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    Price of the sausage? 25€
    Price of the hamburger?
    Price of the flour? 10€
    Price of the cooking pot? 15€
    Price of the bread? 5€
    Package offer of the last row? 55€
    Package offer of the last column? 55€

    Mr Railrunner - Smoke Chamber

    Hey guys,

    I am an interims chair of my association and I am pretty sure the main chair wont join the server anymore. 3 days is a long time in the beginning that you actually cannot do a lot. So I would suggest that you can start a vote like the europe server which would make the interims chair to a legit chair after 24 hours. You cannot kick inactive guys to make room for active players. 3 days is a long time from my point of view. However I understand that not the first guy on the server should have automatically all powers and kick all guys for whatever reason. But if the association decides they want to have deputies and a working association and they trust their interms chair, why not give them the possibility to vote. It should be pretty easy to implement and would make it more comfortable for a situation like I am in now. And I think it happens also to others.

    All the best
    Mr RR