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    So apparently this is a "Cog railway" meaning that cogs or toothed wheels that lock into grooves are used in order to help the train climb up steep passes. According to the website this train route goes to the highest elevation of any train in the world, I think I saw it was a tad bit over 14,000 feet in altitude. Talk about a heck of a ride!

    New Cog, Same Old Tricks — Historic Railway Marks 130th Birthday | Colorado Public Radio

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    The Pikes Peak Cog Railway at the summit of America's Mountain circa 1901-1906.Wikimedia CommonsThe Pikes Peak Cog Railway at the summit of America's Mountain circa 1901-1906.

    The following is part of KRCC's 'Peak Past' essay series.

    Guts, smarts, and money.

    Those three things helped make the cog rail in Manitou Springs happen.

    The guts came from a Civil War veteran.

    The smarts were imported from Switzerland.

    And the money was born of mattresses. Portrait-of-John-Hulbert_Photo-courtesy-Deborah-Harrison-edited.jpgA portrait of John Hulbert.

    The result? A beauty of a rail line that turns 130 years old this week. The cog’s first trip to the top of Pikes Peak ascended on June 30, 1891.

    Despite the steep 25 percent inclines it has to climb, it took only 13 months to build the highest railway in North America. The idea for the cog is mostly credited to a man who went by “Major” John Hulbert, a veteran of the Civil War and former mayor of Manitou Springs, who convinced mattress magnate and businessman Zalmon Simmons of the Simmons Mattress Company (and Wisconsin) to spend $1 million to build the rail line (which is about $30 million in today’s money).

    The specially designed gears — which look like a sun with rays extending outward — were invented in 1882 by Dr. Roman Abt of Switzerland. Old-No.-2-my-photo-1024x768.jpgOld No. 2, the engine of the Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railway, built in 1893.

    You can actually still see one of the original engines. If you’ve ever driven into Manitou Springs, you’ve passed by “Old No. 2,” the great black big engine of the Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railway built in 1893.

    The cog rail was in continuous operation from 1891 until 2017, when the attraction took a three-and-a-half-year pause for $100 million in repairs.

    New cogs, new gears, new cars, so much of the new new. But after the grand re-opening last month, one thing was clear.

    You don’t need to teach an old cog new tricks. Not when those nine miles from the Manitou depot to the top is just so spectacular.

    Until our next mountainside chat — be good, be well, and no matter what, climb on. Peak Past with 2 logos Pueblo Recycleworks and Gold Hill Mesa

    Peak Past (formerly Peak Perspectives) is a weekly segment written and voiced by Matt Cavanaugh, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a resident of Manitou Springs where he lives with his wife and two young children. Through his writing, Cavanuagh explores life in the Pikes Peak region, including the gradients and subtleties of our lives in the shadow of America's Mountain.

    You can find more work by Cavanaugh here.

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    Nothing says classy like scheduling maintenance on COM05 Cylinder Head when Endgame is going on. Just couldn't wait two days to do updates and decided to screw up the only portion of the game where leaving your trains on a fixed schedule could cause the most amount of harm to wait times. Real Classy Rail Nation!

    I don't know why so much debate about something that doesn't exist in RN, multi-accounts doesn't exist in RN because anyone can play this game. And in this "anyone" that enters the mother, the father, the son, the daughter, the dog, the cat, the bird, the turtle, the iguana and the snake, all members of the same famil

    Yes, but can my truck play? It is part of the family too!

    Now that Platform X is over, how do I transfer the gold to another server? Do I have to wait for the second round to be complete or is the gold transferable now?

    Oh, and no I will not be playing a second round after that abortion of a round!

    Platform X scenario solved one BIG problem that was: opportunistic investors in ALL factories in last minutes before factory grows and majority breaking only for "stealing" some prestige points and in that way to compromise or even ruin the effort and the time invested by many players from the "working" associations. As I can see this habit of a player to break majorities in factories that he don't use disappeared. So that I saw no more majority fights in the game. Very good.

    This is only true because players like myself where busy playing Masters and were only logging into Platform X twice a day. That being said, when I did log in I would find the factories that were about to level up and take the top investment spot for the prestige. In fact, an observation I had from my limited time is that you could set your trains up for money runs, lay lots of track and get into the top 20 mostly via investing. So nice try but show me a new set of rules and I will find a way to exploit them ;)

    Admittedly I was not that interested in Platform X to begin with. Unless it is announced in advance there will be some special award for round 2, I have no plans on returning. That being said, I would strongly encourage RN not to host a special event server in the middle of another special event server. When you have to chose where to spend your most valuable resource, time, then the special event server that started first will likely be where you focus your attention.

    Absolutely right about the time zones. But actually there is a huge difference between Northern and Southern Hemisphere. If You take time zones GMT+11; GMT+7...GMT+3; GMT +1...GMT-2; GMT-6...GMT-8, then there is really very few probable players on the Southern, compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Sorry folks from Angola and Indonesia, Madagaskar and Vanuatu 8)
    And what concerns Australia: In GMT+10 in the north there is more or less one big city - Vladivastok in Russia. And this is the zone, where most of aussies live - Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania! Of bigger citys only Adelaide and Perth are in other zones. GMT+9 and +8 save the day in north, giving the company of Japanese, Koreans and Chinese. And Kim Jong Un. There is a huge lot of Chinese available, but they are very often playing only their own chinese games (how to meddle with taxes for aussie wines, for example :P ).

    Now that was a bit of information I did not know and found interesting. Well, everything other than the Chinese computer games that is. Everyone knows they love to play with computers and get new technology :D