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    We've made a tool for associations. It's a Google-Sheet tool. The tool is a template, so if you intend to use it copy it to your own Google-Profile. It should only be downloaded by ONE from the city, who then host it for the rest of the association.

    It's not very complex, so there's no manual.

    There's a pane for each era. Every era copies data from the previous era.

    In each era you can make recommendations for which Goods-train and Passengers to use in the era. You can set a demand for how many train-slots should be used for passengers. You can also make recommendations for which level each building should reach. You can also set which cities members should connect to. On Steam over Europe you can also set it to harbor, warehouse, other regions and LMs

    For each member you enter which Goods-train they primarily use, which PAX-train they primarily use. How many slots the PAX-trains use. The level of each building, and where they are connected.

    If a member has reached a recommendation, the entry becomes green. If it's only 1 level from reaching the building recommendation it becomes yellow.

    You can also enter an x if they're connected to the recommended cities. If the entry is anything else than blank or X the cell entry becomes yellow instead. That's to be used on Steams over Europe in case you've connected to LM but not city. Then you can just enter LM.

    For each information the tool tells you how many has reached the recommendation at the top.

    Era 6 is a bit different, as you can also enter who intend to play next round, and whether they've preregistered

    It's possible to set one of the members, as the member the association supports as first place. That member might have some different rules than the other.

    There's also a Bid-pane, where you can enter results of auctions. We only use it for auctions we've won. The data entered here is summarized in the era-panes.

    Finally there's a pane for recommendations for workers

    We've used it for comparisons. At the beginning it was a tool for the leadership to be able to see how far everyone was in upgrading station, trains and tracks. Most of the members use it now to see how they fare compared to their fellow association-members.

    It should be possible to use it in every scenario.

    The Tool-template

    It's intended to be able to use it for all 50 cities, as long as you enter the industry and distance to city. And it only has to be done ONCE. If I myself gets the data for a city at some point, I'll upload updated data, that can simply copied to your own copy

    After several End Games I've made a tool to make the End Game a bit easier for callers. It's a Google-Sheet tool. The tool is a template, so if you intend to use it copy it to your own Google-Profile. It should only be downloaded by ONE from the city, who then host it for the rest of the callers. It's a tool that can be used to make scenarios for which Online good to choose. Just change the WT-entries and goods to see, which good would be most efficient to choose, or at which WT it would be acceptable to choose a specific good as Online.

    I've also made a manual for using it.

    The Tool itself:

    The Tool-template

    The Manual

    I have to give credit to Rantanen who created the initial tool, that's been upgraded extensively since

    I like the idea of a scenario where certain goods are only produced in a limited part of the map. The Silk Road and Transsiberian Railroad and even The Orient Express could be examples for this.

    A way to do this COULD be that those limited goods could be hauled from one city or warehouse to another city or warehouse, and then someone else can pickup the surplus from city/warehouse 2 and haul them to a third city/warehouse, and so forth until the good has been hauled from one end of the map to another by 8 or 9 players.

    As sacorima mentioned in the start of the thread the harbors are underused in SoE. That COULD simply be because all goods are present around every city. I'm not sure anyone sees the need to use the harbor because we've already got the good around the specific city

    Oh, this was easy. More so than the other Einsteinish quizzes I've solved:

    City 1: Level 7, Austria, Milk

    City 2: Level 33, Switzerland, Watches

    City 3: Level 41, Germany, Mobile Phones

    M1.201 Scandinavia

    Jack T Richards

    In the distant past when names in highscores could only be 4 characters, I, for some reason, called myself JAKE. Probably because my friend called himself ZAKE, and my name was due to lack of creativity. My own name is Tom, and that was just too short.

    Later on when it was actually possible to use a name in games I changed it to Jack, used my own initial (T for Tom) in the middle, and the name Richards just popped up to be used as a surname. I just kinda liked the look of the name Richards.

    It has stuck with me for MANY years, and the kids always ask me why I call myself JTR, when I play games with them

    I think it should be possible to switch regions. When 4.14.0 is installed on the server it's entirely possible that ONE association won't necessarily start in the same region. When the unfortunate ones, who couldn't join the same region, finally rejoins their team-members in their region, they can't see the region-forum, which might actually contain information for everyone in the region. If it's possible to change region, it should of course no longer be possible to access the previous region-forum

    I agree with Roadkill that it should probably be restricted to the first eras. Otherwise there'll be some who's region-hopping to get access to other regions' forums in the later era

    I agree with Rype. That's a horribly timed EG for one of the first servers. We won't really know how the EG plays with the new upgrades unless we have an EG that's earlier or later than right after New Year's. This also goes for COM202 and TR2