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    What about this one?

    Passengers Primary 1

    Transport 1,000,000 passengers

    5 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 2

    Transport 2,500,000 passengers

    10 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 3

    Transport 5,000,000 passengers

    20 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 4

    Transport 10,000,000 passengers

    50 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 5

    Transport 25,000,000 passengers

    100 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 6

    Transport 50,000,000 passengers

    250 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 7

    Transport 100,000,000 passengers

    500 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 8

    Transport 200,000,000 passengers

    750 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 9

    Transport 500,000,000 passengers

    1000 carreerpoints

    Passengers Primary 10

    Transport 1,000,000,000 passengers

    1500 carreerpoints


    That depends...

    1. If you didn't collect your Gold after signing up, your avatar will be deleted, and that's that.

    2. If you did collect your Gold after signing up, your avatar will be deleted, but what will happen to your Gold then?

    - will it be deleted because it hasn't been bought at the new Origin server?

    - will it be uploaded because it already had been transferable Gold?

    Maselbart , I think this is the real question Spoordijk wants to know the answer of...

    At your trainstation open the engine house and read carefully what is says.

    You can have a certain amount of engines at a time (on track and in the museum together), I think you've reached the maximum amount...

    While they are fixing horrible translations, maybe they can also fix the wrong terminology chosen for "Landmark" (in the game this is called "Grenspaal" which literally means border pole or border / survey marker).

    The correct translation should be "Monument". Do they have anyone at all who is a native speaker look at translations or do they just use google translate or something silly???

    Google translate:

    Although it says "Grenspaal" is a correct translation, with context (Rail Nation) it's so horribly wrong!

    Also although Dutcher 's translation "Monument" isn't one of googles, I totally I agree with him that "Monument" is the best translation for Landmark.

    In my ingame profile, below "Titles", there is the section "Offices"(Kantoren"in Dutch). What is this, and how do I get an "Office"?

    Offices are only at Steam over Europe servers.

    City offices: Mayor and city councilers

    Mayor is elected, all connected players to a city may vote, city councilers are appointed by the Mayor.

    Regional offices: President and cabinet members

    President is elected, all players from a region may vote, cabinet members are appointed by the President.

    No Discord and Twitter for me, so how will I get more details???

    I hope, or actually rely on it, that those details will also be shared here at the gameforum which is (imho) the first and foremost public platform to share your news, to make your announcements, etc :!:

    Here you can find which medals you can get, what you have to do to get them, and how much prestige you will get when you redeem your medals:

    If you show me where I can find an official info that trainspotters appear at least once in an hour I will write to the support. Otherwise your post doesn't make any difference .

    Here it is:


    At the German part of the gameforum it is announced that the maintainance of 21.9 (tomorrow) has been postponed (new date to be determined later):

    Liebe Spielerinnen und Spieler,

    die geplanten Wartungsarbeiten für Morgen wurden vorerst verschoben. Dementsprechend werden Morgen keinerlei Wartungsarbeiten stattfinden. Wir entschuldigen uns vielmals für die Unannehmlichkeiten und möchten euch für eure Geduld und euer Verständnis danken.

    Sobald wir einen neuen Termin haben, werden wir euch sofort bescheid geben.

    Euer Rail Nation Team.

    Situation: Close race for President. Player A is ahead by 1 vote. Player B ties Player A. At next vote count, Player B becomes President. Vote counts stay the same until next day. No change in President. Why?

    If a tie gets the other person the job, why doesn't the tie cause a switch the next day?

    I would think that a person needs to get 1 more vote than the other to take the job, not just a tie.

    I think you're completely right but hey, this is Rail Nation with its own rules/algorithms ;)

    To which frequency does a trainspotter appear in the game? Every 30, 45 minutes? In other words, ultimately, how many trainspotters could you collect in a 24 hour period? Thank you!

    1 per hour, so max 24 trainspotters in a 24 hour period, but you have to collect them during this period, because you can have a maximum of 10 trainspotters at your map at a time.

    Fancy Nancy I am sorry but you are in the wrong forum. Here we only speak english but we do have a netherlands part (I assume this is netherlands, I hope I am right) overall we have a lot of different communities for different languages but this is the english part, so please rephrase your post in english or use the forum for your preferred language :)

    :thumbup: You assumed right, the message of Fancy Nancy was put in dutch.

    Ik ben sitter maar ik kan vaak niet in het spel komen. Kan treinen vaak niet veranderen van dienst regeling. En hij teld de dagen van sitten heel snel af.....

    Op mijn eigen kan ik vaak de berichten niet openen......

    Word wel heel vervelend.

    Kunnen jullie er wat aan doen.... gr FN


    "I'm sitter but I often can't get into the game (of the sitted player). Often can't switch schedules of the trains. And the sitting days are counted down very quickly.....

    At my own (game) I often can't open the messages......

    Is getting very annoying.

    Can you do something about it.... greetings FN"