Posts by Tony of Roggiett

    I concur with what has been said here. I have been in a top 10 corporation for several years and the one thing that we get stressed about is players taking majorities on facilities that are being used for hauling RG. It often happens while we're asleep / overnight and results in a significant reduction in tonnage getting to the city resulting in possible drop down the progress table. Its almost like a virus infecting our city and we have to cope with it. That would be fine as a gaming parameter, but what really gets our goat is that we know that a person(s) with no regard for other player's gaming preferences are behind it, which causes a lot of animosity. And as the gentleman implied, you can't talk to them, as their attitude is 'to hell with everybody else' and replies are mainly unpleasant to say the least. So yes, city building is for team players and PP collection for individuals who are really playing as a parasite on the backs of the team players. Games are usually designed for its fun and enjoyment, but PP hunters distract from that. The game should be redesigned to segregate player types so they can coexist happily. I suggest RN design a mod that stops players not in a corporation belonging to a city from investing in their RG facilities.