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    i find those vouchers very usefull on the steam over Europe versions, waitingtimes in the cities can be very high and when you want to bring passengers to the landmark it goes almost in double time when you use the half waitingtime vouchers of buy it for money.

    There are always players who can't play in the weekends or the weekdays, so when ever the eg starts there is always a group that can't be online, so for me i'm often off during the weekend social appointments, but there is also a group working in the weekend and another group that is working on weekdays. So i think whenever the eg starts never everybody can be happy when the eg starts, there is always a group who can't be online as much as they would like to be.

    think of this idea you have an association of 10 members and no other association in your city, at some time you hardly can level your city, no chance to reach the endgame then you move ot another city so you have the chance to build that city to the endgame i don't talk about associations who can bring their own city to the endgame but more about the associations who don't reach the endgame or you're fighting the whole server to reach the endgame you end at place 12 or so, so no endgame and then they still want to play the endgame and the neighbourcity reach the endgame you gonna help in that city. don't you think that those players move because the idea that you give, and i admit that there are really to much players that plays the endgame in the city who makes the best chance but there are to many players who just want to play an endgame that you exclude from the chance to play it anywhere and get for their work no prestige,

    In the past i have moved myself for another city because we had no chance to reach even close to the endgame every level was a struggle and frustration just because we had not enough players in the city, so halfway we moved to the city close by and worked with the players there to reach together the endgame, with your proposel we even couldn't get any reward for our hard work we did there.

    So there must find another way to avoid the situation you give right now.

    There are a lot of players who move halfway to another city, often with the whole association and when only era 1 counts you exclude them from the bonusses while they work half the server for that city.

    Now you can't switch city when the endgame has started so you never know in front which city wins the endgame.

    In your proposel you make it impossible to move to another city and get the bonus even when you started later and have the bad luck to start in an inactive city or even to start later and get the bonus at all.

    What about the prestige hunters you get the prestige of the goods that are delivered and when you even deliver 1 ton you get the prestige, so they will stay anyway or you have to change this in total and when you don't get your city in the endgame you make it impossible in this way to play in the endgame of another city. There are also players who didn't manage to get their city in the endgame and play with another city for the endgame, just because they love to play for the endgame.

    I understand the point of both, but there must be a middle way, let's say you can fire for max an amount of workers in a week, so you can't fire worker after worker.

    I think that most associations fire sometimes a worker, when a worker is almost ended and there comes a new good worker, you can't see that far which workers are coming. Or special in the beginning when you have to bid on a worker from Lucy and you get a worker you don't want to have.

    I agree that this time is pretty short and i also know players who needs for more time a sitter but we all have to thank this of the group of players who abused this sitteroptions, players who make an account go off line give all the rights to the sitter and come back in the endgame or as roadkill said multi accounts who played the whole server through the sitteroption so they can't be catched.

    during the newbe status is the earning brought in shorting of the bonus you get, only when the city just has grown you see something back of the earning. in the period of the newbestatus there is a basic price for the deliverings you get extra at top of the price you would earn with the basic price and the licenceprice till the garanteed price.

    so when the garantee price is 100, the basic price is 70 the licence earnings are 10 you get it filled till 100 with or without licence.

    The licence does it's work but you don't mention it because it's shorten in the garantee price.

    When your city is lvl 14 your city needs passengers and for that you have to been connected with a second city and you need to buy special passengertrains.

    For the passengertrains you need next to free spots in your Engine House also level your stationhal. So when you want to buy 3 passengertrains you need to have 3 free spots in your Engine House and to have your stationhal on level 3.

    yes, you can see in the city the price of the good and when you put your mouse above the price you see it splitted out in the basic price, the extra you get from the licence or from the worker. the price shown is the price per ton, and 1 waggon counts as 1 ton.

    So when you bring 1 ton in and the price is 100 and the licence is 10 you get 110, if you bring 8 ton in then you get 880 for a load that you bring in the city

    It counts only for mayor or the citycouncel, you can check this in the city on the mayor section politics you can withdraw from the function they gave you. If you don't see your name there you can send a ticket to support, then they can check it in a special program.