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    There are a few advantages of looking at the station and trains of other players.

    I have seen already to see if a player is connected or close to connected to the city your assoc. plays in when he/she applies.

    An other point is for new players, i often have watched the trains and station of new players to help them on the way, to give tips if they don't know where to work on and for new players it's also good to see how experienced players build up their stations or which trains they use.

    For the endgame it's useless to see the trains or tracks of other players, what do you think to see which tactics they gonna use, most players have connected several cities and endgame cities have connected a lot of players who don't haul for that city in the endgame and for the prestige haulers, they have connected several endgame cities so if not all.

    So what my point of view please keep the possibility to watch the station and trains and tracks of other players.

    It's just to have luck and win it in the lottery, sometimes you win on the whole server none or 1 and the next round you win 5 or even more bonustrains, it's still called a lottery ;)

    I remember that in the begin of the game there was no lottery ticket to win for collecting bonusses, but everyone was collecting them, why to help our associationmembers for extra money and prestige. In my opinion that's still the most important reason to collect the bonusses, the lotteryticket we can win is something extra.

    you see days before it ends already in the right top corner the countdown of your plus and in the left corner you always see how many days plus are left, so there is enough warning that the plus will end. So when you go longer off line you know that in the meanwhile the plus ends and you know that the bank limit will be the half of what it is, why not extend your plus before you go off line or spend all your money before you go off line.

    Even now has the sitter option that you're sitter can buy plus if you want to give that option to your sitter.

    That is not possible, the cargo trains are only able to transport goods no passengers. So you need to put some cargotrains in the museum and buy the special passengertrains to transport the passengers, you don't need to buy waggons for it, they're already on the trains. Passengertrains are only able to transport passengers, when you want to switch from goods to passengers or from passengers to goods you can place the trains in the museum and take the other trains out of the museum. So you don't have to buy everytime new trains. The Landmark needs passengers when the city is level 5 so you can transport passengers from the city to the landmark

    Besides 2 cities connected and at least 1 city level 5 you need the special passengertrains to transfer passengers. You also need to upgrade also you stationhal to buy more passengertrains and of course you need to have place in your enginehouse.

    But this should be only possible before the factory grows else you got players who invest a lot and wait till they got the prestige for the growth of the factory and take after that the money back. So they got the profit of the prestige.

    in the ranking overview you also can see titles there you can look up the good you want to see the title from, it starts with money, but as soon you click on filter you can select the good you want to see

    Train station is 22, the count is 21 an it should be 25?

    The trainstation is only the count of the passengerstrains you can have but to get 25 passengertrains you must have also your Engine House on 25 is your Engine House lower that blocks also the amount of trains you can have.

    The PTR server that's a testserver so you will notice more bugs that you have to report on the ptr forum so they can take them out, besides that you will notice that it can happen that you suddenly can skip days or even era's or even get a restart when they need it to test something out, that's why you get gold there.