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    Ok, maybe I am missing something obvious, but I can't figure out how to transfer my remaining Masters gold and plus account time to another server.

    Maybe the problem is that I didn't buy any gold. I won it all in the lotto or from watch videos. However, I seem to remember that left over plus time should transfer either way. And when I have transferred gold before, it allowed me to turn nontransferable gold into plus time.

    In Masters, I go to options and "transfer gold" and it says, "You cannot delete your masters avatar." I go to "collect gold" and it says, "This feature is not available in tournament".

    So I log into the my other game on another server and go to the "transfer gold" and the "collect gold". It gives me the standard, you must delete your avatar in the other world to collect gold and you can only transfer gold between servers in the same country and stuff like that. But the "collect gold" green button is not clickable.

    Where am I going wrong?