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    still don't get all the 2nd videos and bonuses. not sure as to how or why, but maybe it's something to do with players not having plus account that means we don't get bonus, might be worth looking into.

    it shouldnt make any diff but i see your point

    I agree to certain extent, although lots of people connect to a city but don't haul there, which also affects tonnage needed by both LM and EG city.

    thats why i said hauling to it the management must be able to tell who is actively hauling to a particular city and they would only need to monitor the ten mega cities

    it seems to me that the game play is flawed

    with all citys stalling the growth in the last era .. so they have to haul less goods in the eg

    surely the way the game needs to be played is all out city levelling right till the end

    so the either the whole game is flawed or the way the end game is staggered and the start amounts to be haulled

    so a very simple solution would be that each city had to haul... the same amount based on active players connected and haulling to the city so that each player is required to haul a specific number of tons but as the city position is lower the amount of tons per player goes up ...and all cities start the eg at the same time that way its down to organisation etc to win the game

    just an idea one that im sure will be shot down by every one

    a whole 3 weeks in and several maint times and yes yes a whole 2 bugs have been zapped so by that calculation if will be well over year before we have a game that plays as it should well done all at rn for your sterling work ...not

    MrH has a point. A big one. Bugs like this shouldn't exist and if they do: have a plan for how to fix/compensate it. Don't make your problem mine. I am the hobbyist here. You are the pro's. Get your stuff together and fix/compensate it.

    well said

    still not fixed if anything its got worse and still no comensation either

    at the moment rn is not really worth playing in going to finish this round then give up at least for a while if not compleatly as it seems that they are not interested in the players but hey ho this post will get censored no doubt

    i have been banned for 24 hrs and my post removed as i called them to book so i dont expect this post to stay long either there is a lot of censor shipp so i will not be partispating on this forum as there is little point

    That is really a strange ban, especially after 3 or 4 players once reported a player that said in open thread on US103 server that he had 6 accounts his corporation had 6 players with the same Nickname with the different numbers at the end, that guy finished that round with his 6 accounts with no bans, seeing this discussion and after this situation I only have one thing in my mind. "Looks like RN staff works with some friendship with some players".

    Isn't that cheating?

    it is in every sense of the word but 2 things will happen ... nothing to the player committing the crime and 2 the post is likely to be deleted and censored

    just to prove a point my post was removed to censor it ..

    staff or volunteers should not be allowed to play full stop

    rn is a money making enterprise which i do get.. but the unequal way the so called rules are applyied does make you wonder

    and 2 more posts censored!!!

    the truth hurts i feel

    the whole forum is a joke .. as posts are more censored than a news paper in a federal state

    I also think Jailstar is using the wrong word when saying "accommodation".

    I'm not looking for any sort of compensation, I just want the game to work properly, as do most people. If not we'll just stop playing it. The fewer people who play the game, the fewer people will watch the video adverts and I'm sure that will impact on the revenue Rail Nation gains from them. Get it fixed or you're in danger of going out of business. :)

    i will give it 1 more round then im off

    A refund is not the same as an "accommodation". Refunds would be requested by an individual via support and unless a satisfactory agreement is not reached would never make it here to these message boards. Refunds are at its core a return of funds. When someone demands accommodations we are not looking at replacing money spent on a game that is unplayable, we are talking about being given something for nothing because we don't like the playability of the game. A bonus code is nice, not not required. Demanding them seems awfully like entitlement, don't you think?

    i dont think you actually grasp eu law