It is annoying that someone else can bid just 1$ more in the last second and steal the worker because I have no chance to react. I would call it not an auction but a mockery.

    It's a risk to bid just $1 more than highest bid in the last second because there could be another corp bidding $2 more in the last second, it's a chance you take.

    Btw. I've seen it many times before that more corps than 1 are bidding in the last seconds, raising bids with many Millions...

    just a question Euromast has finished can i get the code there as long as server is online and get he lottery lots at newstart from the server?propably 30-12 -19

    I also played SoE Euromast, Endgame started last Thursday, ending Saturday morning. I just opened the server one last time just to see if it is actually possible to redeem the bonuscode, but it isn't, the option is not available.

    IF the new round would start 30th December you could be able to redeem the bonuscode by then (what I was planning to do) BUT unfortunately I just read that the new round starts 3rd of January, and because the bonuscode is lasting until 2nd of January that is 1 day too late :(

    That's an excellent question, what to do with servers that end while the code should've worked - we'll be sure to return to this topic later.

    You really have to look into this Samisu because Euromast won't be the only server missing the Winterevent and missing the possibility to redeem the bonuscode, so players at those servers are "victims" twice :/

    I think there should be a spending cap, On server 3 Rank 1 has 80,000 more pp than everyone else in the game & we are only on day 4. It is all a bit disheartening where players pay to win.

    He had half of the map connected on day 2 :)

    But really, he is paying for me to play for free.

    So, good luck to him.

    Those are the kind of players that don't know how to win competing, so they buy the victory, but who knows someone that knows how to play will catch him, and show him that money doesn't buy everything.....

    5 Star player so my best guess is that he has done this many times before :thumbdown:

    Although he has multiple victories, I think he is the biggest loser :P

    When the world restarts all bonustrains from previous round are gone, the only things which come over are your carreerengine, your leftover Gold and Plus and all unlocked productionseries and clothing items.

    Titan and Aurora are available as soon as the Endgame (era7) starts.

    The first player from your corporation that pre-registers with the option "stay with corporation" checked in a city sets the foot in the door and every member of that corporation can pre-register there. If the first one chooses the wrong city its not the fault of the game.

    If the correct city is chosen, but a member decides to preregister for another city/region (and stay with corporation!), then also the correct city isn't reserved anymore for the rest of the corp...

    If the correct city is overcrowded, you can still preregister in that city, but only as long as no-one of your corporation decided to start elsewhere (and stay with corp).


    the Primus can only be won from lottery just like any other bonus engine. It needs a lot of luck though!

    The other bonusengines can also be won with competitions (previous era bonus engine), or you can get one with the 14th day surprise-login-bonus (7th day for speedservers).

    The Primus only from lottery.

    As far as I know: No this won't expire.

    Your gold and Plus are uploaded and kept aside until you decide to collect it.

    I still have a few 100s of Gold and 6 days of Plus left over from long ago, I even don't know where it came from (since I can collect this only at my Dutch servers my best guess is that it came from the former Dutch USA server Golden Gate, disappeared about 4 years ago due to lack of players).