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    Your Gold from the first PX round will be waiting for you on the next starting PX server.

    The Gold transfer is handled like on any other server. Once the next round starts, go to settings and look for the option to delete your avatar. If I'm wrong and Gold will only be transferred after the round is over, I'll come and edit my comment, but I don't remember reading anywhere that players couldn't delete their avatars.

    I didn't play the first round of PX because of Masters Final ^^

    Having started the next round (Einstein) I just want to be sure:

    After the second round has finished, I assume the remaining Gold and Plus will be uploaded and collectable on any other server?

    Do we know when to expect career points from the winter event... and/or is there a place we can check our finishing rank?

    Go to your trainstation, the Winter Market is still there, with the ranking ;)

    Carreerpoints will last for (probably) a few days.

    Next Friday (December 18th) your Greek server will start again 8)

    I know it would mean a lot to some players to hear, okay, your report is in review and our investigations so far show there indeed is/is not a reason to punish player X. In practice though, a confirmation message is all we can offer. Further investigations can start at a later moment, or by someone else than who received the report. It depends on the contents of the report what our response can be. Sometimes we can say right away that 'what you reported is not against the rules'. Sometimes we need to pick a special time to investigate the reported claims and build a case for further action. In a perfect world, players could see right away the effects of their reports. I'm sorry we can't offer this.

    We can only promise to look into the claims in a report, as we always do.

    Player A to support: "Player G is ruining our game by throwing in Millions and Millions of investments in the factories we need to level our city. Every time we try to take back majority he invests more Millions, whatever is necessary that we don't get the majority. I sent him a few messages to ask him to be more considerate with our gameplay and to invest nu so much but at that moment he invests even more."

    *multiple screenshots with all kinds of evidence included*

    Support to Player A: "Thanks for your report. We will look into this."

    And that's all what Player A will be notified about.

    But INMHO a second message (some time later on, after investigating) would be appreciated:

    Support to Player A: "We've looked at your complaint, the screenshots you've included were clear. We've done some investigation ourselves too. Although investing is part of the game, ruining other players' game is not allowed (rule 123).We will contact player G."

    The prizes you see are the amounts of wintercoins you have to pay if you buy items.

    When you are selling items you get the amount of wintercoins minus 1 for every item.

    At the first WinterEvent 2 years ago the prizes were the same for buying and selling items. But there was a lot of abuse (from RNs point of view, not ours!) so they changed that before the second WinterEvent started last year.

    Sorry for interrupting Rmtcp

    You indeed asked this question about passengers before in Passengers in Mega Cities - Vraag & Antwoorden - Rail Nation Forum ( and in the following conversation Samisu told us this:

    Not all calculations are always public information, especially the more complicated ones that count many different variables. There may be a way to calculate how much pax is needed per mega city, but I'm not familiar with that. Maybe one of the other players has figured it out?


    For sure 2) and 3) won't happen at all since the game is called Rail Nation ;)

    I am wondering if anyone can help me with this.... How is it going to work to collect the advent calendar after SoE S201 EG starts tomorrow then server shuts down for a few days when finished.

    Do we get the days missed while server is offline for getting ready for next round??


    Every server on break will miss a few days of de Advent Calendar.

    No pre-registering necessary to get the prize from this advertisement.

    You had to start your game via the link in the advertisement (via Facebook or in your email).

    Maybe support at COM203 can help you to still get this prize, but I don't know that for sure.

    That would be nice.. but unfortunately every couple of hours I get a popup message saying I am logged out due to connection problems. Btw thats new, until a short time ago I never experienced those sudden logouts but all the more annoying this loginproblem becomes..


    This happens to me too. Not when I am actively playing RN, but when coming back after doing something else for a while I also have to re-open my gameworlds