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    How can you cheat at Clash? You might have a faster connection than someone else (mine always seemed a bit slow) but other than that I really don't see how you can cheat at a game where you simply click on the next good you want to go to.

    actually, you had 22hours instead of 24 the last game.

    As for the distribution, you "clearly" see a distribution where most players would end up at around 1'000 points, if they had played all of their games (or more of those).

    A curve representing the average points per game (a weighted average to account for the difference in game points if you played 10 games counting x5 or 10 games counting x1) would be much more representative of the actual "skill" I believe ;) Who knows, you might even see players who would have better scores than the actual top10, but simply played less games.

    Yes, and that loss of 2 hours moved me out of the top 100 where I hovered around 30-80 depending on how well I played during that daily reset. Ah well, such is life.

    It is quite clear, there are no bonus engine competitions in era 1 so it is not possible to win an era 1 bonus engine from a competition. If you purchase a B.E. or if you win one via the lottery then you already have the era 1 B.E. so when playing the completion in era 2 you will simply receive the cash value instead.

    We are sorry for not communicating clearly when the Clash! ended (which timezone) and will be sure to announce precise times an dates in the future.

    This time, it is not possible to turn back time and restart the last two hours ?(

    We get it, what is done is done. When do the rankings come out so we can see how poorly we did?

    I was not affected but will add my two cents.

    1. If two players have the same problem and compensation is given for the exact same problem the compensation should be the same regardless as to who pays and who does not.

    2. When you start are special server such as Masters 2 and you create special rules such as you must be in the top 500 individual rankings to move forward, you do not lower that standard to 834 simply to fill the final server. If this is to be a competition then let it be a competition! When you lower the standard to "everyone is a winner" then there isn't much reason for competitors to compete. Frankly, the only reason I play the game is for the completion, individual, team, city, regional, or east/west, it is all about competition. If you take competition away I will find a new game to play.

    Not trying to simply be a grouch here but Clash was up and running for a week counting your five played games and locking you out for it's timer after you were done. Yet when Clash started, apparently a day ago instead of on the 6th as announced nothing was posted and still hasn't posted to let players know you can play for record now. That's a whole missed day right there for points.

    A few thoughts on Masters.

    1. Language. We have the ability to have multiple chat topics. There is nothing wrong with allowing people to speak their own native language. If it becomes a problem on one particular chat topic then start a new one and leave the old one.

    2. Credit Cards. I usually do not grumble about people using their Credit Card to get and advantage. That is life. However, when you are a few hours into the game and the number 2 player has 1k prestige while the number 1 player has 33k prestige it is clear that all things are not remotely equal. The solution in my opinion when you have a major credit card spender like this one is to allow them to take the first place spot which they likely will and give them the rewards as such. But I would shift the count down so that the number 2 rank also gets the same rewards and the number 11 would count as the 10 ranked player. This would only be for a massive imbalance as shown on this server.

    The in game messaging system needs to be made more reliable. many times, people are not seeing messages at all, or getting them minutes after they were actually sent. which is why many have gone to outside options.

    i suspect the code that runs the in-game forums is very dirty.

    one thing i would like to see is a cleanup of the system messages, key being the "so and so collected a bonus for you" we need to be able to turn those off, or just eliminate them all together.

    messages for City/LM/factory levels, Prestige, plus bonus, ect, are far more important, and i get tired of trying to sort thru 500 irrelevant messages to find the 5 or 6 i'm looking for.

    IMO the chat plane can just go away. it's dead all the time anyways, wasted resources/bandwidth there.

    You bring up a good point here, there is lag in the chat when the server is overloaded.

    On the flip side of the issue you often times have three corporations that are all hauling well during the EG. It is possible that the top hauler in the second or third corporation has hauled more than anyone in the top corporation. So if the argument is to change the current system to one that supports who hauls the most then simply let that be based on individual tonnage hauled. Then a percentage of that prestige earned by each player then goes to that players corporation as well.

    Don't fix one problem by creating another! If you tilt the game so that only the top corporation can win anything then there is no use playing the game.

    Personally I don't like using third party chat systems to play the game. When I play the game I tend to spend way too much time on the game and don't need to further complicate things by adding a third party server. In game communication works well. From another thread there were comments that third party chat is used to create a more selective group of members to ward off those who do not cooperate with others. So the fix to this would simply be to allow an in-game chat that would be by invitation only. It's a game, let's keep side items like communication simple.

    Hello Detonator, no worries and no judgment. It is only a game and there are different playing styles. I just gave my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

    Level your laboratory before anything else - always pays out to have the good trains faster!

    I disagree. When I first started playing this is what I would do. Now I level up my restaurant and hotel first to produce the cash needed for the rest.

    I think this is a game. If you want something, take it. If you don't have enough cash for the majority then you didn't want it bad enough anyway. If you want a worker, pay for it. If you don't then don't pay for it. Talk smack, I like that, it is cool Don't cry. Not cool. Have fun or play something else. That's my two and a half cents.