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    All players who were affected, please send a detailed message of the issue to game support so we will get a good picture of everything that has happened.

    ticket #68096

    I played on the top1 player on this server com101. I was very close to get around IgorMarl.

    Even if you restore my account at the time of this morning, I will not have time to win this round.

    In connection with this, I ask you to return the money I spent in this round in the amount of 119 rubles and starter voucher with Red Kite.

    Please respond to ticket #68096

    Price of the sausage? 25€
    Price of the hamburger?
    Price of the flour? 10€
    Price of the cooking pot? 15€
    Price of the bread? 5€
    Package offer of the last row? 55€
    Package offer of the last column? 55€