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    Regarding trains auto-parking and getting "stuck" against accepting new schedules, what works for me is to manually park them when the set is completed (even if they've already arrived at the city and been parked). The manual parking should break the auto-park mode and allow them to accept a new schedule again.

    I haven't run into the issue of trains becoming invisible, but I do tend to refresh fairly often when goods finish (not just the whole set), so it may have happened without me noticing.

    The timer shifts when the server has gone completely offline, usually due to maintenance/update.

    Most updates are accomplished quickly, without any server downtime, which means they're finished without any affect to the timer. When there's any downtime, however, the clock stops while the server is offline and it picks back up as soon as it comes back online - since downtime doesn't typically happen in hour increments, you wind up with a new recalculation time.

    Gold and Plus left over when endgame finishes will "roll forward" and be available the next time you create a new avatar on that same server, whether your remaining Gold was purchased or won (that eligibility only applies when you're trying to transfer Gold).

    I'd have to agree with the idea of upping the Newbie slot eligibility to Career Level 2. My reasoning is that a new player comes in and likely finds out pretty quickly that they'll have to reach Career 2 before they can use their Career Engine -- and Toots is correct, a new player will usually do that without too much delay. Raising the threshold would definitely give more time to find these newer players and help them along a bit, without them having to be left at a disadvantage (no Career engine) long enough to get in with a good team.

    My apologies, you're absolutely right Dolgsthrasir. I mistakenly read "increases" on both of Player A's later actions, which would have put him at 102k and therefore higher.

    Indeed, player B would win. Thanks for pointing that out :)

    (To be fair, I did actually read it about 5 times before posting, because I knew I had to be seeing it wrong. I guess my eyes just blurred them together enough to let me keep misreading it!)

    10:00:00 - player A bids 90k
    10:00:01 - player B bids 82k
    10:00:02 - player A decreases bid by 10k
    10:00:03 - player A increases bid by 2k

    Player B wins

    ^ As that is written, Player A would win, not Player B (as B never actually exceeds A)

    To put it very simply, the highest bid wins.
    If bids are tied, the player who reached the winning amount first wins.

    Pre-registration DOES allow you to skip the cost of upgrading the HQ, to as many spots as are pre-registered. So if you have all 25 members pre-regiser, then you come into the new round with a level 15 association and no need to upgrade the HQ at all -- therefore no need to spend cash to upgrade it (and that saves more than 27 mil for anyone who would've donated to every upgrade).

    What the poster meant by what you quoted is that the HQ voucher is vital because most associations don't end up with all 25 spots pre-registered. This means they're stuck in Era 1 trying to expand, having to pay much higher HQ fees than what would be seen with a brand new association. The HQ voucher allows them to avoid those high fees to open up new spots for people to join after the first 3 days of the server.

    All COM (International) and US (United States) servers are English-language servers. Only English should be used for public communications and profiles. The easiest way to see which languages are allowed once you're in the game is to check your game options for which language(s) can be chosen (whatever is available there will match the language/s available during server selection).

    The Game Rule reads:
    "2.2. Using a different language, other than the relevant server language or English in IGMs (in-game messages), chat messages, in the world chat and in player profiles is not permitted. The server language is determined by the country flags on the server selection screen. Multiple languages can be server languages."

    For the Classic (Browser) tutorial & tasks:

    Personally, I prefer the old-style browser tasks and will miss them when we change to the new system.

    For reference, I've posted the SoE tasks as they were when I last played an SoE server (which means they may have changed, so I apologize if it's not up to date). Remember that the Classic tasks on mobile would be missing SoE-only stuff, which should just remove tasks 51 through 60.

    01 Buy engine
    Action: buy an engine
    Reward: $10,000

    02 Schedule
    Action: set up a schedule
    Reward: $5,000

    03 Engine house
    Action: upgrade the Engine House
    Reward: 1 free engine (voucher)

    04 Buy another engine
    Action: buy another engine
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    05 Your home city
    Action: open the city info
    Reward: $10,000

    06 Another schedule
    Action: set a schedule for your new engine
    Reward: $10,000

    07 Route construction
    Action: construct a new route (track)
    Reward: 2 wagon vouchers

    08 New schedule
    Action: start your first delivery (supply an industry)
    Reward: $5,000

    09 Track production
    Action: upgrade Track Production
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    10 Research
    Action: research an engine upgrade
    Reward: 1 RP

    11 Install upgrade
    Action: install the upgrade to your engines
    Reward: $15,000

    12 Laboratory
    Action: upgrade the Laboratory
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    13 Collect bonus
    Action: collect the Restaurant bonus
    Reward: $5,000

    14 Restaurant
    Action: upgrade the Restaurant
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    15 Collect another bonus
    Action: collect the Shopping Center bonus
    Reward: $10,000

    16 Shopping Center
    Action: upgrade the Shopping Center
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    17 Collect prestige bonus
    Action: collect the Hotel bonus
    Reward: $15,000

