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    6 months have passed since the first reports about the sitter bug was reported (not being able to dimiss from sitting an account that has no more days to sit)

    please try to reiterate this problem, it is getting ridiculous

    You can send a ticket and then support can remove the sitaccount from your sittingspot

    As i'm reading what is written above and be proud of your town isn't handy for all the versions,

    I play on several servers and for the Steam over Europe version i pure work for the regio. so in that case when i help another city in my regio then my hometown i will be punished for this. less prestige and so.

    On an other server i just work for a city and in that case i earn my prestige only in my Hometown.

    On my third server i'm a free wheeler with respect for the majority of the cityhaulers i don't take factories over, i earn some prestige in little cities where hardly anyone is hauling and sometimes i help a city level, in the endgame i earn my prestige to helping and following the calls for 1 city and that's the server where i do a lot of competitions and when i get less prestige for the competitions and for hauling rg in other cities then my hometown i need to get it somewhere else.

    I think it's a point of lack of respect that you see from a lot of free wheelers who don't play it as we do, but break the majorities and in the endgame just haul something from the goods and spoils the waitingtimes from the factories. You can change everything you want but you still will see that the players you're talking about will find a way to earn there prestige and maybe distrurb your factories even more.

    On the SOE is teamwork in a region very important when you play on the classic servers you can choose for 1 city on the SOE you have to coöperate with the other associations in your regio and you don't work for 1 city but for the whole regio. Just as filling the landmarks, you have to do it all together.

    you can send a ticket please note when you got the ticket date and time, support can check if you got the ticket paid out and in case not they can give you a new ticket or the price you won, but often you already had the price.

    you can give permission to

    change scedule

    construct traics

    sell engine and waggons

    invest in industries

    bid on licence

    HQ donations

    further are there some premiumfunctions that you can give permission for you have to open set premium features.

    Here can you find the vouchers you allow your sitter to do and in case you want it give permission to spend gold for some features, like buying plus or erapackage

    Oh sometimes i really would like to borrow some money, but there are enough possibilities to earn that money without borrowing it, only you have to save for it and you can count on it when this is possible that there are players who abuse this possibility so for me i don't think it;s a good idea.

    it's just as you buy a lottery ticket in the store, some buys there hundreds without winning anything and someone else buys just 1 and wins a good price ;)

    I think it's just a matter of bad luck i have had servers where i won only 1 bonus engine and i got now 8 bonustrains on a server where i hardly watch video's and i don't buy extra lottery tickets.

    on FB i see this

    We are aware of the current problems to reach our servers and are already working on a solution.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    At the start of the new era you can upgrade your engine house for a couple of levels and there ar new goods coming in the game as soon a city levels and you can devolep the new trains of that era, that's the only thing that happens at the eraswitch

    As it as written above a bonustrain competition you can win only the bonustrain of the previus era, do you have that one already you get an amount of money.

    In the lottery if you have won already the bonustrain of the current era you can win an older one, so it's possible that you win the red kite in era 6 when you have the bonustrains of era 2-6 you get first the newest that you don't have yet.

    It's never possible to get 2 the same bonustrains.