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    Delcat.. golden gate us101

    The world's longest passenger train consists of 44 carriages and two engines. What is the engine called and how long is it?

    The Ghan it's 3600 ft.

    Seems like more often than not, the big gold buyers win the gold rush. They cash the most tickets, they have the most chances. Travian sells less gold because the big buyers get it free. I think a better way would be to place that gold rush chance in the "free daily lottery ticket" pot. That way everyone has an equal 1 chance a day of winning it.

    An entrance fee for many, including myself, is a non starter. The idea of a set amount of gold to start I like. If it was setup so that a person could buy X amount of gold, or transfer up to that amount from another server to start the game, I could go for. Looking at your gold prices, may be offer 1000 gold for $20, or allow 1000 gold transfer

    Run it like a multi class car race. 2 divisions, gold buyers, and non gold buyers. The same RN voucher type rewards go to each division. I don't think real world prizes mean much, the gold buyers will win em anyway. I won't pay an entry fee.

    Travian had pages of complaints, hundreds of people refused to participate. How can anyone be surprised at the outcome? The winner was chosen long before the game started.
    Just as expected, the winner is.......MONEY

    I want to congratulate RN for finally getting those bonus videos to play as they should, most times. But I gotta complain the reward selection has been pushed to the point of ridiculousness, the majority of my "rewards" are a chance to buy a ticket for 15 or 20 gold. No thanks. Helluva benefit for a 50 gold increase in plus fee.

    A simple two division game would solve the purchased gold dilemma. If you buy gold to use in the tournament then you are in gold division. If you don't buy gold your in the cheapskate division. Real world prizes go to gold division players. RN rewards are given to winners of each division. Game play is standard format.

    Delcat........... Golden Gate

    After repeated efforts to upload this thing it keeps telling me file too large. It's 1.26M and max allowed is 1M. I'm too stupid to follow instructions so I'm out. Goodluck folks. :S

    How about a new method for end game starting position.
    Last round on Golden Gate, the sandbagging started before era5 ended. Very few cities leveled in era6, all vying for the coveted low ranking easier megacities slots.
    I propose the final 10 cities be determined by finish as they are now, but the seeding in final endgame be based on a composite of their rankings from all 6 era.

    It's time to give ole "Albert Einstein" a face lift.
    By era 6 his 24 RP is not impressive. I think 1rp every2 hours times era level would spice it up. At era 6 he would give 72rp per corp member, about 1 days lab production. Make him worth some money, and help those with lagging rp production.

    Everyday, 2:30-3:XX EST video adds totally quit. Pretty black screen, clip #21184, click anywhere, do anything, nothing happens. After an hour or so, videos go back to their erratic, nearly useless normal status.

    If you can get thru the video issue, about half the time your prize is a chance to spend more gold for a lottery ticket. The new plus account should give 2 free tickets daily. Even better go back to the way it was priced before.