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    Why not updated the records on the server?

    I think he means records like most competitions wins during the gameround, building the most tracks, highest prestige points on deliveries and so on and so on.

    The records of all servers need to be updated too. For fastest EG it still says 14hrs 25 minutes on a Russian server December 2017, but Dallas (Grand Canyon) set the record at 11hours 15 minutes last month.

    Most titles in one day?

    On the Dutch classic server I once 7 held titles:

    wood, paper, pastries, food, grain, flour and money.

    But unfortunately for me no verification possible anymore ?(

    I haven't looked at the options which a sitter has right now, so no comments from me on that part.

    When players' banks are hitting their limits they should upgrade their banks sooner and/or empty them before going offline, this will prevent banks overflowing most of the times.

    My thoughts:

    Player1 has a maximum of 4 sitters during the round, 2 at a time (Sitter1-4).

    Sitter 1 and 2 have 50 opportunities each to sit Player1.

    Sitter 3 and 4 have 25 opportunities each to sit Player1.

    After being offline for 12 hours Player1 can be sitted by either Sitter1 or Sitter2.

    From the moment that Sitter 1 (or 2) login Player1's account to sit Sitter1 has a 30 minute window (timer starts count down from 30 to 0) to do what has to be done (upgrade station, sell/buy trains, switch schedules, even participate in a competition). When the timer reaches 0, Sitter1 has lost 1 opportunity (49 left), and if necessary will automatically be logged off Player1's account. And after that Player1's account will be blocked for 5 hours for the sitters (like the 12 hours when Player1 logs off). (If Player1 login himself while being sitted, the timer won't reach 0 so no opprtunity is lost.)

    When Sitter1 and/or Sitter2 don't have opportunities left they have to be replaced by Player1 for Sitter3 and/or Sitter4.

    For Express-servers some numbers have to be changed.

    I like the idea of topics in which only appointed players can write about strategy and things like that, but I think there should be a maximum number of topics available for them (maybe 5 or so?).

    1. Chair and Deputies could have their own (few) topics in their Association forum (All scenarios)

    2. Mayor and City Council could have their own (few) topics in their homecity forum (SoE scenarios)

    3. President and Cabinet could have their own (few) topics in their region forum (SoE scenarios)

    4. Chair(s) and Deputies could have their own (few) topics in the forum of the homecity of their associations (USA and Classic scenarios)

    For now we solve this issue by using "read only"-topics ( EG ONLINE GOOD (read only!) ) or ending messages in important topics with "READ ONLY - reactions can be written in topic DISCUSSION" and then we hope for the best.

    The sausage (meat) costs € 25

    The hamburger (food) costs € 20

    Flour costs € 10

    The cooking pot (household supplies) costs € 15

    The bread (pastries) costs € 5

    The package offer of last row costs € 55

    The package offer of last column costs € 55

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    Server: NL01 Stoomketel

    I don't really see the appeal of the "seperate lab speed/max" and I'm amazed it was the #1 suggestion for RN addon, but let's go with it...

    Same thoughts here.

    If I am forced to have one or the other in the game I would choose option B... assuming level cost is also split in half along with the building

    Yep, and also durations of the upgrades should be split in half.

    Here's a batch of the next round starts. Stoomketel starts on 10th, and this information should be found on NL forum - or perhaps it's on its way there. Some server starts were moved forward because of this Pioneer update - I really hope you'll enjoy it!

    Although we frequently asked for a date and some explanation, your Dutch colleagues unfortunately weren't able to tell us anything, that's why I turned to you because I knew you I would get a straight answer ;)
    And for sure I will enjoy it, really looking forward to Oct.10th!

    Hi Samisu

    Could you tell me when the Dutch Classic server NL01 Stoomketel is expected to restart?
    It was 10 days ago when it finished and I (and my Dutch friends) hoped it would start this week, but it isn't amongst the for this week announced serverstarts...

    At the top of the screen under the servername it says at which era and day the server is
    (for example:)
    26 players online
    Era 1 (day 6/14) 12:19:53

    I think it shouldn't be hard to expand that with a clock showing the hours, minutes and seconds passing by (bold/underlined in my example). Day 7/14 starts at 00:00:00 (which is for me at 14:00 (CET), for someone in the USA that will be at 07:00-ish and for someone from Russia that is 20:00-ish).

    The time in the messaging system doesn't have to be changed and can stay at local time.

    It happens to me regularly that I have to wait some time before all achievements are up to date right after the endgame has finished.
    My last endgame was on Euromast and when it was finished some achievements (asso win and regional win) took about an hour to be updated. Other achievements from that endgame (city win and region in top5) were updated right away.

    When you win waggon vouchers by scratching lottery tickets you get the message for one waggon voucher (like the pictury of Standouch). But the era where your server is at determines how many vouchers you really get from your lotteryticket. So for era 1 that means 1 waggon vouchers, era 2 = 2 waggon vouchers and so on (Endgame = era 7 means 7 waggon vouchers).
    For vouchers won by looking at videos it is the same.

    As far as my experience goes, Chairs can be demoted when they are more than 7 days inactive, but only the Deputies of the association can do this.
    The highest ranked Deputy will become the new Chair.