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    That’s a major part of why people are frustrated with the game. We get tired of reading and hearing about investigations of issues. Maybe the better thing to do that would be to actually fix the problem.

    Stop putting band-aids on the issues and actually fix the problems. Best example would be the fact that chat doesn’t work in the game. This has been an issue in the game for nearly 8 years. Nothing’s been done about it yet.

    Standard answer we get from support and the mods when we report issues is it’s a known bug. We just don’t know when it will be fixed.

    If you know about the bug why hasn’t been fixed ? That my friends is the 100 million dollar question.

    Just another way of saying that they don’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt. We all know this is the age of the super sensitive people. They wear their feelings on their sleeves.

    We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, we want to be all inclusive and not upset anyone. Because their brain might short circuit.

    If you’re going to play this game be an adult about it. If you don’t win then try harder next time. If you get called out for being a jerk accept the fact that you’re a and what you’re doing is not okay with another group of players.

    If you’re called out for cheating accept the fact that you’re a cheater and the majority of the people that play this game are not okay with that.

    For crying out loud support and community managers stop holding people’s hands and babying them. If they can’t handle someone or a group of players calling them out for something then they have no business playing this game.

    If they get offended because they are being a jerk or being selfish. I would hate to see how they act in real life. I would love to be a fly on the wall when their boss or manager jumps all over them because they screwed up.

    It would be so much fun to watch them cowering in a corner sucking their thumb and crying for mommy.

    I guess the current generation of young adults are a bunch of babies who never were made to grow up

    As we explained before, there were several reasons for the video limit. One of them was the massive usage of external applications to watch an inhuman amount of videos.

    So if the system is broken and it puts a strain on resources, then do the next best thing and fix it.

    Stop punishing the players for the company being unable or too cheap to do the right thing.

    I would be willing to pay more for a gold package or a plus account, for a game that I enjoy playing. For it to be error and bug free.

    I’m sure other long term players would agree with me on this. So come on Rail Nation do the right thing and fix the game once and for all.

    I’m issuing a challenge to Rail Nation fix the game completely by 2022/01/01, and I will buy your most expensive gold package 3 times back to back. So if you’re up for the challenge do the right thing.

    Something tells me you won’t accept that challenge because then you have to put people ahead of profits.

    The simple math here is they want to limit the videos so people actually spend money in the game.

    If they don’t limit the videos then people won’t spend money. Their most likely not getting any revenue from videos in the app, because the videos don’t play. You click on the video and all you get is a blank screen and the countdown timer.

    Why is this because there’s no PTR server for the Rail Nation app. They put the app out a few years ago and never bothered to test it.

    They stopped the unlimited videos because, if you actually have time to sit and watch videos. You can actually build up a nice stash of gold and plus account. Not to mention the bonus trains.

    They didn’t think about the people who play the game who live in countries where they can’t purchase gold packages or can’t really afford to. It’s just another example of pay to win.

    I don’t know why they don’t just create a server that’s strictly designed for people who want to spend tons of money.

    Then create one where you can play but you can’t buy gold it’s just totally free. It’s all based on strategy no advantages for anyone.

    Then have the regular servers where you can buy gold if you choose too. The above mentioned servers would not be special event servers but would run as normal servers.

    An example of what gold can do for you in this game. The server I play on is com 202. Last round we had a player who had all his station buildings maxed by the end of era 1.

    The only thing he couldn’t max out by the end of era 1 was his engine house. Because of the limit for each era.

    He was also connected to all 50 cities on the map. He was also usually the top investor in the special routes. He thought he had the win in the bag.

    What he failed to do was play a smart endgame. He also neglected to haul to the landmarks. Which on SOE is where all the money and prestige is at. He also forgot that by being the top region is worth lots and lots of prestige for being the top region.

    So in the end what did this player accomplish, he didn’t win the round. He wasn’t in the top region. His home city did win the endgame.

    All he got for all his mad spending was a huge credit card bill. Oh he also made lots of money for Rail Nation. The accountants at Rail Nation are probably laughing at him as they count his money while sticking it in the bank.

    Now you know why Rail Nation is limiting the number of videos. Because if they don’t it hurts their cash flow. Like I said earlier you can build up a nice stash of gold and plus account with lots of free lottery tickets. Rail Nation doesn’t make any money in the videos on the app. Because no smart company is going to pay money to advertise their product have it not be seen.

    I for one hope they never get the ads to play in app because they are annoying as hell. I would rather just look at a blank screen and watch the timer countdown.

    From what I’ve seen and heard with the new train they have in the game people are only watching enough videos to get their daily upgrade then that’s it. I personally do that as well. I have no desire or time to sit there and watch the same lame videos repeat themselves over and over again.

    I was going to send a ticket to support and ask the same question. One of the things I read here on the forum stated a few days after the server ends.

    Well we’re at almost a full week now, so that’s more than a few days. Wondering if it’ll take them a week to acknowledge our question.

    I’m not holding my breath on anything. To be honest not really sure how much gold I have on that server. Although I’m pretty sure I have at least a week of plus account.

    Come on Rail Nation don’t stonewall us on this. Maybe a chance for the company to redeem themselves at least in my eyes.

    They just don’t get it, a 7 day plus account is really nothing it’s not any skin of their backs.

