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    I absolutely believe that no paid employee of Travian should play on any server. That is a clear cut case of conflict of interest.

    Chat Moderators and Support team members are volunteers, not paid employees. They are giving of their own time to help out with a game they enjoy playing, and continuing to play while "working" not only makes it worth their time to log in and be present but also keeps them up-to-date on how any recent game changes affect the game play and other potential issues experienced in the game.

    Now, let's skip the Chat Moderator side of things, because they don't actually handle reports. So any conflict of interest that could arise from how reports are handled would land solely on Support.

    There is NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST unless a Supporter is dealing with something which affects themselves, such as reports generated from a server they actively play. Every report submitted is reviewed by the lead CSR, regardless of who initially responds and/or who resolves it. As Samisu noted, every report which results in any action by Support is very clearly documented, and the Supporter can be called on to give clarification on things when necessary.

    The RN privacy policy does take GDPR into account, but that policy doesn't allow employees or volunteers to discuss details related to another player's account under any circumstances -- even if a player shares details with you, the team members are still under obligation to adhere to the company's policy because you still are not the owner of the account.

    Samisu made a comment about how team members can find themselves targeted by players, and I can say it definitely happened to me. One of the reasons I stopped being a chat mod was because I had a player follow me (literally choosing to join whatever city I played on the map, bringing friends after the first time) through 3 rounds so he could trash my home city and throw verbal garbage at me every chance he got. It wasn't the only reason, nor the only time I'd been a target, but it was one of the last straws. I'd have quit a lot sooner, though, if I'd been banned from playing just because I wanted to help out. :)

    Not all working adults have a schedule which runs from Monday to Friday, with weekends off work. Many of those who are will also have other priorities during weekends that will still prevent them from being able to play as actively as they might like. If all Endgames were on weekends, it would also cause a lot more server load because of so much being processed at the same time... during a time when we can assume there might be less staff available to handle issues that might arise. Overall, I think it's a good thing that our servers are staggered a bit, not only for starts/era changes but also for Endgame.

    That said, I do agree that it could be a very interesting addition to have a server which will always start on a Saturday, making it much more accessible in general to those who are busy during the week.

    The start times are staggered by 30 minutes per rank and 30 minutes per level between a city and the one following it.

    So if you have all cities at the same level, they'll all require the same number of goods but they'll all be staggered by 30 minutes per rank (since the ranking will be based on the order in which that level was achieved)... with rank 1 at Endgame start, rank 2 starting 30 minutes later, rank 3 at 30 minutes after rank 2, and so on.

    In the event that a city is not only a rank behind but also a level (or more) behind, then the starting time would be staggered by more. (Example: if Rank 1 is level 40 and Rank 2 is level 40, but Rank 3 is level 39 -- then Rank 1 starts at EG start, Rank 2 is 30 minutes later, and Rank 3 is 60 minutes after Rank 2 because they are 1 rank and 1 level behind the city ahead of them.)

    GrtUncMick This isn't always a bug -- sometimes it's a matter of you owning so many engines (slots) that you can't buy another one.

    Your Engine House level determines two things:

    - how many engine slots can be actively running at once (this is what's in your Trains list)

    - how many engine slots you can own at once (this is your Trains list PLUS your Museum)

    Of course, it has no bearing on your Career engine or any bonus engines.

    So let's say you have a level 7 Engine House. That will allow you to use up to 7 slots of purchased engines at a time, and own up to 15 slots at a time. If you move engines to your Museum when you buy new/better ones, you will likely run out of room at some point.

    That's generally what's happened when players run into the problem of not having room to buy another engine even though they've apparently made room by moving one to the Museum, so it's worth taking a look at your numbers to see if that's where your issue is :) If it's not, then by all means you can have Pia take a look or submit a ticket to the Support team for your server.

    Hope that helps!

    Samisu Maybe there could be 2 runs of the event, one that coincides with the western Easter date (for those servers that are running during that time) and another which coincides with the Orthodox Easter date (for those servers that weren't open during the first run). Something like that should allow for all servers to experience the event, due to the timing between the two dates... and it keeps the event itself from being run outside of "Easter" parameters. Just a thought :)

    Just as an aside here, I think this year's eggs were amazingly easy to see, so kudos to the design team on that one. I've never had an issue with finding them, but these stood out noticeably even when zoomed out as far as I could go (on Classic), so it made collecting them go that much more smoothly.

