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    you can fill it in the bonuscode location on one of the servers you play and then you find the points for your careertrain in the lobby

    More often than not they are ignored in the first 2 era, or however long it takes to reach the required LM level, they can be useful though, time the level up of a city around it and you can have a nice bonus.

    Wouldn't bother though with switching to a LM competition for 2/2.5 eras and then whine afterwards because now you need the comp to boost your city run and the comp has been moved to your LM that you're not interested in leveling.

    I'd be curious to see how a era 6 40 goods LM competion looks like though :D

    That would be fun, you have to bring in all the 40 goods at the same time and hope you don't have to have them green but at that time you got the chance that the landmark is lvl 15 and can't deliver anymore at the landmark :D

    where do you do the comp then ;)

    I like the idea but i see some problems in it, that has to been worked out, the landmark has to deliver all the goods that have been in the game for that city and that can be a lot of goods so the cities have a differend amount of goods to deliver, and goods that are green won't be delivered anymore, so if you have to deliver these goods too when you do a LM competition is a waste of goods, most cities who are working on the landmark just skip the citycompetition and special because the winnings is only for the city deliverings.

    yes that's correct, so when there is a bonustrain competition and i have the bonustrain i leave the train for someone else and start later so i can get some money or skip the competition.

    you can win 1 bonustrain from each sort that there is, do you have the bonus train of the current era you still have the chance to win of an older era if you don't have that ones.

    ok you have the full lab bar, and the coins, futher you buy the erapackage, and i don't know is this the speed server or the normal speed server. When you save up all the lotterytickets you have won, i don't mean the daily lottery ticket but the ticket you won with video's and collecting bonus , that can be also a lot of lottery tickets and with luck you win RP and coins, further rhere are also rp comps and of course you can buy the lotterytickets with gold, it's possible, but true it's fast but possible. For the speedservers it's easier to reach it then the classic versions, special when you start with lab max with 80 RP and get for 3 coins 40 rp double then the classic version.

    indeed park only your cargo trains, pfff when you are lucky and win a lot bonus pax trains you have to sort them out, i would like a selection even when it's only between cargo and pax trains that would help already a bit, so i think this is a good idea

    As i see the comments that we often get in the chats i think about a week is the best time. Wait to long and the players gets impatient, there are a lot of players who play on only 1 server. For me i think a week after the endgame is finished i want to start again on that server and i mostly play on 3 servers and some testservers.

    It is also possible that the game round has ended and closed, in that case you have to wait till it starts again and log in to transfer the gold you have there if you want to transfer gold.

    The gold and plus will wait for you at the start of the new round.

    If you only want to end that gameround you have to do nothing, just don't register anymore for the new round.

    You have it right DSnepke, that's my experience too

    There are 2 ways to get the third worker slot.

    1 Level the HQ to level 13, then the slot is always available

    2 buy it with gold and then the slot is open till it is used, and even when you have it only 5 min in use, it is still used and gone again, so very important if you want to dismiss a worker dismiss it before the auction ends where you bought the thirs slot for, so it stays open.

    18 servers, pfff a lot in this case you have a full time job to play Rail Nation. average for a server is even when you do minimum half hour till an hour at least a day that 18 times you don't have time anymore for something else. Far to much for me ;)

    i find those vouchers very usefull on the steam over Europe versions, waitingtimes in the cities can be very high and when you want to bring passengers to the landmark it goes almost in double time when you use the half waitingtime vouchers of buy it for money.

    There are always players who can't play in the weekends or the weekdays, so when ever the eg starts there is always a group that can't be online, so for me i'm often off during the weekend social appointments, but there is also a group working in the weekend and another group that is working on weekdays. So i think whenever the eg starts never everybody can be happy when the eg starts, there is always a group who can't be online as much as they would like to be.

    think of this idea you have an association of 10 members and no other association in your city, at some time you hardly can level your city, no chance to reach the endgame then you move ot another city so you have the chance to build that city to the endgame i don't talk about associations who can bring their own city to the endgame but more about the associations who don't reach the endgame or you're fighting the whole server to reach the endgame you end at place 12 or so, so no endgame and then they still want to play the endgame and the neighbourcity reach the endgame you gonna help in that city. don't you think that those players move because the idea that you give, and i admit that there are really to much players that plays the endgame in the city who makes the best chance but there are to many players who just want to play an endgame that you exclude from the chance to play it anywhere and get for their work no prestige,

    In the past i have moved myself for another city because we had no chance to reach even close to the endgame every level was a struggle and frustration just because we had not enough players in the city, so halfway we moved to the city close by and worked with the players there to reach together the endgame, with your proposel we even couldn't get any reward for our hard work we did there.

    So there must find another way to avoid the situation you give right now.

    There are a lot of players who move halfway to another city, often with the whole association and when only era 1 counts you exclude them from the bonusses while they work half the server for that city.

    Now you can't switch city when the endgame has started so you never know in front which city wins the endgame.

    In your proposel you make it impossible to move to another city and get the bonus even when you started later and have the bad luck to start in an inactive city or even to start later and get the bonus at all.

    What about the prestige hunters you get the prestige of the goods that are delivered and when you even deliver 1 ton you get the prestige, so they will stay anyway or you have to change this in total and when you don't get your city in the endgame you make it impossible in this way to play in the endgame of another city. There are also players who didn't manage to get their city in the endgame and play with another city for the endgame, just because they love to play for the endgame.