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    Samisu how can we delete our avatar from an event server which isn't available anymore???



    Often on special servers, if COM or M (international) servers are finished and you did not delete your avatar during the round,



    Hi, I'm sorry to hear the Gold transfer information (or lack of it) has led to these questions. This will change in the very near future and all Gold transfer information of special servers will be available before the servers start.


    This info has almost always been available before the special servers started, and when it hadn't been available, there always were some players asking for this info.


    Often on special servers, if COMM or M (international) servers are finished and you did not delete your avatar during the round, the Gold is uploaded to the lobby from where it can then be transferred to any domain.

    I played and finished the 2nd round of COM401 Einstein so my leftover Gold and Plus should be available on any domain, but I can only collect those at my COM-server, which I don't want.


    Please contact the game support to help you with the Gold transfer.

    You know what you are doing now?

    Since this problem probably affects 100(0)s of players you may expect that gamesupport will be overloaded with tickets. In my opinion you (RN, not you personal Samisu) should correct this for all players automatically

    My concern is we have an EG on Thursday on Einstein... and the possibility of Cylinder Head EG overlapping with that EG... could be a little overwhelming.. you see where I am going with this..


    Wednesday start EG of El Escorial.

    Thursday start EG of Einstein.

    Friday start EG of Stoomketel and start new round of Loch Ness and era-change at Euromast.

    My mentor was talking about mentors getting lottery tickets from mentees as a thank you and that people don't mentor because no one gives them the lottery tickets. Also, one game update I saw said that it fixed the bug of mentors receiving lottery tickets.

    So, what gives?

    When the mentor-program was introduced I've been "mentor" 3 times.

    "Hi, welcome to Rail Nation.

    I've been appointed to be your mentor so if you need any assistance or help with anything, just ask.

    Enjoy the game!"

    The first time my "student" asked me one small question which I answered and after that I never heard from him again (I didn't get a lottery ticket for helping, but actually that didn't matter to me)

    2nd and 3rd time I've never heard anything from the players, nothing at all.

    After this I quited being mentor, didn't make sense to me anymore.

    But maybe Samisu or another CM can explain how to send a lottery ticket to your mentor.

    I did exactly as you said (logoff from playworld, then logoff from RN, closed browser, and then opened it all again), but nothing has been added: no Gold, no tickets, no mechanics :(

    Why would you save donationvouchers for the asso? When the next level of HQ is reached you could get another voucher.

    Why would you speed up a building which has only half an hour to go (regardless with gold or voucher)? I'd rather speed up buildings which have hours to go (eg enginehouse).

    Why would you save investments vouchers? You could also make sure you make small investments regularly, and when you get a voucher then the investment is automatically larger.

    ... It also gives much better Research capacity. ...

    Actually that doesn't matter.

    Whether you're playing Normal speed or Double speed, your lab will be overflowing in about 12-16 hours (or so, depending on having Plusacc and lab-level).

    And second, you'll get to your prefered engines at about the same time in the eras (eg. halfway through an era).

    (A) How do you achieve a Title and (B) How do you find Special Routes

    (A) You achieve a title if you have hauled the most (top3) tonnes of a good in 24 hours. (To get achievementpoints you career(engine) you need to be #1 hauler.)

    (B) Special Routes can be found on the maps of the Steam over Europe servers (SoE)