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    What Seroslav calls a bug in the web version, I think is actually intentional design if I understand him correctly.... it always opens the first unread message .

    Bug #1 : Android version. Not only does it tend to close opened threads on its on...usually less than a second after opening them as suggested above, but also at longer random intervals which is very frustrating when trying to type a response.

    Bug#2 : Android version. The messages do not actually display. 80-90% of the time when you open a thread, it just shows a white screen, open close, open close, reboot phone, open close open close .. AHA i can finally see the text!.... then bug# 1 strikes and it auto closes itself....insert swearing of choice..:cursing::rolleyes::cursing:X(:/X(:!::!::?::!:

    Because of this I have all but given up on the mobile app, using it only in emergencies to keep from hitting RP and cash limits while traveling.

    The shotgun style start is by design. The #1 city gets to start first, the #2 next, then #3, etc...but in exchange for better start times, the #1 city has to haul the most goods, #2 a little less, #3 even less, etc. this makes the postion you want to start in a strategic point, and in my experience, most of the time the winners are not who started first.


    Hear Me Roar

    I suggested a overhaul of some of the system generated messages here: Lottery Prize History - system messaging cleanup

    This is just another case where this would be helpful.

    The Password option, in my opinion, could still be abused just as easily as the current system and would only add an extra layer of complication/irritation. The login count to check for "dead" accounts may help, but still wont stop someone setting up two accounts and controlling both by using sitter function.

    TLDR; I like the OP's Idea but it should be used only as a way to help new prevent players from getting squashed by trolls.

    So I would like to tell a little story.

    One day I decided to play rail-nation. All green and excited and not knowing any better I joined a classic server late game in the suggested city, so had a fairly uninhabited playground to learn the mechanics and what not. I also learned you could join multiple servers, oh hey this one is a map of the US and 100 gold for joining Miami? Yes Please!. Suddenly the classic game ended and my server was gone!... Oh I learned this game has a resetting map. ok cool. I look for a new server to join with a lot of time left. What is this Steam Over Europe? it looks like an expansion pack or sequel of some kind. Lets try that! Long story short, In SoE I run into a Troll/Bully, whatever you want to call it, who is what I would say was a fairly decent player, with a dark twisted agenda. Constantly taking majorities in our cities RG's and setting us rivals, and even when we would give up on our city and start running to the neighbors city or a landmark, he would figure out where the bulk of our association of mostly NEWBs was running and take those majorities. Keep in mind he never hauled from any of these broken majorities....he just liked picking on new guys. When we tried to bring his abhorrent behavior to the attention of his team mates or others on the server we were told..."It's a financial warfare game, make money and hurt him back" or "So move somewhere else". This went on for several Era's before I all but gave up and kept it alive until EG and then spent 12 rounds or so avoiding SoE and playing US maps solely, almost quitting RN altogether.

    Ok, What was the point of my story? No it wasn't to cry poor me. It was to point out that these trolls do clearly exist in the game and they help form the opinions of new players. I agree that there is no real way to clearly identify and create a process to prevent this.... HOWEVER; A clear rule against bullying, and or purpose disrupting another persons gameplay for no goal other than being annoying could give the staff a little bit of firepower, so that IF at the time I had known enough to contact support, they could have looked at game logs to verify, and reached out to the arse in question and said "knock it off or get a 3 day ban from the server". There should also be a similar punishment for filing false bullying claims, to prevent two experienced players form using it as a weapon in their war for control of an area.

    Fixing chrome.. not really - if it is a work computer you are just gonna have to deal with it. They price we pay for playing at work =).

    As for the direct link, you cannot go directly to a servers URL. The closest you will get is

    Triarius, I am sorry you feel this thread was an attack on you. It was about a game mechanic, not those who use it. This is a mechanic I have not seen in action until recently, and as I said before I commend you for taking advantage of what was provided to you. I cannot blame someone that walks past a 100 dollar bill on the ground, picks it up, and pockets it. It would be silly to pass it up. I do not intend to force people to play my way, I enjoy the variety in the game and enjoy seeing continued improvements to the game. This is something that I thought would be an improvement for the smaller, less experienced corporations. Improvements come about by community action. They may look at my post a go "PPHHHFFBT!" :P ... Or they may say they didn't think about the mechanic being used in that fashion and examine whether or not they like it. Honestly I do not care what the outcome is - it will not stop me from playing the game.

    You say this has already been discussed years ago. I haven't been playing that long, so how am I to know this? I did search the forum before starting my thread and saw no mention of this topic prior.

