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    Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a tutorial world for new players to learn how majorities and various game mechanics work. This would give a newer player a better chance of doing well, perhaps getting them hooked on the game better by boosting their confidence.

    This would also cause less frustration for more experienced players, having to endure erratic behavior. Perhaps all new accounts must play at minimum one round in the tutorial world, before unlocking the other servers?

    This would also make it more difficult for someone to make a second account too, since it would require that they complete a tutorial game round before playing on regular servers.

    Hey while I like the balancing improvements.. I was wondering if you would consider one more change?

    Namely, I find that in the later eras, I am overwhelmed with too many engines. Not only that, on some devices, I find they play slower than they do in earlier eras.
    So, what I am proposing is that some of the later era engines become multi-slot trains. Not only would this improve performance, and reduce the amount of micromanagement, I think it will give players more variety in terms of how they research their trains. 2 and 3 slot trains don't fit into 25, so this implies variety is needed.

    Here's my suggestions..
    Era 5 Leviathan: 2 slot Traction giant
    Era 6 Phoenix: 3 slot Long-haul
    Era 6 Pegasus: 2 slot Marathoner
    Era 6 Lindworm: 2 slot All-rounder
    Era 6 Hydra: 3 slot Short-haul

    Since all that work has gone into balancing the engines, simply multiply the wagon count by the slot count and everything works basically the same.. minus the lag and excessive micromanagement.

    Anyone else think something like this would make the game more playable in later eras?

    In a previous thread, I suggested that 'facility control' could be a many-to-one ratio. Ie, if you get control, you hold it for the level, but cannot lose it, until the facility levels up. More than one person can take control this way, if they are willing to spend money on it.

    This way, if someone logs in once a day, spends all 20 million they earned that day on a single facility (being destructive to the previous owners, and, incurring huge opportunity cost) at least you will retain your wait time discount if you were quick to invest upon leveling.

    Now, as for how this would affect rival and friendly status.. that is up for debate. Perhaps that remains the same.. the current logo 'seen' gets it, but, any corp that previously gained control, loses the benefits of rival/friendly. Then, they have to decide if it is really worth spending 20m to get that logo up.

    I think this would cut the animosity between players by 50%.

    Here's a few things I think would be cool in the game:

    - Research points after coupling can go towards unlocking that era's bonus train. Make it expensive, so people have to decide if it's worth it or not. A level 25 lab would be required to unlock the Valkyrie before end game, for example.
    - Allow in-game purchase of bonus train packages
    - New player server to teach the basics of game play before they can graduate to a regular server
    - When control is established in a facility, keep it controlled until the facility levels up. Multiple corps could have control this way, since it doesn't break until level. This would probably reduce a lot of conflict.

    - Wagon discount worker
    - Faction worker that multiplies a faction's color contribution by 300% when playing the US scenario. Doesn't affect anything else
    - Income worker that applies to ALL goods, not just specific ones
    - Double the current effectiveness of income multiplier workers on specific goods