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    I have that once too, but i saw time running in the left top and got the reward anyway, it was normal again after cleaning up the coockies and cache and logging back in. You can try that and see if that will help.

    I'm a volunteer and i love to do it, but i also love to play and i have founded my assoc early at the start of the first nl01 so a long time ago far before i became a volunteer and as they suggested above i should give up to play the game or that i couldn't be a chair anymore that is even while i love to help and do what i can do for RN not worth and i think that more volunteers think like this, only be online to keep an eye on the chat and only do the mod work and not playing isn't worth it, we know that abuse will be punished and that i'm chair has no influence at all on the work i do as moderator on the game, we don't benefit from the fact i'm a mod. I just want to help other players and RN

    I understand what you mean, special when you run with the olympus on a good paying rg and you have to be away the whole day the banklimit can be to small, you can earn a lot of money while you're working for the city, but take care that you empty the bank before you go off line that will solve a part of it.

    Everyone have to play as they want. i'm not really a prestigeplayer but i love it to level the city with the team.

    I really understand it that a bank limit of 30M is far to low special in era 6 when your income is high, that's why i already said save up your gold to buy plus for era 6

    That would be a good idea, only you have to keep an eye when that you have spend your money before that bought extra day ends, else you're losing that money anyway

    There is an easier way, just after consumption you look how far you are from the line, that is the stock you are short to get it green. Yellow just after consumption means green when the trend is zero

    Indeed one of the advantages of the plus package is double bank but special in the higher era's when your bank is to low i have a few tips if you don't want to buy gold, you can get plus by doing gold competitions, save your gold up to buy the plus account in the later era's so you got also the bigger bank at the end of the server when your income will be higher further you can collect the bonus from other players in your association when you have the chance to win a ticket or watch video's when you also have a small chance to win a ticket.

    At the time i started my first online game i was reading a book from my favorite author Terry Pratchett from his serie the Disk World, Maskarade was the name of the book and the head person in that story was Agnes Neter who had an alter ego called Perdita X, so i chose for the alter ego af Agnes Neter for my nick name, and i play now already so long with this name that it became for me my alter ego ;)

    I like this a lot better, if i don't want to scratch the ticket right away i just klik it away and if i want to scratch it i don't have to go first to the station and then back to the map. So i believe it's an improvement.