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    Excuse me. This is a conversation between a blind person and a deaf person. I do not see the point to continue it. I am truly sorry for both you and your association, if there is a possibility when only one person can spoil your game. How not to try to change the rules anyway, it will be so. Or it will be a completely different game.

    If I spend all my money on trolling today and tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow I will just have nothing to troll on or my income will be incomparable with the income of other players. Because I will be on Swallows, and they are on Moles. And besides, they will still be with the majority, that is, they initially have higher incomes. Even if you go along this line. I spend all my money to fight back, every member of the association that I troll need to spend only 1/26 of what I spent. Is it the same costs? And do not reinvent the wheel. You just need to play normally.

    Problem is with revengful, evil, trolls, who will in the middle of night put blocking amount of investment, just to block city's level up for next few hours or overinvesting 10 times in a industry, every time You gain back majority, or doing this in multiple industries, earning money just to spend them all on pissing of other players. The game is not evil-protected enough, and lots and lots of players will tell You that. They will tell You that such attitudes piss them off, and RN Team don't do enough to prevent it, sadly.

    A person spends his time getting into the game in the middle of the night, and at this time you are quietly sleeping. Who of you loves the game? And who needs to be limited?

    If you take examples from football, instead of trying to learn how to play as Messi or Ronaldo, here they suggest that Messi and Ronaldo cut off their legs. And allow yourself to play with hands. Then maybe your chances on the field will be equal and you will be able to play on an equal footing with the masters.

    That's right, let's take active players who are ready to play around the clock and who are interested in playing, with the level of those who enter the game when there is absolutely nothing to do and boring. Should not be so.

    Maybe before you make a complaint to the development team, ask yourself, am I doing everything right?

    You think about the word "majority". Who gave the most money and owns the majority. Why the majority should be in those who do not invest in it? You can ease the task of programmers. Generally remove the investment. And then everything will be fair. What association has the most people connected to this enterprise for that and the majority. Is that right for you? Why do you want to penalize only for violating the majority, but not to penalize for the fact that the association does not monitor its operations. The game has a huge gray mass that comes into the game only for repair and construction 1-2 times a day. Is this the target audience according to the developers? Or those who really play and are in the game for every recalculation of production? Why do they have to wait for someone, who would come down to invest in their own business? Why does a person who spends his time and maybe money for a game should get into some sort of lists, just because the one who has the majority, laziness comes into the game?

    How are you going to determine who is to blame? The man who made 10 investments and took the first line in a foreign enterprise, without violating the majority. Or did the one who came after him and with one investment broke that most? Or even indiscriminately in general all in the black list?

    What you are offering here in real life is called totalitarianism. Who gave you the right to decide who to play and who not? If someone has other views, different from yours, can he be accused of hereticism and burned at the stake? Where does such a passion for eugenics come from?

    Explain to me how one person can bring down the majority of 26? Well, once he gave for this his entire daily turnover, production in an hour moved to a new level and all his efforts went down the drain. If he does it again tomorrow, he will simply lose the pace of the game and will not be able to earn money further. If he knocks down most of you with only 2-3 investments, then you need to be kicked out of the game, that you did not interfere with playing normal people who really want to play, and not just appear in the game 1-2 times a day. If, after the transfer of production to a new level, 10-15 people make 1-2 investments each, no one will ever take this majority in small amounts.

    What is the main goal of the game? Gain the most prestige. In what ways people aspiring to this will do you should not worry if all the capitalization rules are followed carefully, such as multi-accounts, password exchange and so on.

    If only one person can interfere with your team, then you simply have no team. And you are not able to play, simply ask the developers dope. Communicate with those who bother you, in 90% this will give the result. This is a social multiplayer game and the ability to negotiate in it is one of the components of success. If not much more important and influencing the result than simply changing the routes of steam locomotives from time to time. If you cannot do this, then no prisons or genocide will help you.

    If you are so easily brought to tears, play OpenTDD only with trusted friends. But do not spoil this game.

    Ahaha) What do you know about Siberia and where did you find it? In Kiev or Minsk?)
    And about the problem-you need to be quick and not blink while the previous 4 associations were re-registered. Happy New Year!)