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    There are several things:

    *. if you tried before, delete cache and cookies according to the instructions of your webbrowser

    Please note, that tne bonus is only valid for one server.

    If it still doesnt work, please contact support.

    The diamonds will help you on the next event (hopefully not winter 2020, lol :D)

    Diring the event , we were able to get more gold, plus-account and other things.

    You can see the final result in the train station via the winter market.

    The diamonds have already been credited to the home page profile.

    The career points will be credited within a few days.

    Very interesting. So there is a bug in the association widget and the wintermarket, as it is quite obvious,

    it could not have been the intention of the developers.


    if you have opened the association widget and refreshed it just after the bonuses have been collected (therefore all the videos are available), you can then watch 1 video of each of your teammates that doesn't exist anymore (because someone else watched it after you refreshed, but before you clicked), and still gain the bonus from the second video (which is the best way to gain winter coins atm).

    If a video becomes available, only one player can watch that video and noone else. And of course, it should be impossible to gain advantages as second player trying to watch a video, that already has been watched by another player..

    However, i am not sure what sacroima exactly means.