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    it never fully cleared up, but was far better than now. Almost every video unmutes. To stay silent, I have to go to another tab and mute the RN tab. But, upon return (to see second vid, for example) it unmutes, then I get to mute all over again from another tab

    Ok, I want to collect the bonuses provided at the buildings via the videos. But, each time I do, it unmutes the tab. I mute it, and it unmutes it again immediately, again and again. Dont want to mute the computer as I may be listening to music, or some movie.. But, the RN stuff totally obliterates any mood music of video imparted, but blaring over them while collecting. Very OBNOXIOUS that it unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes during the playing. X(

    not fond of the new look. Matches my cell phones display... Not necessarily a good thing for the computer to look like the cell phones display.

    Sure, some of it may be "new", but why fix what wasnt broken??

    My Firefox is pretty bare of plug-ins and addons. I manually click the vid to play. And, the tab is already muted by me earlier. Sometimes it unmutes with ads. As for the ad number.. dunno (yet) but will find.

    Muting the browser is pointless, as I likely have internet radio going, or Pandora. As well as other games with audio cues. But, while those are a 3 on a 1-10, Pandora/music is a 7, and RN is muted, the ads blare thru at a 10. I hear them over music, and other games. If I am away (bio or kitchen) ... it is quite unexpected, and loud, and I rush back just to mute....AGAIN!

    I have the tab muted when playing. But, when playing the vids in the station (hotel, restaurant, shopping center) there is about a 1 in 3 chance of it unmuting without my permission or action.

    Reported this issue earlier and got a "clear cache" etc reply. Didnt help. Its an easy fix, just mute the tab again. But, annoying.
    Pretty basic setup, Firefox Quantum is the browser of choice, Win7 is the operating system.

    They appear to work... more or less right.

    For the most part they are still the same vids, but every now and then, I will get "Helen Mirren for L'Oreal" .... and only about 10seconds of it before going to a regular video. Helen's video does not give the bonus, but the second one does. Guess that Helen's is just a quick extra, just in case I wanted some make up. btw, I am a guy with a full beard... Granted, I need all the help I can get, but....


    I have had to resort to playing the vids on my phone via the app.. very annoying.

    Sometimes video one doesnt play. Most of the time, video 2 doesnt play.

    Rebooting the game doesnt fix it either. And, which ones.. early in the gameplay, or last before shutting down.. they all stick/hang

    Yeah, another post states they are down.

    Question though.. Do we keep trying thru the day, or do we get an announcement (our front page?) stating server is up?