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    great - i cannot even transfer my gold. what do they think, that i play masters again ?? i do not think i will ever play such a bad server again.

    internal errors, schedules which do not come in effect but i get logged out because of what - of course - internal error.

    trying to log in again and what do i get - yeaahhhh - internal error

    thanks again and keep the gold

    :-( :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    i quit the endgame - i tried 2 hours to set schedules but only with little success. internal error every time - long loading and than i had to relog for unknown reasons - it just did not load any more.

    i needed 3 to 5 tries logging in before i even got to the game and than - internal error - nothing worked and i had to relog and relog and relog

    thanks for spoiling 6 wasted weeks.


    how can i refresh if i cannot even log in ?????

    i get kicked out with an internal error message every time - 6 times so far.

    this is the worse game on the worst server i ever played.

    if you like us players to continue, do not use us as beta -testers.

    i am fed up with this game and i have some words in mind i would like to call the game with but i should not use these words here.

    on a scale of 1 to 10 this game ends with -5

    cannot wait for the masters to end and i will for sure never Play such a game again.

    it is still to slow with continous forced logouts.

    i tried to Change the shedule for 15 Trains and including buying needed wagons i got kicked out 5 times before i succeeded.

    only 2 more days - i just cannot wait.


    internal errors - after five logouts and in again i lost my patience - everything takes to long and it is no fun at all.

    about chance of winning - there is none as long as some players put lots of money in. i'll do the last days just for the gold but not for fun or winning.

    masters is not the right term for it and the term i have in my mind ----- well