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    I'm playing in two EG and everyone is constantly being bumped off. The game locks up and you have to reboot. I could not even long on for about half an hour this morning. Interruptions such as this are annoying any time but much more so when playing EG and my city is competitive in both. Looks like I'll have to find something else to do for a few months while you try to figure out the problems. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    ". . . how lovely you look with your cheeks flushed from the cold. There are little flecks of snow in your silky dark hair, on your eyelashes and in the fur of your pink parka. You remind me of a Snow Princess."

    "Ever since I saw you last week I have been watching for your return and hoping that you would be willing to sit on a bench and share some of this box of chocolate but I don't even know your name."

    She smiled and said "My birthday is February 14th. so my mother named me 'Val' which is short for . . " "Valentine" I blurted out. She flashed her dazzling smile at me as we sat on the bench that day and then reached into the heart shaped box of chocolates. Slowly she searched the box for the perfect piece of chocolate finally settling on a 'kiss'.

    After delicately unwrapping the piece of chocolate, she held it to my lips offering me a bite. I nipped off a piece and smiled at her. She returned my smile and slowly placed the other half between her full lips. It was only then that I realized that the piece of candy we had shared was our first kiss. My heart swelled with the thought of many more kisses to come.

    We sat on the bench that day and talked for hours learning about each other. After forty blissful years of marriage Valentine, now my wife, and I return to that same train station and sit on that same bench recalling memories as we share our traditional box of chocolates.

    This year we are planning to finally take the train to Paris together.