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    good evening. And I think that the size of the city's warehouse should be done as it was. From the level of the city and not from the population .. If the players are playing and want a quick final. Then they are going to one city .. and who slept the whole game apaya their city. And he didn't want to join. then let them finalize. how many will have time to deliver. Now the ending is just not comfortable. not athletic. Since your city is specially connected. the same competitors. And they are already winning. since their warehouse will be less than ours. at the expense of people. although the people will be the same that they have with us. My opinion is for people to return to the game. short finals are needed. as all living people. and not everyone can sit at the computer for days. I've been in the game for a long time. And every year everyone spoils and spoils it. with finals. I think developers should listen to active players. and not to those who come in to fix it once a day. and then there are few of us shouting. and there is a crowd in that city. and we cannot finish. they will hardly hear me. but suddenly. all a good game.