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    The group sat down with the bottles of beer, one each to devise a plan to get back to main land. They laid the two palm trees side by side with enough of a gap at the front to insert the Star wars beach ball. Using half of the duct to wrap the ball securely between the two palm tree trunks. Repeating the process using the inflatable swimming toy at the back.

    In the middle of the newly built structure they used the two croquet sticks equally spaced apart, using the string to secure to each trunk, then winding the string along the length between each stick so that the beach towel can lay on top, thus producing a make shift table. All of the food, bananas, coconuts and water can then sit on this table.

    The group then push the trunks with the flotation aids front and back into the water, all 4 is then equally spaced along the trunks taking it in turns to paddle to the shore.

    Job done, they hit a bar to celebrate.

    Kori Bustard, COM5 - Cylinder Express