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    because they did not do the most basic thing before implementing a patch to fix the bug which was to back up the server so they could roll it back if anything went wrong then go back to the drawing board to fix the bug without any issues they lost 40 players data

    stick ya compensation its a meaningless gesture multiple rounds on the same server to get to 6 days before another eg which we taken our city to end game as a top 10 city for you to implement a fix with a risk you knew about and still implemented and killed the round stone dead for 40 players who are now angry and you offer a paltry compensation package which many wont use as they will not be back to use it wtg for ya

    im glad they like to insult there players intelligence with what they say can and cannot be done just because they think people dont know better and wont kick up a fuss if they sweep it under the carpet like they are trying just imagine they just posted the upcoming servers I say we all hit that post with the simple words do not join any server as they dont fix what they screw up

    what about the gold we accumulated and held over from previous rounds how about compensating that back to every player who is affected or is travian going to screw us over with there so called fix taking that too along with the last 3 months wasted not good customer service closed a ticket before problem was solved and then screw over 40 players who they affect with a so called fix by not rectifying there screw up so the problem still is not solved

    a roll back is the only way they can fix this if they do not how many of those affected will actually trust to play the next round as I am sure many will leave cutting the numbers on a already low turn out server and that will lead to it being shut as a non viable server

    totally agree with clay on this they knew there was a problem after the maint and yet they let it go

    and savage how can it affect those that arnt affected they can make up what work they put in on a roll back so they dont lose anything where as I and many others who are affected will literally lose x days as we not able to do a damn thing as we have lost all our trains so we cant haul anything