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    You just had to kill it for everyone didn't you? So the Priums isn't worth the trouble isn't it?

    HMR should better have pointed out clearer that she took fully upgraded bonusengines to compare to Primus. But I guess she will make another version with bonusengines without any upgrades when she reads this…..?

    By the way, any train extra means extra hauling power for you and your team, whether it is a Kite, or a Valkiry, or a Primus ;)

    ^^ This is almost exactly what I thought too :thumbup: (presumably in some other words though)

    About the trainspotters: a little calculation (normal speed server):

    Maximum 24 spotters a day * 84 days = 2016 spotters from era 1-6 (if you get them all)

    Most players don't get to 10 tracks within the first 10 hours of a new round so they need to get those spotters before they are out of tracks. Let's say average of 5 track (coal-wood-boards-grain-cattle).

    Those 5 spotters will be unique if you wait until the 5 tracks are occupied.

    That means you still need to find 20 unique trainspotters.

    With really bad luck you'll need 2000 (bad luck protection 100 * 20) trainspotters before you have found 25 unique ones, that means you'll complete the set only once during the round (at the very end)…

    For express servers it even means that it could happen that you won't complete the set of 25 unique trainspotters at all, and I can't imagine that this is intended…

    After all that, I did actually complete a set today. Funny how things work out

    That sounds sooooo familiar :D

    Furthermore. By sharing problems and feelings.

    Helps those who have hurt feelings.

    If they can not do anything else.

    They can at least write in the forum about!

    I agree, BUT if players still have serious hurt feelings over losing some non-existing diamonds, they should go and see a psychiatrist….

    But above all!

    We have to look ahead!

    And enjoy all the wonderful things that come!

    I TOTALLY AGREE that's why I made my statement



    You can't stop, can you?

    E P I L O G U E

    Justice for ALL is simply not possible in this matter. RN had to choose between a few options and whatever they would choose, there always would be players feeling disadvantaged. The solution they finally have chosen (cut back diamonds to 500 - btw I also lost diamonds) is fairest to almost all players, especially when you look at the bigger picture.

    For those players who lost more than a few diamonds I have only one thing to say: take your loss and enjoy the other great things you did gain!!

    T H E      E N D

    or you can only bring goods to your selected homecity, that avoids also a lot of spoilers of the waittimes.

    When 2 (or more) EG-cities are neighbours, there would probably be shared factories where waitingtimes could be spoiled (intentionally or not) :/

    If an association needs to play in a winning city (other than the hometown) the Chair can easily change the hometown of the association, and players can do it for themselves, but that needs to be done before the EG starts, as it already is right now.

    If players are restricted to their hometown they have less possibilities to fight for good position, but everyone fighting for a good position will have that "problem", so they just need to get their good position before EG starts 8o

    REAL TEAM-players only play EG in their homecity, and won't get their prestige in other EG-cities during online calling in their own city.

    What I actually do enjoy most in the EG is that, as a caller, I can make a difference. I can best bigger groups just by being more clever than them. With everything at 0 wait time, you would spoil most of the "pre-EG preparation" that most people don't do, and gives my home city an edge (growing the warehouse, selecting specific goods, etc).

    I would not enjoy a game where the winner is simply the city with most "brute-force", or most people staying awake for the entirety of the EG. And I think it's too difficult to balance EG just with consumption.

    Also, I do like having the option of sabotaging another EG city in favour of mine. Punishing their mistakes (let's say, they call an offline good cars, and I take the majority to punish them for example). You would remove this option as well. Basically, a big bunch of idiots could best 25 clever guys (sorry for the crude way of saying it^^), which cannot happen at this time.

    I agree with the first part. With good leadership and good strategy you will increase your chances to win EG, even if your opponents have more players in their groups.

    But I don't like the sabotaging part... I understand why it could be done, but who are you to decide another EG-city makes a mistake, maybe it's their strategy to call an offline good cars.

    I would rather lose with fair play, than win by sabotaging :saint:

    Sabotaging the endgame of another cities is not clever play. A city which wins with fair play that are winners to me.


    With "wait-time" 0, you'll need to change your strategy.

    This is a fact!

    There will be other priorities now!

    Success will depend more on the activity of your team.

    And your leadership skills

    I think EG will get much easier when waitingtimes are 0 all times:

    - You only need to connect the nearest factories;

    - You don't need to switch routes after recalculation, you haul until good is fully delivered;

    - Calling will be easy because everywhere is waitingtime 0.

    Furthermore I actually think that in this way success will depend less on the activity of players and leadership skills...

    When the Chair hasn't been online for 7 days, the highest ranked Deputy will automatically become Chair. If there aren't any Deputies, I guess the highest ranked member will become Chair.

    So you have to wait a few more days (or hope that the Chair comes back).

    It's more or less the carreer train we now have.

    To earn a good 'server train' you just have to start just before the endgame and it's counted as one complete round.

    Easy to have a nice train very fast.

    Just before EG is too late if you have to get at least 50,000 prestige points during the round to get +1 for your "server train", but I guess starting in era 5 is good enough though :D

    And its progress won't go very fast. It is a server-train so every server you play has its own servertrain which you can only upgrade by playing that particular server (if I understand the first idea of HMR correctly). At normal speed you can play 4 consecutive rounds a year so you will only get +4 each year, IF you don't miss a round (Express about 8 rounds).

    But anyway, 12/24 years of playing to upgrade to the maximum for era 1 takes wwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyy too long....

    Do away with Career Engine as it gives big players an unfair advantage over smaller player as bigger players career engine are larger & enables them to earn more prestige points per round than smaller players with smaller career engines. In round, one player had 11,000 pts in 4 days at Era 1, not possible, however he has a 22 cars career engine, almost max out

    It does seem to be unfair, but it actually isn't that unfair, maybe only a little bit. Like hilti2 already stated, the carreerengine is limited in traction force and also maximum speed during the first eras.

    era 1: maximum 7 cars, speed 150km/h

    era 2: 11 cars, 175km/h

    era 3: 15 cars, 200km/h

    from era 4: 20 cars, 250 km/h

    Another thing is, the big carreerengines are owned by players who have played a lot of rounds (presumable at multiple servers/scenarios). Those players with small carreerengines only have to play more rounds to get their achievements to be able to upgrade their engines.

    And a player who has 11K prestige after only 4 days has bought some lottery tickets :/