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    @Uschade Ideally the game should be able to differentiate between habitually sat accounts and those that are occasionally sat.

    The proportion of actual time teh owner of teh account is playing would be one factor in an algorithm including amount of time sat by others and teh IP of sitter and sat account should be considered to reduce abuse my players using mutliple accounts from a limited number of IP's. Additional factors might include Servers teh player plays and the styles of play might also provide data such as rogue behaviour.

    Taking IP into consideration would mean that a few players would find thier family could not habitually sit for them. Also for those of us who only trust a handfull of sitters, we might have to expand our freindships or playthe account or server more often.

    For players who want to dabble with playing the rogue game perhaps some limitation might stop them using a sat account. Break that tally and your trains auto park for so many hours. This would reduce teh liklihood of a player using multiple accounts to support each other on the same server, even if sat by other players on their behalf. In other words an apparently 'respectable account holder' having other accounts played to disrupt other teams, or attack other players in an underhanded manner. Regardless of wether Support could prove teh accounts were against the Rules.

    The result would be a fairer more interesting game, and would allow us to enjoy a greater flexibility on what can be dine in a sat account.

    Many of RN players are elderly and health can be erratic. At times Iwish Ihad a sitter for all my servers, but when Iam well Ioften want more fun from playing more servers. Ihave seen a few great players just vanish for weeks due to health issues, butthey disappear in a manner that leaves thier teams weaker and their account falling into losses.

    I would agree but the sat player should be able to set each voucher type as I would normally prefer my Engine vouchers, Merchanics, ID's, and boost vouchers be kept for my own use.

    One of teh best ways of offering such selection is to have a drop down list of groups created by the player. TRains may belong to more than one group


    Player has Falcons Elephants and a couple of Lynx... the player may create a group called MAX haul that includes al lteh trains hauling RG
    ANother group might be Cargo BE, or Pax BE... Yet others might be Fastest; Competition; MAX PAX;

    Adding a feature in Plus that allows teh player to set trheir trains to be included in one or more of teh set groups. So a players MAx upg Lynx might be in teh groups.... Fastest; Max Haul; Comps
    but not in teh group MAX PAX.

    The players Elephants migh appear in group Comp; max haul;

    We should not be suffering these unwatchable and unremovable vids. Iwill no longer try more that 2 times to watch a vid as trying 8or 9 times has failed.

    However, this means I suffer a large drop in game resources and my Assocs also suffer.

    Please fix and compensate.

    By now error trapping should be recording how many times a vid fails to complete on each server, and they should be fixed or dumped after hours not days or weeks.

    Hi mmmcheesy waffles,

    do you have a picture of that train by any chance? Would be great if you could post it here!


    The images worth looking at maybe subject to copyrite so Ican do better :)

    Here is aa link ot teh trains fansite... About - Flying Scotsman

    The Mallard has its own WiKi pages... LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard - Wikipedia

    Although I had a camera with me when Isaw the Mallard Iwasn't fastenough to catch it's photo. It was just puillling out of a rural station when I was travelling in a bus over a bridge across the tracks. There was no mistaking its classic shape and colour :)

    When Irode the Flying Scotsman it aws at night adn my most meorable image of teh journey was tosee another Steam train joining our tracks a few miles away. The sparks from the Scotsman made it impossinble tro risk opening a window but the train in the dsitance was also sparking furiousley. A very impressive sight.

    Here is an example very close to the image I remember, although of a verydifferent train...

    I once had the pleasure of riding the Flying Scotsman whilst it was still in service.

    Although I have seen the Mallard in service I never rode it.

    As I am in Manchester, UK, I have seen the various old trains stored in the Museum of Science and Industry. I recommend train fans to pay that place a visit :)

    A couple of things that Classic had that we no longer have i nthe new UI are .....

    The ability to add wagons of dofferent RG up to teh total tonnage hauled ie ability to reduce wagons to make room for integrated RG

    The ability ot add through Scheduler Full integrated schedules for an RG without using teh picking window showing the farms.

    I would love to see both possibilities developed adn added into the Scheduler as they certainly add strategic value to the game.

    It would be a nice feature [perhaps a Plus feature ] to have the game provide a optimimum route to an RG or City.... or even an SR

    Maybe even have it enable a schedule of automatic track laying. That way players who don't get a lot of online time may track to their target whilst offline.

    let us just have it visible please. Far too often mouse behaviour in RN is less than that need for such fine control. Too often we need to click slowly on a button or make the action so precise it slows down play.

    Iapprecdiate these mouse issues amy be due to lag and they are certainly intermittant, but they do make extraction of hidden data a pita. Also if youare collating data fora spreadsheet such behaviour stops the gathering of multiple data.

    Whilst I like Neilus' idea, Iwould still opt for Discord as I like being able to manoevre the Discord window anywhere on my screen and when pinned to my task bar in Windows the icon shows when PM's come in.

    The ability to set up several live and separate groups enables me to have thhe same peple in several live windows but not with all teh same patricipants.

    So this means eg as a Mayor I may need to keep other Mayors, Chairs and Councellers and the President available to deal with issues relevant to their city. I may also need an area for some of those people but not all of them.

    As a team leader Ilike being able to quickly put a few key players into one group to haul in a specific pattern that may not be the public call, which if it was called publicly might cause confusion requiring detailed explanations to othre plyers who mighht not understand how it helps them too. For example in an EG having key players fill secondaries from RG's further away so that the main haulers can close teh CG faster.

    If disputes ariose it is useful to have several players able to meet and discuss in private.

    HOWEVER, Ipersonally find the Chat in game is to vulnerable to mistakingly choosing teh wrong thread. I have seen that I am far from the onlyplayer who makes this mistake. So if RN wants to help us with this theywill need to provide a lot more comms flexibility. having multiple chat windows available in teh widget would be good. Though to match the usdability of Discord those windows would need to show when a participant has posted. Not just a time and date but an aleret when the window is behind others

    @Samisu The choosing window would need tick boxes and preferably change the colour of teh chosen players in the window. This would help avoid the wrong players being invited into a 'room' tehy are not meant to be in.

    There are other options than Whatsapp that offer personal privacy.

    Try Discord or Slack

    One thing for sure the ingame comms is rubbish. Too prone to posting a PM publclyand no editing or deletion. My personal prference is Discord as it has a resizable window independant of tthe game. Butsublte cjhanges in Browser can mamke any comms sutie handle differentlyon different machines. In other words try it ot see if it suits you