    This post has nothing to do with your disagreement with my corporations leadership, believe it or not. Though I did ask them to come "like" my post so it would get some attention. My goal was not start an argument in the public forum. Only to discuss how a mechanic affects game play, in a way that as far as I could tell had not been discussed before.

    I will take your advice under consideration.

    Thank you for your input. It does have those cons for the association, but the associations success is being sacrificed for the greater success of a few. Maybe 3 is too low...but unlimited is too high.

    1) Again, I do not care what corp the top player comes from. It won't be me, so I have no dog in that fight ...pardon the bad pun.
    2) That is the great thing about opinions, we are all entitled to our own, and that should be respected - I respect that you feel differently.
    3) I did not know that, nor did i say it was OK ... again, not as seasoned as you are.
    4) "You" is a relative term. I have done none of those things you mention, imam not even playing in the two cities you refer to - but I guess guilty by association?
    5) It wasn't personal - just my observation of the interaction between groups that led me to form my own opinion on game mechanics in general. You took this thread personal, and I go back to this collective "you" issue. Just because I have an opinion that varies from yours, suddenly I am one of the ones causing you harm - even though I have done nothing against you or your team mates.
    6) I have no desire to teach a lesson and have reported no one. I have had no cause to do so.
    7) see #6
    8) This has nothing to do with protecting a monopoly. Again - new to the group as of part way through this round.... and this is an opinion formed solely on my own. This is exactly why I have said nothing in game, because it is not about one game or one server. It is about how I see the game mechanics from an analytical point of view. I agree seeing the same people win over and over causes players to get discouraged and look for new servers or even new games. My goal is not to create a repeatable win for someone, that does not serve me well either. My goal is to get a response from RN on is this intended use of the mechanic or a loophole that they want closed - I offered my opinion on how to reduce the opportunity for abuse.
    9) I look forward to it and hope I can afford the 2000 gold to enter.
    10) Been trying that on GG - US101 for a few rounds now... Got into EG at #9 this past round and then got thoroughly smashed by other cities...maybe one day!

    This is not an argument - I have no dislike for you. Spirited debate is what drives change by exploring all angles of an issue.

    Thank you for your opinion.

    For the record:
    I do not care what corp has the top player or who it is. If you get it on your merit then Congratulations and good on you!
    I am not a top player.
    I have never finished in the top 10
    I have only broken the top 100 once
    I have only been in the winning mega-city ONCE
    This is my first round with the "roving" group, I have never gotten a top corp career achievement either. Hopefully this will be a first for me.
    I worked my way up by LEARNING and EARNING a spot in one of the most well known corporations on the server.
    I have NOT broken any majorities of your corp(s), nor contributed to the financial campaign of doing so, nor retaliated, nor engaged in any discussions, argument, or posturing over who had what when this should be ours etc. All of the chat, forum, and investment histories on the server can be reviewed to prove this.
    This post was not a personal attack. I specifically did not call you out because, like the people that broke the winter event, you saw an opportunity and you used it to your advantage. Capitalism at its best. The fundamentals of this game... I commend you on your ability to see the weakness and exploit it. You deserve what you earn with it this time.
    That does NOT mean that is is not an exploit of a function intended for weaker players that needs addressed IN MY PERSONAL OPINION.

    You found it, you used it, you deserve credit for playing by the rules to your advantage. I personally do not feel like it is fair game play, Now let's make RN aware, so that if this is not intended behavior it can be corrected. OR if it is intended behavior lets have RN say so that others may adopt the practice without feeling like that are taking advantage of an exploit.

    Thanks for listening!

    I think we should limit the number of times you can change corporations/associations in one game round. - I think 3 is reasonable.

    There is a particular group of players on my primary server that have found a serious way to abuse game mechanics. They are all top players, with large resources at their disposal and every few days they disband the corporation and start a new one. This allows them to maintain cheap easy to acquire bonus prestige workers and other desirable workers at a much cheaper rate, because instead of bidding against the top largest corps, they are bidding against small, low prestige newbie associations without knowledge or cash. While they may not have a very high ranked Association, the individual players are gaining tens even hundreds of thousands more prestige than other more honest players in the top ranks.

    This sounds like a much more fair and well rounded attempt at what Rail-Nation Master's should have been. I doubt I will be able to come up with the money to buy the initial 2000 gold on such short notice, but otherwise would have liked to play!.

    Also keep in mind that some of the slots in each city are "reserved" for players who are not preregistered.....your fourth association can wait until round start and all hop in whatever they can, form a new corp, donate to HQ, and meet up with the rest of the group ... just as it was before pre-reg was available,