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    Not to worry.
    The app is nearly useless.
    Please do not bother posting or contacting support, they are too busy taking money from people rather than making corrections.
    Messages do not show.
    Each click takes 10-20 seconds to register...making most folks click again then ending up who knows where or even selling your engine.
    Plus Account....which you pay for....does not even work. I command 25 trains...usually 18-21 trains actually accept the new command. It will take you 1 or 2 more attempts to get your trains where you want them. Don't even bother with trying competitions. By the time all of your trains have their new assignment, the coiners have won.
    End Game on the app was pointless. Too slow, Mega-City would not show correct goods until you closed and reloaded...much like having to refresh to get the real goods in the game.
    The only function that works...every your ability to send them more money.

    Master Yoda