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    The rules were stated

    1) there are 3 switches

    2) you can manipulate the switches however you want

    3) you know the light is in an off state currently

    4) cannot change switches once the door is opened

    Riddle Answer : Turn on switch 1, wait a few minutes, turn off switch one, and turn on switch 2. Open Door. If light is on It is controlled by switch 2. If light is off, feel the light. If it is warm, it is controlled by switch 1. If it is cold, it is controlled by switch 3.:thumbsup:

    Catch 22: This is an old riddle. IF it s a Modern LED you are screwed LOL.:rolleyes:

    Realistic Answer: You need to use the Jon and don't care which switch it is, so you turn on all 3 and do your business...:D

    Well I do appreciate the help, I got my reset done, and did some re-work. It is not far from where it was, but understanding train stats better now than i used to, the few changes I did make have made a significant improvement on my CE's productivity!

    Thanks for the info guys!

    It is also possible he is comparing the graphic representation to the actual stats. Keep in mind that is will look like your train is pulling RND(tractiveforce/2).

    In other words, If you are pulling 1 or 2 tractive force you will see one actual car behind your trains in the game, 3/4 TF shows 2, 5/6TF shows 3, 7/8TF shows 4 etc.etc.,etc. until you reach the point that only so many are visible because the graphic is cutoff by a facility.

    The career engine is a great and useful tool, however we start developing it before many of us truly understand the full game mechanics or how we play it. Many of these early mistakes are easy to overcome because they cost relatively few points, and are minor in the grand scheme of what your engine will be 10-15 career levels later.

    HOWEVER - While I agree mostly with RN's decision to make the career engine upgrades permanent, I would like to see the option for a onetime only purchasable reset. It would work as such:

    1) Only be available to players Career level 20 or higher

    2) Cost a relatively significant, but not extraordinary amount - 10 Euro maybe? This would make it a thoughtful choice, and not a given that everyone will do this at lvl 20.

    3) All Career Engine on all active game worlds must be parked for 1 at least hour to make the option available.

    4) Upon purchase CE and career points are returned to the pool to be distributed again.

    4) One Time purchase! once you use it, that's it. If you misclick your re-placement of points too bad. No corrections or "re-dos" from support.

    I gave the same argument once, including standardizing the purchase to one currency (i.e. i pay us dollars on .us server, and euro with an exchange rate on .com server) but learned it is not that simple. If the servers originate in different countries that international trade laws start to come into play, and buying currency in Russia and transferring it to say Germany, has different implications that buying currency in Japan and transferring to the US.

    This is good! There has also been suggestions of an overall friends list that works cross server...

    Just as sacroima mentioned, I too have seen reference to an updated friends system in the works, but i do not remember where...

    Man! :( I hate being left out of the loop! lol

    So let me get this straight, in April-June (since that's the second quarter of 2019), They are planning on releasing the HML5 and the new Scenario?

    Working in the IT field and knowing how these roll-outs go ... if I was on the technology team for Travian /RN my approach would be to use the New Scenario as a broader testing platform for the HTML5 engine than PTR in Q2, and subsequently release the full platform with bug fixes to the other scenarios in Q3/4 after it has been through user acceptance. But RN may have a different aproach that fits their needs better.

    This is of course also assuming each game "server" is not sharing backend components with other servers of the same realm. i.e. US 101, 102, 103 could all theoretically be running in containers on the same hyper-converged infrastructure and could be sharing a backend resource container or database...or each one may be its own self contained physical rackmount server/cluster, we don't know and these things affect software releases.

    As for being in the loop, make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter in the lobby. The surveys come out to random focus groups or sometimes the whole population, and usually have a 3 lottery ticket reward upon completion.

    New pictures have nothing to do with bug fixes - same as the cleaning lady at your local grocery store has nothing to do with the process of how the milk on the floor found its way to the shelves in the first place.

    To follow your analogy - I think Zodeseeker was saying we need fewer cleaning ladies making things pretty and more milk truck drivers supplying the goods.

    I never really thought about it until now, but it does seem odd that that mechanism is not in the game. especially since thy already monitor your activity and give you the sleeping conductor after a short time.

    A quick question:

    Is this feedback coming from new players, that they feel crushed by the bigger players in the overall rankings, and not treated fairly?

    I don't think it is. Personally i don't know who would find this a good idea. Every MMO I have ever played the best knowledge was learned from more experienced players. Classifying servers by player rank only creates isolation and hinders community growth.

    If you are refereing to a notice that you Plus account is about to expire, there is a notice already. i think at 96?hours a gold plus symbol that counts down time left will show up in the upper right with the worker icons.

    Adding a fixed wait time of zero, or creating a significantly reduce wait time (-75% etc), does nothing but makes the city with the most tractive force and the closest goods the winner. After a round or two at most, active players with enough creditcard power to have every upgraded bonus engine, and all have well developed CE will team up and decend on one city with the shortest total tracks among all goods, making the win completely predictable, unfair, and not fun - even for those winning.....where's the challenge? You will create a situation where each scenario will have 1 city that wins every server every time.

    What makes EG fun and challenging is the dynamic flow of everyone adjusting every hour as wait times and activity levels change. Without this it just becomes another pointless grind.

    Bonus Video ID 22327

    Every single bonus video i do, this is the first one to pop up, it NEVER auto plays,

    You then have to click the play button in the frame, wait for the video to fail, and then it will move on to another video.

    Can we get it removed from the rotation please?