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    Title: Stock Market
    Scenario: All
    Description: A real time market based on all players on the server's investment activity in the industries.
    -When a new good shows up on the map, be among the first to get in on the ground floor at a low price.
    -The more investment activity in a good the price rises.
    -Hold a stock until a competition shows up and sell for profit.
    -A finite amount of shares are available. More shares are available for sale as the industries level climbs. Or incorporate stock splits. (2 shares for every 1 you hold
    -A plus account can include a ticker tape feature
    -A stockbroker can be hired with gold
    -Include an unpredictable waveform for economic conditions (highs and Lows) where prices rise and fall slightly.

    Something else to consider for the next masters. How to distribute the talent. Along with no gold purchases you should be unable to choose a city to join. The server should tally up the registered contestants and distribute them across the map based on experience level.