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    Re the new update:
    "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"
    The glitz and glamor is great however the glitz and glamor have made it so top heavy it has fallen flat on it's face at times. Right now I have set to copy a schedule and it has locked up again. Browser problem? Perhaps but not due to browser failure. Both FF and Chrome are latest versions. If it is browser problem, then programmers have written without taking the browser capabilities into account. There is simply far too much data the program is working on to perform as it should.
    The game has been great for the last couple of years I have played but I question whether I will be back for another round or not.

    about the trainspotters : I think it is much faster now (maybe even too quick ?^^). I think I've completed 2 sets in 1 week.

    So this feature is maybe less frustrating now ! :)

    Perhaps for a very few very lucky players. Not so for those who collect every time there are 10 available and have collected over 2000 and still have not collected all. The trainspotters are simply like the lottery and a few win and the rest work for nothing. Trainspotters should be set up so that after a certain number are collected all are collected. Every player should collect them all not just a few lucky ones.

    My Career Engine seems stuck at 197/200 city levels. Does it matter what home city is selected when it levels up? Given we are often forced to join at a city that will never go any place that does not allow for very fast expansion. What am I doing wrong?

    I have the same problem with Android and credits not received. I have found that after watching a few, at 35 sec time I might add, they stop giving the credits. I found that if I log out, open RN on a PC and watch a couple at approx 1:15 to 1:30 each and then go back to Android the ads work again for a few more ads before they do not give credit again. Is there an intentional limit set to the number of ads watched on Android?