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    hey, what about this Pollux?

    so we all get a career engine(CE) to run, though it’s at wildly various stages for players obviously, now this.

    Pollux questions, is it going to replace Primus? Yes, no? If Primus stays thats 3 - THREE engines all devoted to cargo. What was decision based on to not make Pollux a pax train? what was decision to make Pollux not an option between cargo/pax?

    Pollux . . Well RN tell us about it, the base numbers? You ask us to discuss but tell us nothing about it.

    how does Pollux ‘grow’, who chooses the expansions? Does every expand the exact same way? Or is it random? Player A gets one added to traction, Player B get 5kph, poor Player C gets 5% reliability three times in a row, or is it 3% increments.

    ‘how does coupling work? Is it automatic like Primus? Or does a player have to click on those 56, or is it 28 x’ 2 vids a day to max out Pollux per era.

    so do additions come through watching those ‘56’ vids per day, taking away from chance at lottery tickets, vouchers, gold, etc.

    what are max stats on Pollux? Are there max stats per era?

    Why is this all a secret?

    I bet players who prefer to run solo, or in small Associations are going to love the fact the only way to improve train is watching vids?

    do any of you developers actually play this game?

    I have a lot of gold and a lot of plus account days from the Einstein server-a lot.

    we were all led to believe ‘ANY SERVER’, as in “ANY SERVER” to be able to transport to . . . Now this. I stayed through the entire 2nd round of that lousy Project X server to be sure I could build upon that gold and days to transfer to the one server I’m playing . . . Just one, not 3, not 7, just one.

    ‘now I get support tickets telling me I have to log into another server, stick through the entire round and then get my gold/plus account.

    this server goes on longer than the one server I’m playing-great, how in the heck does this help me?

    frankly I feel like I’ve been swindled, a Ponzi scheme, or tricked by a tele-marketer...

    just admit you made a mistake and release what we earned, or paid for . . . My god, how hard is this? Don’t you people ever do anything right? Where is you backbone to admit you, you made a mistake.

    how ludicrous is it I cannot get what I earned/paid for , for months? Then not be able to use it where I am actually playing?

    I was there, saw it all, as I was connected to all those EG cities. Involved every minute, didn’t miss any goods.

    I witnessed the players with the insane investing in goods, always running non-called goods in the set. The strategies of two associations only hauling. The dis belief, frustration, anger in sitting idle from other players. Petertown getting lost in tonnage and consumption.

    So, having seen it all, I cannot disagree with the above post, in any way. /Mihai is pretty much spot on.

    ‘How involved was i?

    Reavers-top Association

    *Yes, we decided to haul Hugston after discussion of top-callers in those cities. It proved to be a correct decision for both sides.

    Me personally, 2nd place overall, including #1 in transport ppoints.

    *I will not run in next Project X, why?

    1. The frenetic all-out hauling, just blast away, no real strategic thought. Really poor integrated hauling, I think city-haulers missed out on those integrated hauling ppoints.

    2. I’ve never ran a round where I ran against players using mechanics, boost, instant dispatches as early as era 1. Bad players trying to spend there way to the top. There were so many doing this, it just works against those who know the real way to win is put in the screen time, to calculate when, where to run-not ‘buy’ your way to 1st.

    3. The last second investing especially from era 3 on, players blowing millions and millions time after time for 10’s of points. Why do these ‘special servers’ bring on this behavior? Then, of course. These same players sit idle, or haul ‘coal’ in EG because they didn’t build track/buy wagons.

    4. The EG-see all written above, written on forums, threads, etc. it was poorly planned, thought-out, and not tested to see these results that came.

    5. How RN now ‘bans’, or doesn’t ban players . . . You’re actually making the game less fun-remember, it’s a game, our free time, our diversion from life’s drudgery.

    6. Finally . . . That insult of throwing 400 gold at us, scraps actually, I was waiting for a pat on the head to go with our ‘treat’ then, to walk away. . . . . . . You want to actual apologize? I mean real customer service?.Then refund the money we spent, or re-stock all the gold bought, or a nice percentage, gold, no lost money there. But we know that’ll never happen, we got that little treat, seemed greasy, like a paper bag full of dollar bills. I was quite insulted.


    Hey . .. . Platform X stinks, it reeks of really poor preparation, planning, testing . .. . but hey you got your money out of us on Einstein . .. .. . and that lousy 400 gold return . .. . awful

    You want to really apologize and make up for such a terrible platform, how about return our money spent? No? then return our gold bought?

    that table scrap of 400 gold is supposed to make it all better? Man, you guys are something else

    well, there’s a lot of pax to haul.

    certain cities have organized better

    other cities have a lot of players who are running clueless to how fast things are moving.

    I thought players would jump cities by beginning of era 2, but many still clinging to cities with no chance to get to EG.

    The folks running this show are ‘tone deaf’, someday, sooner for sure than later, a lot of us will go actually somewhere where it’s, you know-fun.

    ‘Not a struggle,

    The shop stinks, one simple silly example . . 10 gold is nowhere equal to one building voucher for 20%

    10 gold does not equal a instant build voucher in era 4/5/6, but of course I could BUY a lottery ticket for 20-25 gold, on my 10 gold a day.

    ‘This thing is so stupid . . . How do you come to these kind of gameplay decisions?

    I’ve sent a ticket and written to Samisu——

    you guys took away my tag line using the generic ‘’inappropriate’’

    well what was inappropriate? How? When?

    I used that same tag line for 7 rounds on the Crankshaft server, I think it’s inappropriate how I’ve been treated . . . . The tickets are written. I want answers. Frankly I think you’re a bunch of cowards.

    I want an explanation of why my team description was removed as “inappropriate’ on era1/day7 of the server.

    I do not want an answer from a player who acts as moderator/support from a rival Association on my server as I consider this a serious conflict of interest, I need a response from who’s in charge.

    I would like clear transparency here.

    ‘I used this description almost word-for-word on Cranshaft 6-8 rounds in a row, no issues ever.

    I am not posting the description now for general comment, I am posting here to remove this conflict of interest when it comes to decisions on this server.

    The rewards are not clearly set or balanced, we had 18 folks come on this round in Crankshaft and only 2 of the 18 were awarded the HQ voucher, in our case that’s a 7.5 mil reward in RN money . . .that is a huge discrepancy and huge mistake, it’s completely unbalanced, how could only 2 of 18 receive this????

    how about RN employees do the test, run the tutorials . .. it’s your job, not employees to fix,