    18 Hotel
    Action: upgrade the Hotel
    Reward: free lottery ticket

    19 Free lottery ticket
    Action: redeem the free ticket you won
    Reward: $5,000

    20 Daily free ticket
    Action: redeem your daily free ticket
    Reward: 5 Gold

    21 Buy lottery ticket
    Action: buy a ticket and scratch it
    Reward: $12,000

    22 Bank
    Action: upgrade the Bank
    Reward: $12,000

    23 Engine house
    Action: upgrade the Engine House to level 3
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    24 One more engine
    Action: buy another engine
    Reward: 3 wagon vouchers

    25 Optimal schedule
    Action: set one more schedule (timetable calculator)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    26 Rankings
    Action: open the ranking
    Reward: 5 Gold

    27 Prestige
    Action: open the prestige overview
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    28 Medal
    Action: redeem your medals (only 1 is needed)
    Reward: 1 investment voucher

    29 Investment
    Action: invest in an industry
    Reward: 10 instant dispatch vouchers

    30 Instant dispatch
    Action: use the instant dispatch once
    Reward: $5,000

    31 Servicing
    Action: service an engine
    Reward: 1 mechanic voucher

    32 Mechanic
    Action: hire a mechanic
    Reward: 5 boost vouchers

    33 Boost
    Action: boost one engine
    Reward: 10 Gold

    34 Competition
    Action: sign up for a competition
    Reward: 1 license voucher

    35 License
    Action: buy a license
    Reward: 1 clothing voucher

    36 Clothing
    Action: buy a piece of clothing
    Reward: 1 production series voucher

    37 Production series
    Action: buy a production series (unlock it; not buy an engine)
    Reward: $50,000

    38 Engine house
    Action: upgrade Engine House to level 4
    Reward: 1 free engine (voucher)

    39 Buy engine with production series
    Action: buy an engine with a production series
    Reward: 3 wagon vouchers

    40 Schedule
    Action: set a schedule for your new engine
    Reward: $10,000

    41 Zoom
    Action: zoom in or out on the map
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    42 Focus home city
    Action: center the map on your home city
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    43 News
    Action: open your messages
    Reward: $5,000

    44 Chat
    Action: open the chat
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    45 Support
    Action: open the support
    Reward: 5 Gold

    46 Association
    Action: apply for an association or found one
    Reward: $10,000

    47 Workers
    Action: bid on a worker auction
    Reward: 1 HQ donation voucher

    48 Association HQ
    Action: donate toward the association headquarters
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    49 Association ranking
    Action: open the association ranking
    Reward: $5,000

    50 City ranking
    Action: open the city ranking
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    51 Regional ranking
    Action: open the regional ranking
    Reward: 5 Gold

    52 President
    Action: elect the president of your region (vote)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    53 Mayor
    Action: elect the mayor of your city (vote)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    54 Landmark
    Action: open the landmark info
    Reward: $10,000

    55 Connect to landmark
    Action: connect to any landmark
    Reward: 3 wagon vouchers

    56 Supply landmark
    Action: deliver goods to the landmark
    Reward: $10,000

    57 Invest in landmark
    Action: invest in the landmark
    Reward: $10,000

    58 Special routes
    Action: invest in a special route
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    59 Harbour
    Action: open the harbour info
    Reward: 5 Gold

    60 Ships
    Action: click on a ship
    Reward: 1 Research Point

    61 Research passenger train
    Action: research a passenger train
    Reward: 1 free track (voucher)

    62 Connect city
    Action: connect another city (must have a level 5+ city)
    Reward: 10 Prestige

    63 Museum
    Action: put an engine into the museum
    Reward: $100,000

    64 Buy passenger train
    Action: buy a passenger train
    Reward: 5 Gold

    65 Plan passenger transport
    Action: open passenger transports (from city)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    66 Start passenger transport
    Action: start a passenger transport schedule
    Reward: $10,000

    67 Sitter
    Action: open sitter info
    Reward: 5 Gold

    68 Invite friends
    Action: open invite friends info
    Reward: 5 Gold

    69 Registration
    Action: register your email (can only be done once)
    Reward: 100 Gold

    70 You've done it!
    Reward: 3 lottery tickets

    Based on info from an old Facebook post ~
    First Class is a loyalty status that players can achieve by simply continuing to play the game. The Career Level of a First Class member is shown with a gold circle and gold star. Special engine series are occasionally released for them.

    There's no public information (to my knowledge) regarding any time frame, number of rounds, gold purchase threshold (if any is even necessary at all), etc.

    When you have researched to a point just before the upcoming engine, it can be purchased with Gold PLUS the actual cash price (the train still costs the same, but the Gold cost is for the convenience of purchasing without researching).

    When the base research for an engine has been finished, you can purchase it with just the cash price, no Gold needed.

    The lottery doesn't give 0-value prizes, but it might look that way sometimes. The actual prize was already added to your account, when you scratched the ticket. If you're wary or just want to know how much, Support can provide the before and after Gold total.

    First, to clear up what might be a misconception (I can't tell for sure based on the way you worded the question, but it's worth throwing this out there)... EVERYONE still gets to PLAY during the Endgame, no matter what. You won't just be suddenly kicked out of the game just because you aren't connected to a city that will compete in the final race for goods.

