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    Snowman's Head
    Light Bulb (Lamps)
    Tongues & Axe (Hardware)
    Jacket or Shirt (Clothing)
    Soccer Ball (Sports Goods)
    Meat (Meat)
    Duck (Toys)
    Pot (Household Supplies)
    Cup of Hot Chocolate
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    I don't like either option. I think this idea needs to be 'brain stormed' again and a different solution reached.
    I can't see where either option truly gives a new advantage over the existing way.
    Maybe RN can elaborate and give a more simple and clear detailed explanation that will make the new options more enticing than the status quo.

    COM201 Big Ben - Malaga
    1. "N" in Rail Nation Sign Broken
    2. Poster on utility pole
    3. Green paddle in William's left hand missing
    4. Fountain Water missing
    5. Broken windows
    6. 'Lucas Was Here' on side of building
    7. Person going up stairs missing
    8. RN logo missing on front of Red engine
    9. Untied shoelace on right foot of professor in front left
    10. Blue beret on girl

    I think all of the ideas are fantastic. The things I would like to see changed in the USA scenario are:
    a) Get rid of the Red/Blue invasion. People with lots of Real Money are able to buy gold and increase their chances of gaining control over a city thereby overpowering the non-rich players in that city.
    b) Change the consumption increase based on number of active players in a city. This process makes it almost impossible to level up a City if too many people are connected but not hauling from that city.

    The Red/Blue invasion is more about how much gold you can buy rather than how hard you work to be a team player and support your Corps and city.
    If some compromise on this aspect of the game can be reached, I will continue to play. If not, I will look for other games to play.

    I have a similar problem to Cidron where an actual commercial will start and I get almost all the way through and it goes blank and looks for another video.
    All videos are very slow to load and I watch a circle of spinning dots for longer than I watch the video.
    In particular, when 21059 appears in the top left corner of the video screen, I know I'm going to have a problem.
    If I try to X out and get the play video again screen, I try that and pray it will not land on 21059 again.
    Frequently my screen turns white and the video screen goes to the top left side of screen.
    In my browser address box I now have "Direct Video" displayed and have to exit and restart RN all over from the start.
    Very frustrating and totally unnecessary.
    It has cost me many competitions because I used to watch videos right up to the start of the competition.
    When it freezes up and I have to re-load RN, I often start late and others have got the advantage.
    I download all kinds of video from UTube, TV apps and other places and NEVER have I had problems like this.
    Is RN such a complex program that a simple thing that MSN news has mastered can't be solved in this game????
    I think it is a lapse on the part of RN.

    I have been experiencing the same thing but support doesn't understand my problem.
    It is not every time but it is frequent.
    I have to refresh my computer and try again.
    I have tried again 18 times and it still doesn't work so I give up and try again later.
    Sometimes it is working then and sometimes not.
    Please fix it --- you should be making enough off gold sales, plus accounts, etc. to hire a programmer that can solve a basic problem that only started recently.