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    I don't know why so much debate about something that doesn't exist in RN, multi-accounts doesn't exist in RN because anyone can play this game. And in this "anyone" that enters the mother, the father, the son, the daughter, the dog, the cat, the bird, the turtle, the iguana and the snake, all members of the same famil

    Yes, but can my truck play? It is part of the family too!

    Now that Platform X is over, how do I transfer the gold to another server? Do I have to wait for the second round to be complete or is the gold transferable now?

    Oh, and no I will not be playing a second round after that abortion of a round!

    Platform X scenario solved one BIG problem that was: opportunistic investors in ALL factories in last minutes before factory grows and majority breaking only for "stealing" some prestige points and in that way to compromise or even ruin the effort and the time invested by many players from the "working" associations. As I can see this habit of a player to break majorities in factories that he don't use disappeared. So that I saw no more majority fights in the game. Very good.

    This is only true because players like myself where busy playing Masters and were only logging into Platform X twice a day. That being said, when I did log in I would find the factories that were about to level up and take the top investment spot for the prestige. In fact, an observation I had from my limited time is that you could set your trains up for money runs, lay lots of track and get into the top 20 mostly via investing. So nice try but show me a new set of rules and I will find a way to exploit them ;)

    Admittedly I was not that interested in Platform X to begin with. Unless it is announced in advance there will be some special award for round 2, I have no plans on returning. That being said, I would strongly encourage RN not to host a special event server in the middle of another special event server. When you have to chose where to spend your most valuable resource, time, then the special event server that started first will likely be where you focus your attention.

    Absolutely right about the time zones. But actually there is a huge difference between Northern and Southern Hemisphere. If You take time zones GMT+11; GMT+7...GMT+3; GMT +1...GMT-2; GMT-6...GMT-8, then there is really very few probable players on the Southern, compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Sorry folks from Angola and Indonesia, Madagaskar and Vanuatu 8)
    And what concerns Australia: In GMT+10 in the north there is more or less one big city - Vladivastok in Russia. And this is the zone, where most of aussies live - Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania! Of bigger citys only Adelaide and Perth are in other zones. GMT+9 and +8 save the day in north, giving the company of Japanese, Koreans and Chinese. And Kim Jong Un. There is a huge lot of Chinese available, but they are very often playing only their own chinese games (how to meddle with taxes for aussie wines, for example :P ).

    Now that was a bit of information I did not know and found interesting. Well, everything other than the Chinese computer games that is. Everyone knows they love to play with computers and get new technology :D

    Uhm they were going to most likely get them anyways, but this give those not in that 1 association at least a viable chance to secure a worker now and then.

    If they spend real cash to get them, shouldn't that be a + for Travian?

    If they are willing to spend cash to get the worker voucher then I suspect they are also willing to jump to a top corporation anyway.

    No, I would not support worker vouchers. That is like saying what about just giving everyone the worker for free at the same time. Corporations that are willing to work together should be given an advantage. Corporations that are not should not have an advantage.

    Baron, the reason everyone goes to the you or your association is lazy is because when it comes to workers, that is the truth. Bidding a million dollars per person for a top worker in era six is the same as not bidding at all. Having a single player bidding 20-40 million for a worker is also a poor choice. You need the majority of your corporation online, at the same time, working together, to win workers.

    Also, if you go to the new corporation hopping you are not doing so against what RN wants. Sure, they provide you with a reward for staying in the same corporation without ever moving to a new one. I completed that award by jumping into a server in era 6, either getting into a top ten corporation or if unable to do so starting my own solo corporation. You complete the new player tasks for your 75 gold, win a few gold competitions, attempt to connect to the winning Endgame city and knock out that award, get a feel for the map, find out their strengths and weaknesses, complete the round and bank some more gold for the round completion. Then you save that gold, repeat that a few more times on that server until you have enough gold to purchase a couple of weeks of plus accounts. Then you either join one of the corporations you found there, or you bring your gang with you if you found something you can exploit in that server to take it over by storm before leaving.

    But, back to corporation jumping. When you pick to use the strategy of jumping to a new corporation for workers you do so at the cost of never winning the top corporate ranking. So why do you do so? In order for someone on your team to get the top individual ranking. Oh, and for the lowest tiers, the reality is that most of the time the players at those tiers either don't bid at all, or they are doing the same thing you are doing in which case the larger corporation will win. As you move up through the tiers you will find the same thing applies. If they are not in the top tier it is because the players of the corporation are not active enough to be in the top tier and that means they frankly are not bidding on the corporations. So you keep going through the tiers until you are back at that very top tier when you start the process all over again. Your Corporation ranking is reset to zero with each reset.

    there are 4 or 5 worker tiers depending on the asso prestige. So there is a balance for the workers.

    Workers don't bring you the victory. I play also in asso's who try to get workers but not at all costs like others. Do I like the game less about that, no. If I want that worker so bad I need to waken up my asso and bid with all. What I understand from your posts Baron Mikel that you asso you play isn't active with bidding on workers. But that's not an imbalance of the game, that's an imbalance of your asso.

    I have seen top corporations, and last year had the short privilege of playing with one of the top Russian corporations and what they do for their members is keep a roster of who bids on what auctions and how much they bid. If you don't bid enough you are booted from the corporation. It didn't take gold to win those workers or to come up with the cash. It did take being online at the right time, making enough money in the game, and being willing to play as a team member.

    Baron, I doubt you are a poor player. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you are quite good. However, there is no computer game that I know of that allows free players and money players where the money players are not the leaders. It is the reason people spend money on these online games.

    You did fail to grasp the strategy of jumping to a new corporation for lower workers. As you mentioned there is a 24 hour restriction from jumping to a new corporation after you have joined one. Furthermore, there is a 24 hour time frame where a new corporation will not have any workers to bid on. So what you do is have one player leave the corporation and found a new corporation. 24 hours later, he will start sending out invites to join the new corporation. It is a time consuming process AND it costs a lot of money as you must build up the new corporation HQ. So the strategy does have its drawbacks. That is the beauty of this game. There are ENDLESS strategies. All you have to do is find them and use them to your advantage.