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    I used to play rail nation some years ago and I remember that you could carry two typres of railcars simultaneously but since I started playing again a few days ago I can't figure out how to do it. Has that feture been removed?

    Wow! I had forgotten about that!

    I won a primus early in the game. It becomes a very expensive train if you have the primus for almost 6 era's. I have to maintain at least twice a day. The primus has a reliability of 95% but the age decay is the same as the normal production engine, in my opinion for an engine this rare there should be no decay.

    the primus and talos were maintained at the same time

    You repair your trains twice a day? I justly repair my trains back to 100% when they get down to 95% or so. Guess it just depends what your goals are.

    Each update make game more unplayable with tons of new bugs and you are thinking about adding new features. Congratulations sense of humor.

    The issue with the update, I think, is due to the fact that Flash is dead. Take a break from RN as I have and wait for them to fix their problems. They will, or they will shut the game down. It is that simple.

    A corporate bank should be created in the HQ screen that can only be leveled up much the same way as the company HQ. Inside the corporate bank players could add extra cash, the max amount based on the level of the bank, that may be used by the CEO or Deputy of the company to bid on workers. This would be a great way for players who are not online to still be able to bid on workers while at the same time limiting the amount of cash that could be contributed based on the size of the bank.

    Cash would not just be limited to workers, it could be used to invest in facilities or other company needed items as well.

    I don't know of any guides but there are a lot of people who play that scenario who are quite good at it and have developed many different strategies. Start talking to the people on the server you play with.

    The thing that I don't understand is, why change the Points for a winning city from 2000 to 5000? I play on the DE107 Broadway and we almost never had rounds in which the regions were more than a few hundred points away from each other. Thats because we actively fight for the citys on the frontline and both sides have almost equal chances. So if it should be the case that one side is absolutely dominating during the round and having an advantage of let's say 4000 points at the beginning of the endgame but the other side wins the endgame in the end, the work of 6 weeks is ruined for the one side just because they lost in the endgame. In my opinion this isn't very fair and if this won't change again a majority of our players won't play anymore because the sense of an US/American Dream Server gets lost. I hope there will be some reconsideration.

    I'm sorry if some things are written wrong but I'm not a native English speaker and in the German post no one of the mods is answering.


    While I agree with you that the points for the winning city should not be lowered I can see why they did lower the points for two reasons. First they only dropped the points by 3,000. On most of the games I have played on the 3,000 points will not make a difference in the top say 25 player positions. This is due to either the point spread between the players or due to the second and main reason I think they lowered the winning points. Across all of Rail Nation people have started to figure out what city is the most likely EG city. Then they connect to that city and list that city as their home city, even if they are hauling for a different city. If the intent is to stop this practice then lowering of the winning city points is not the solution. The solution would be to require people to chose their EG cities by the end of round 5 instead of the end of round 6.

    Hello Marinex20, I presume by level up you are talking about the career level? If so then don't worry to much about that right now as that comes with time. Rail Nation is sort of two games in one. You have the individual round you are playing in. That round will allow you to build prestige. The prestige will rank where you are among the other players of the round, but then you have the second game within the game and that is the career points. These will build up slowly based on how you do in each round. There are some career achievements you may work on to help quicken your level if that is what you are looking for. When you first log into Rail Nation look at the top of your screen. You should see "Game worlds", "Career", Rankings and so forth. Simply click on "career" and you can see what tasks must be completed to win the medals.

    As you redeem your medals you get career points. These points may be added to your career engine. But think about how you want to build your engine before you start randomly purchasing upgrades. Hope that helps...

    Ok, so what about the one guy who has split personalities? Are we going to ban that guy and his three hypothetical accounts simply because we are discriminating against people with split personalities? Now, I have watched Split and I don't want to be the one who has to explain to The Beast why he and his 23 other split personalities were banned from RailNation.

    In other words, when playing the American scenario you want to maximize the number of cities you flip when your corporation has a 50% prestige worker and reduce the number of cities being flipped when a competitor corporation has a 50% prestige worker.

    Much better clarification, thanks for the awesome post!