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    1. The tonnage depends on the active players, who are connected. The highest city is just a basis for the calculation. This is how I understand it. Lets say the 2nd city has only half of the connected players as the 1st city, then it has the half tonnage too.

    2. Yes this is what I wanted for years already. Will be fun.

    3. See point 1, and also why should they stop levelling, when they get additional PP for every new citylevel.

    4. We will see :-)

    5. We will see :-)

    City prestige for level-ups

    • City prestige is no longer awarded daily, but only when the city reaches a new level.
    • The prestige is distributed for all goods, no matter if the good is replaced or not.

    Does that mean, e.g. when the city levels from level 10 to 11, that you get PP for all 12 goods which were delivered so far? Repsectively do you also get PP for goods which are not displayed anymore in the "other goods" section in the city screen, when the city is like level 30?