    Balibar The researcher does not create points, it just reduces the amount of time your Lab requires to generate each point (by 25%)... so all points are created by the Lab, and all points are affected by the researcher while it's active. :)

    When you log in, your account updates to show the points which generated during your absence (up to the limit of your Lab, based on level). If you've been logged in for a while already, and especially if coming back from an extended period of inactivity (the screen blurs and you use your mouse to refocus), it's possible that the most recent point generated doesn't show properly, causing an "extra point" to appear once you spend what showed as available.

    Regarding the random point in yesteryear's researcher model... I never saw that write-up (I didn't start paying attention to info on any of the premium features until early 2014, though) and it's definitely not been the case for the last handful of years :) Which I guess at least makes for easier RP calculations!

    cliff60 if you believe you're actually missing points, you can contact Support to request a review. Just make sure to note in your ticket what avatar name and server needs to be checked.

    hilti2 is correct.

    There is no system limit to the number of people who can connect to a city, nor is there a limit to how many of those connected players can set it as their Home City. The system only limits one's ability to start in a specific city, based on that city's population (which is actually connected players, not how many set it as Home) compared to the population of the other cities on the servers. This is why you may see cities as "overcrowded" during start-up, whereas one city is "recommended" based on having lowest/lower population.

    72 hours is the amount of time it takes for an account to go inactive if not logged in, so that may have something to do with why the "hold" on pre-registered spots lasts for 72 hours... but that's just a guess. While I agree that most will join during the first 48 hours if they intend to return, I've also seen some who do pop in later.

    For the original poster -- held slots are made open in one of two ways:

    -- the first 72 hours of the game round passes without those players returning

    -- a slot will also be opened if a pre-registered player logs in long enough to leave the association (thereby cancelling the claim on the held spot, making it open for anyone else to join)

    Ranking doesn't matter.

    City level going into the Endgame is what determines your Megacity quota, which is currently set at 3x that level's "max" stock (look at the number at the end of the stock bar and multiply by 3).

    So yes, cities that are more highly ranked typically have to haul more than those that are ranked lower. However, if two (or more) cities have the same city level going into Endgame, then they will both (or all) have the same quota. If all 10 cities have the same level, they will be ranked by order of achieving that level and all will require the same tonnage.

    Hope that helps. :)

    SteamySignal, you have to Opt-in for emails. I believe it just requires you to be signed up for the Travian newsletter, which you can do from your Career Lobby (Account settings)... but you may also have to enable email messages for specific servers (that's in Options > Notifications).

    As for the email itself -- they're always sent out shortly after the servers start. That's just how it works. You don't have to wait for them, though, because the email bonus and the Facebook bonus are the exact same thing (and you're only able to use the bonus once per week)... so instead of waiting for the email, just use when you start your new round, and it'll work the same way. The week's bonus is announced each week on the Facebook page, so you can know what you're getting from it even though the email says it's a surprise.

    Hope that helps!

    Regarding trains auto-parking and getting "stuck" against accepting new schedules, what works for me is to manually park them when the set is completed (even if they've already arrived at the city and been parked). The manual parking should break the auto-park mode and allow them to accept a new schedule again.

    I haven't run into the issue of trains becoming invisible, but I do tend to refresh fairly often when goods finish (not just the whole set), so it may have happened without me noticing.

    The timer shifts when the server has gone completely offline, usually due to maintenance/update.

    Most updates are accomplished quickly, without any server downtime, which means they're finished without any affect to the timer. When there's any downtime, however, the clock stops while the server is offline and it picks back up as soon as it comes back online - since downtime doesn't typically happen in hour increments, you wind up with a new recalculation time.

    Gold and Plus left over when endgame finishes will "roll forward" and be available the next time you create a new avatar on that same server, whether your remaining Gold was purchased or won (that eligibility only applies when you're trying to transfer Gold).

    I'd have to agree with the idea of upping the Newbie slot eligibility to Career Level 2. My reasoning is that a new player comes in and likely finds out pretty quickly that they'll have to reach Career 2 before they can use their Career Engine -- and Toots is correct, a new player will usually do that without too much delay. Raising the threshold would definitely give more time to find these newer players and help them along a bit, without them having to be left at a disadvantage (no Career engine) long enough to get in with a good team.

    My apologies, you're absolutely right Dolgsthrasir. I mistakenly read "increases" on both of Player A's later actions, which would have put him at 102k and therefore higher.

    Indeed, player B would win. Thanks for pointing that out :)

    (To be fair, I did actually read it about 5 times before posting, because I knew I had to be seeing it wrong. I guess my eyes just blurred them together enough to let me keep misreading it!)