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    The dev's will have to change individual abilities.

    individual cannot bid on worker = already in effect
    individual cannot gain supply chain bonus = already in effect
    individual cannot invest in facilities = broken part of game #1

    Making a (Association) should cost 25 gold,
    instead of raising plus account cost would be more productive.

    putting a price on making a (Association),
    would greatly decrease the rogue (Associations)

    Just put a report tab on the options ,when you click a players name. Just add the report option. . . . .

    Let the game producer decide what is best for their games future.

    I am sure they see the number of players not returning.(lack of game order)

    They should never let players control other players.(you establish rules and game controlling entities into the game)and you stick to them)

    I was referring to people who do things to get destructive attention or behavior.(game troll/agitator)when i was a game GM,we banned people for such behavior after warnings of coarse)

    instead of being a part of a possible winning effort ,
    they would rather try to disrupt it in any way possible.(you don't know if it is envy or just a hate for those that do well)

    you know it is o.k to not want to go through the grinding of city levels,
    dealing with the drama of a large group of people.(no one is saying you have to)
    (But why constantly try to kill anyone else's efforts?)

    last round we received 2x every comp. . . .until we stopped trying to get it.
    (because we were being attacked constantly for doing well i can only guess.)

    I could go on with a few sad stories of this game but i won't

    game needs better rules, better ways to combat disruptive people.(it is to easy to spot a troll at work)