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    Hi Samisu,

    its not the video's wont play because of an error. This is what just happend: I have 3 buildings with bonus available. The restaurant and shopping centre were no problem at all. Than i click on my hotel. First video goes well. Than i want to click on play another video for the extra bonus the message comes: No videos currently available, please try later.

    So not a video thats erroring, but there are none available.


    do you mean you cannot watch the second video after the first one ? (in this case, you should contact game support, it's a bug)

    or that you cannot watch a video at all (in this case, I suppose someone else from your corp watched the videos for you. You still get the +10% income from your buildings though).

    Its sometimes i cant watch the commercials at all at my buildings. Or sometimes i can watch the first one, but when clicking on the second one for the extra bonus it doenst work.

    Same when im clicking to add some bonus at associations trainstations. And i thought with plus account you should be able to always do that?