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    First off I would like to say that I very much enjoy playing RN. I like the social aspect and the cooperative nature of play. I have read here what's been posted and I've also been communicating with people in game. It seems that most are very unhappy about this Plus Account increase. Some are unable and some are unwilling to spend the increase for this new Plus Account. Now many are speaking of leaving the game altogether. Maybe RN can come up with a compromise that will not change things, but add to them. Please keep the original Plus Account as is for the 100 gold and either offer add-on's with the new features for 10 or 20 gold each or offer a second Plus Account with these new features for the 150 gold. This will give more options for players to make the best choices for themselves and also keep your base happy. I personally am hoping that you can come to this or some compromise as I very much enjoy playing with the same people I've been playing with for years and I'm not sure about playing without them. So please take all of the feedback your long standing players are giving you and reconsider this Plus Account change. Thank you for your consideration!