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    For me its a long time ago, too.

    In my mind you didnt get the career engine automaticly. You have to collect some achievements. But there are very less achievement you need to get one.

    So my advice:

    Tell the newbie to collect his/her achievements in the lobby.

    If you have had won an engine voucher, you find it in the lottery.

    Go to your train station, click on Lottery, click on prize overview, scroll down and you will see what stuff you have won.

    It will be shown at the "buy" option, too.

    You can buy a train on the right side, (train symbol with +) or at the bottom click train symbol, then buy

    There it will be at the bottom , upgrades vouchers are shown there , too

    Tickets to support needs some time,anyway

    There are 2 bars:_

    The one with gold bar, if you klick there, the building costs money AND gold. The building is finished immediately after you paid all in the second window.

    The one with the money, if you klick there, the building costs only money, but it need time to finish it.

    So it is your decission to build with or without gold.

    And let me say it is rarely impotant to build up immediately

    Really a bug ?

    If you have the licence already (won or buyed by auction),you cant bid anymore on this licence.

    So if you win first the licence, you have only this licence for 48h and the auction doesnt matter, even if you are the highest bider.

    If you win the auction first, you get this licence and after winning the competition this will expand your lincence for another 48 hours.

    But you can expand this licence again and again by winning it, I have had the passenger licence one-two day duration after ending endgame

    plus the researcher , I mean he costs 40 Gold per week ( if you buy him without plusccount, but no one do this, it is much better to buy plus than the researcher )

    I think this mean "Golden hour"

    The time from new calculation to new calculation, where the new industrie have waiting = 0seconds.

    This means a lot more goods in town, benefit by money and PP