    Second, you CAN deliver goods to a Megacity (what those cities turn into) and get prestige without setting that city as your home - this means that you can deliver to more than one Megacity during Endgame. The key point here is that if your home city wins the Endgame, you get more bonus prestige (10k) than if the game is won by a city you're just connected to (5k). If you're not connected to the winning city, you won't get any bonus prestige.

    Third, I definitely agree with BaconSeed - if you've never seen an Endgame in action, you definitely should connect to at least one city that will be part of the competition, even if you can't develop your tracks well enough to deliver much to it. Doing this gives you a great opportunity to learn how things work.

    Fourth, Steam over Europe city participation is determined slightly differently than the other scenarios. For Classic and USA, only the top 10 cities will compete in the Endgame. For SoE, though, every region is guaranteed a place in the Endgame - this means that if the region doesn't have a top 10 city, then its highest ranked city will still compete. So there are a minimum of 10 cities for an SoE Endgame, and a maximum of 18 (if 2 regions dominate the top 10 with all 5 of their respective cities, then each of the 8 other regions will still have their guaranteed spot, totaling 18).

    Lastly, feel free to look over a doc I made a while back for my own team at the time. Please note that it's for Classic, and hasn't been updated with new info in at least 6 months (possibly longer, I honestly forget). Also realize that it was based on strategy used by my own team, so those parts may not translate to wherever you're playing. Still, there's a lot of info packed into the doc and should help give you an idea of what to expect. :)

    RN Library ~ Endgame (Classic) - Google Docs

    Two answers for two questions --

    1) You cannot transfer Gold after the round has finished. You can only transfer from an active round, because the process requires you to delete your avatar, which takes 72 hours. Likewise, you can only transfer it into an active round where you have an avatar already created, because you'll need to manually collect it.

    2) Yes, your Gold and any remaining Plus Account time will automatically be carried over to the next game round on that server. Once the new one starts, if you want to play on a different server (or already are and want your Gold) then you'll need to create an avatar in the new round and start the transfer/deletion process. As noted above, this takes 72 hours, after which you will not have an avatar on the server where you deleted and any eligible (purchased) Gold plus accompanying Plus time will be waiting in the "Collect" tab of the transfer window.

    Important Note: That this is only possible between servers on the same domain. The very easiest way to tell the domain of your server is to look at the name of it in your Career list. COM servers transfers can be collected only on other COM servers, just as US transfers can only be collected on US servers, or DE can only be collected on DE, etc. Gold can only be transferred within the domain where it was purchased, and Support cannot work around that for you, so make sure before you transfer.

    theWoozle, have you tried clearing your browser's cache and RN cookies, as well as the flash memory? That will often help resolve loading issues (the flash memory is as important as the cache and cookies on this). You may want to make sure that you have the most updated version of your browser, also.

    HDrider, if you haven't tried from a different browser and can do so, please do and see if that gives you a different result. Also, it may be better to contact Support in game about issues like this, as the forum gets checked less often.

    Taking Kestrel's answer and quickly updating it to reflect the current Era layout:

    Era 1
    Boards (needs: Wood)
    Cattle (needs: Grain)
    Iron (needs: Coal, Iron Ore)
    Leather (needs: Cattle)
    Thread (needs: Cotton)
    (Iron Ore - not an RG until Endgame)

    Era 2
    Textiles (needs: Thread)
    Meat (needs: Cattle)
    Hardware (needs: Coal, Iron)
    Paper (needs: Wood)
    Flour (needs: Grain)
    Pastries (needs: Flour, Paper)
    Copper Ore

    Era 3
    Copper (needs: Copper Ore)
    Steel (needs: Coal, Iron)
    Shoes (needs: Hardware, Leather)
    Glassware (needs: Quartz)
    Wires (needs: Copper)
    Pipes (needs: Copper, Hardware)
    Packaging (needs: Boards, Paper)
    Windows (needs: Boards, Glassware)

    Era 4
    Sheet Metal (needs: Pipes, Steel)
    Silicon (needs: Quartz)
    Food (needs: Meat, Pastries)
    Crude Oil
    Lamps (needs: Glassware, Wires)
    Chemicals (needs: Crude Oil)
    Clothing (needs: Shoes, Textiles)
    Stainless Steel (needs: Chemicals, Steel)

    Era 5
    Machinery (needs: Pipes, Sheet Metal, Wires)
    Plastics (needs: Chemicals)
    Aluminium (needs: Bauxite)
    Pottery (needs: Quartz)
    Steel Beams (needs: Pipes, Steel)
    Petrol (needs: Chemicals, Crude Oil)
    Cars (needs: Lamps, Sheet Metal, Textiles, Windows)

    Era 6
    Household Supplies (needs: Food, Glassware, Stainless Steel)
    Electronics (needs: Machinery, Plastics, Silicon)
    Toys (needs: Boards, Plastics)
    Sports Goods (needs: Aluminium)
    Toiletries (needs: Pottery, Stainless Steel)
    Pharmaceuticals (needs: Chemicals, Plastics)