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    I am currently playing US102 Grand Central USA. Ever since the new interface was introduced, even before the last update to 4.6.0, it is very difficult to scroll around the map. Before the current interface was introduced, when you clicked and held on the map, the map moved right along with the cursor. Now, if you click and hold on the map and move the cursor, the cursor can go clear across the screen but the map only moves a very little bit. With the new trainspotter feature, its even worse trying to get around the map to find the trainspotters, let alone to set schedules. It takes forever to get the map moved around to find them. Can an adjustment be made so the map moves an equal amount to the cursor movement like it used to?

    With today's now update, Sitting for another player isn't working correctly. Sometimes it will load the map, but when you go to do anything, like even clicking on the right side menu to apply research points, plus other things, it comes up with a message about an internal system error (or maybe that's internal server error) and our only option is to log out. Other times it won't even load, when you click on Sit, it will immediately come up with that same message about an internal system error (or maybe that's internal server error), and only gives you the option to log out.

    When I sit for another player that hasn't been online since the last city level, I set their trains to the current goods then try to save the routes. I get an "Error 19 Client it too old" message when I try to overwrite the previous saved routes. While I don't particularly like being called too old, the main problem is it never saves the new routes.

    I would rather see two different Plus levels. I don't care about any of the new benefits at all. What I got with the old Plus account for 100 gold was all I needed. I don't plan to do any schedule saving, and I don't watch videos at all since they don't play on my system, so adding video benefits does nothing for me. I'd rather they had the old 100 gold Plus and an option to buy an upgraded Plus. As for gold won during the game, thats what pays for my bonus packs at Era Change, not for Plus. As I said, I won't play without Plus, so I won't be back.

    Just to add my two cents worth, since this is a feedback thread. I've been on Rail Nation since May of 2013. Over 4 years. I play 3 servers, Golden Gate, Grand Central and Crankshaft on the U.S. servers. At the start of each round I spend $26.99 for the 1200 gold package to buy 12 weeks of Plus account right at the start of the round. I will not play the game without a Plus account. So I spend $27 at each restart. Being retired and on a fixed income, money is tight. I can't afford more than that and still eat. Now it would take 1800 gold for 12 weeks of Plus account. It worked out pretty good when there was a 1200 gold package for $27. The next package up is $69.99 ... $70 to be able to buy enough gold to start the round with 12 weeks of Plus!!! Rail Nation has priced themselves out of my market now. As each server finishes, I won't be back. Its too bad, for four years I've really liked the game, but no way I'm paying that much to play, and no way I'm playing without 12 weeks of Plus account. Unless they come up with an 1800 gold pack for that same $27, I'll have to find some other way to occupy my time.