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    I think that almost we all use real money this game, like me also.

    I do not like that secret behaviour what U use. We all should be at same level, especially those who use real money. If game is not working, we lose money, so simply it is.

    I use a lot mobile for playing, mainly day time.

    Compensation should be given at least for those who use real money.

    Now I need to think deeply that maybe I should finish the RN totally. I know, that there is a lot of people who thinks the same.

    We do not live anymore on secret world. Or do we ?

    This is not fun anymore, we are losing every hour, every day lot of prestiges and gold. RN, U should repair this asap and compensate all with very good compensation. I personally play by mobile 50% of my playing time. And this moment it is not possible!!!


    After latest update (9.8.2019) for android phone (my phone Honor 20 wiev) whole program do not work at all. Only white screen with that Travian logo.

    What could be the problem, and pls solve it asap.

    Br, Matkamies

    I understand your point. I just calculated that North has 63, Middle 51, others between 41-49 players... Any reason to block still ?


    I do not understand why U block incoming players to certain area. They use money as others... maybe U do not want more money?

    If some one want to come certain area, U must allow that, not block even there is not balance between areas.

    U lose players this way.

    I suggest that EG should be before christmas (start 18.12 if possible), not just after that. Is it possible to restart server sooner than 2.10. ? Then server should start 25.9.2018.

    I mean this server: M1.201 - 21 days break – endgame started 07.09. – new round starts 02.10.