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    For example; let's say you have a good leader, he gets inactive and the next runner up takes over after 7 days, and turns out to be crap. Are you and 22~ or whatever others gonna split up into other associations every man for himself or are you gonna stick it out with a sucky leader? If your objective here is to stick with a team you otherwise like you only have bad and worse options.
    But if 1 of you could just jump out, create a new one and invite everyone at once and be a new 22~ people association in 5 minutes, then more power to you, right?

    Or let's say you begin a new world, you bring 10 of your previous 25 in pre-regged, and another nearby association does the same. You would like to merge, but people aren't going to cough up 40 million each in era 1 are they?
    So while you and your merge-partner associations are sitting there collecting half-prestige in each waiting for era 2 to have the financials to merge, the association that did get 23-25 members across the pre-reg is hauling in the full PP in the same place.

    I have to agree with you. We experience an associate association leader that was playing solo but had around 20 people with him who were playing for the region and were stuck because creating a new association would cost too much. This was before pre-inscriptions but illustrate well what you said.

    I think changing this rule worth to be tested. Atm we are at erea 3 end and my restaurant, shoping center, hotel and lab (I got sevral -20% vouchers) are full. This would just be impossible without the money saved by pre-inscriptions and an association with 15 people when we started.

    Here is the thing, a pre-registered association at any level above level 1, is advantaged for playing the previous round together, this means associations hang on to players they would otherwise kick, and players stay in associations they would otherwise leave. It creates in immobile community with static teams over several gamerounds.

    Wrong, an association on the region I'm playing kicked 2 players who are actives, I don't know why but but this makes what you said wrong. Moreover this is the same thing on non pre-registered associations it is better to keep someone active rather than kicking him out.

    While a fresh-association might take 6 eras to plow hundreds of millions of credits into upgrading their HQ, and all that time NOT getting prestige from the players who join late during all the time up until that point, means they get double-robbed of opportunity to rank up their association.

    I agree with this, things are different since pre-inscription, so a rethink of this would be good.

    Change the system for how many workers an association can have to be dependent on members or something else

    This will just create a more unbalanced situation between associations with very active members and the with people only coming 3-4 a day.

    I don't see how any of your points are arguments against my suggestion.

    Making all association slots open why not, this could help to create new groups, but it won't really give new associations more chances against pre-registered ones. In the same way pre-registered associations, even if they start with 25 members, don't have the same chances.
    Strong associations have strong and experienced players and it comme only with time. New associations won't have that building time and are therefor dissavantaged whatever the rules you put on.

    Depending on the time spent on the game you might at least something good for your avatar.
    What can be done is deleting the actual system and instead allow players to use their own pictures, like on the forum.

    players should not win or purchase prestige - it needs to be earned. Work, work, work :thumbup:

    I try, I try but the top1 guy is already quite far away ;) !

    .A money jackpot ---Who do not like $$$?
    .A worker contribution voucher ---Sounds good
    .Increase the frequency of competitions ---Bad idea, some pople would end doing only those
    .Cheap Build Voucher as a prize ---Sure, it help to build the lab a lot!
    .Track Voucher ---Always usefull
    .Instant Upgrade Vouchers ---The less actives (or lucky) would like it
    .City connect voucher ---Some people only connect to one city and most people don't go outside their region
    .License voucher instead of license for goods --- More usefull!
    .‘Surprise prize’ ---Could be from tickets too
    .A "joker" trainspotter ---I definitfly whant this!

    Recalc time is desynchronised during maintenances (wich is quite paradoxical), as they I think do it as fast as possible to bring back online servers.
    I think alike, but how to do it without being annoying to players who whant play asap?

    There is a notification on the city where the compétition will be, I don't know how much time before compétition start it appear.
    You also have a widget where all competitions are listed like in the competition menu.

    I am a member of a big association, the 20th we will start our association 4th server.
    I agree with Nerisrath and would add some players stop the game or leave the association because they don't get along anymore, so there are often 3-4 places to open for new members, which you try to integrate asap, on a time where you need all your money.

    I understand you Locomotius Prime, but assiociations are all made by individual players. You met people and decide to play together, so next round you will start with a small group which will grow up by time.

    There is also preinscription limits, you can't start with 5 associations with around 20 players each on the very same area. Atm only 4 assiociations (so around 80 players) can do that, leaving a city with nobody there. It also mean that you can't always go where you whant with who you whant because an other association rserved a city.