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    Trebbie (COM1 Steam Boiler) if I am lucky enough to win! Many thanks.

    So let's try to find a use for most of the stuff here...

    Anything buoyant should be used to create a kind of raft. So that includes:

    • empty Star Wars themed beach ball
    • children's inflatable flamingo swimming toy
    • 1 palm tree with coconuts (just the coconuts obviously)
    • bath duck

    All of these should be held together with the

    • ball of sturdy string

    And if they are subject to puncture (the inflatables) they should be wrapped in the

    • duct tape

    The coconuts can be held together with the

    • cool and huge railway themed towel

    They propel themselves through the water with these (spares included, just in case)

    • wooden paddle
    • mallets of the croquet set (which depending on the type of wood may provide extra buoyancy)
    • 2 badminton rackets with the heads covered in duct tape
    • picnic set for 4 people with plates

    Take with them the following in order to attract attention when they see anyone

    • a flask with strong alcohol
    • and 1 palm tree with bananas (palm leaves)
    • one notebook
    • lighter
    • a whistle

    They would soak the flammables in the alcohol and light them with the lighter and wave it in the air from their raft. Use the whistle as well in case they aren't noticed through sight. If possible before they leave they should set the trees alight as people on the mainland would potentially come and investigate (drawing them towards the travelling foursome). This can be used as a small amount of kindling with some of the palm leaves:

    • a pointer stick

    Unfortunately the contents of the bottles would have to be emptied as alcohol is dehydrating.

    • four bottles of beer
    • big bucket of water
    • plastic cups

    Then fill them and the cups with the water (which I presume to be pure) and top them off with duct tape to keep the water in. Drink these rations on the way over to the mainland to reduce dehydration. Take food with them as well to keep their energy levels up:

    • bananas

    The following should be left behind as they would be a liability on the trip over

    • wrench (too heavy)
    • engine themed neck pendant with super strong chain (too heavy)
    • forks (puncture risk)

    A mini celebration can be held once they reach the mainland with the

    • bag of potato chips (which will produce a little extra buoyancy on the way)

    Big smiles all round to record their achievement

    • camera

    Smiling ear-to-ear while they watch the

    • birdie! :D

    "If I asked the other conductor whether this train goes to William's party what would they say?"

    If they say Yes choose the other train - if no choose the one she points to. Doesn't matter which of them she asks or which train she points to. The answer will always be the wrong train.

    Trebbie on COM1 Steam Boiler.

    Many thanks.