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    That is not possible, the cargo trains are only able to transport goods no passengers. So you need to put some cargotrains in the museum and buy the special passengertrains to transport the passengers, you don't need to buy waggons for it, they're already on the trains. Passengertrains are only able to transport passengers, when you want to switch from goods to passengers or from passengers to goods you can place the trains in the museum and take the other trains out of the museum. So you don't have to buy everytime new trains. The Landmark needs passengers when the city is level 5 so you can transport passengers from the city to the landmark

    Besides 2 cities connected and at least 1 city level 5 you need the special passengertrains to transfer passengers. You also need to upgrade also you stationhal to buy more passengertrains and of course you need to have place in your enginehouse.

    But this should be only possible before the factory grows else you got players who invest a lot and wait till they got the prestige for the growth of the factory and take after that the money back. So they got the profit of the prestige.

    in the ranking overview you also can see titles there you can look up the good you want to see the title from, it starts with money, but as soon you click on filter you can select the good you want to see

    Train station is 22, the count is 21 an it should be 25?

    The trainstation is only the count of the passengerstrains you can have but to get 25 passengertrains you must have also your Engine House on 25 is your Engine House lower that blocks also the amount of trains you can have.

    The PTR server that's a testserver so you will notice more bugs that you have to report on the ptr forum so they can take them out, besides that you will notice that it can happen that you suddenly can skip days or even era's or even get a restart when they need it to test something out, that's why you get gold there.


    6 months have passed since the first reports about the sitter bug was reported (not being able to dimiss from sitting an account that has no more days to sit)

    please try to reiterate this problem, it is getting ridiculous

    You can send a ticket and then support can remove the sitaccount from your sittingspot

    As i'm reading what is written above and be proud of your town isn't handy for all the versions,

    I play on several servers and for the Steam over Europe version i pure work for the regio. so in that case when i help another city in my regio then my hometown i will be punished for this. less prestige and so.

    On an other server i just work for a city and in that case i earn my prestige only in my Hometown.

    On my third server i'm a free wheeler with respect for the majority of the cityhaulers i don't take factories over, i earn some prestige in little cities where hardly anyone is hauling and sometimes i help a city level, in the endgame i earn my prestige to helping and following the calls for 1 city and that's the server where i do a lot of competitions and when i get less prestige for the competitions and for hauling rg in other cities then my hometown i need to get it somewhere else.

    I think it's a point of lack of respect that you see from a lot of free wheelers who don't play it as we do, but break the majorities and in the endgame just haul something from the goods and spoils the waitingtimes from the factories. You can change everything you want but you still will see that the players you're talking about will find a way to earn there prestige and maybe distrurb your factories even more.

    On the SOE is teamwork in a region very important when you play on the classic servers you can choose for 1 city on the SOE you have to coöperate with the other associations in your regio and you don't work for 1 city but for the whole regio. Just as filling the landmarks, you have to do it all together.

    you can send a ticket please note when you got the ticket date and time, support can check if you got the ticket paid out and in case not they can give you a new ticket or the price you won, but often you already had the price.