    Now if they want to compensate us with a full round of plus account and 2,000 or 3,000 gold then I would say they are truly sorry.

    They also need to show some effort to fix things and not take a week to acknowledge a problem. Then take another week to give a half hearted attempt at fixing it. When in actuality they just made it worse.

    I don’t buy the part where they say it’s not truly on their end. When in actuality they control the game. If it’s not their fault then tell us who’s responsible for it so we can voice our concerns.

    I think we would all be much more understanding if we wouldn’t get template responses from support. We have no one else to reach out to when either something doesn’t work in the game or if we suspect a rule violation.

    We’re not allowed to contact the technical team or upper management. When in actuality they are the only ones who provide any solutions. Support and the community managers are not able to fix any issues.

    Weather it be the inability of the technical team not being able to fix something or weather it’s that upper management just won’t allow it to be fixed.

    Not a single player of this game expects to have a game with no issues. But we do expect the game to be functional and stable so that whoever wants to play the game has an enjoyable experience.

    The game is not fun when during high traffic periods we spent more time logging back into the game then we do actually playing the game.

    That frustration just continues to grow when we contact support and we get some cheesy response. Or we’re told it’s a known bug that will be addressed in a future update. Or we’re told every online game has bugs and issues. To me that’s like saying we’ve addressed your concern so just go away.

    Then we get more frustrated when we get the official response from Rail Nation. Along the lines of we are truly sorry for current issues in the we understand how frustrating it is. But rest assured we are working on it. Then the issue continues to occur. We’re never given any timeframe as to when it will be fixed or what we can do to possibly minimize it.

    Then we get upper management and they give us a couple lottery tickets or a week of plus account or a free engine skin. Which just adds more frustration to an already tense situation. Simply because we see upper management a culprit in all this because we feel like they are preventing issues from being corrected. The cheap compensation is not costing them anything.

    Then the end result of all this nonsense is Discord the forum and Twitter all blowup because the people who made this game so successful are treated like second class citizens.

    This whole issue could have been handled much better just like a lot of other issues over the years.

    If the technical team would have acknowledged our concerns within a day or two of the issue occurring and not waited a week to even acknowledge it.

    If support would have put some feeling behind what they were telling people. We would have most likely been more understanding.

    If the community managers were not telling people to watch their criticism of the company by threatening to ban people from discord or the forum. (I was given one of those discord sanctions).

    If upper management would have put out a more heartfelt official statement and said they are personally trying to address this with the technical team and it’s our number one priority.

    But none of that happened, we were basically completely stonewalled. Told to sit down and shut up. Then given cheap compensation. Today is the first time we’ve ever received any kind of detailed explanation of what is the cause of the issue.

    But we haven’t been given any assurance that it will be fixed in a timely manner. Like I stated earlier none of us except perfection. We just want to be able to enjoy the game and not spend more time logging back into the game then we do anything else.

    Stop telling us to not voice our concerns about the game. Regardless of how critical unsympathetic that may sound. By threatening us with bans or sanctions. Because regardless of weather Rail Nation wants to admit or not our criticisms are well founded. Rail Nation has a deplorable track record for fixing things because the same issues keep occurring.

    This a leads to extreme distrust in anything Rail Nation says or does so our only recourse is to to be critical of the company and anyone associated with it.

    It also gives rise to us giving bad feedback on surveys and telling people on other games that the game is really not worth their time.

    It also causes us to give bad ratings to the support team and also leads us to write bad reviews as well as telling our friends and neighbors to avoid the game like the plague.

    Rail Nation has brought all the negative feelings about the game and the company on themselves. It will take years of extreme effort on the part of Rail Nation to win my trust back. As well as trying to get new players or win back any of the players who have left the game because of all the bugs and errors.

    So Rail Nation and TG if you hope to win my loyalty again and maybe get some of the long term players back that left. You have an extreme amount of work to do. I’m willing to give you one more chance only because the game is actually fun when it’s stable and functioning as it should. The only other reason I continue to play is because of all the friendships I’ve made with people all over the world.

    So my question is will Rail Nation step up to the plate and do the right thing. Or will we see more fumbling and discounting the people who have made you so successful.

    Without us and our willingness to keep donating to the game there would be no Rail Nation and most likely no TG. So it’s really up to you as to weather you continue to lose your core players the ones who actually spend real money in the game.

    Our endgame on com 202 ended almost a week ago, we had the same issue got to the point where I got so frustrated with it that I had to make a choice between stop playing the rest of the endgame or possibly have to replace my plate glass patio window after I throw my phone through it.

    So it’s been almost a week since com 202 ended and they are still no closer to resolving the unfortunately an error has occurred issue. All I can say is WOW!!!! You would think this would be a top priority item.

    Instead their more concerned about the results of a survey about the video limit. I would think that players being logged into the game for more than 10 minutes would be a priority. I guess functionality of a game is not a priority.

    What’s really strange is while playing the game on com 202 I also played a round on Orgin Journey and believe it or not I didn’t hear anyone mention the unfortunately an error has occurred. I only had it happen one time.

    It’s really hilarious that they can keep a one event server working almost perfectly. But yet on year round server you can’t stay logged in for more than 10 minutes. It also appears that we are in for another round of total frustration.

    I will be limiting the amount of gold I will be in the new round starting on 04/30/2021.

    I propose that when our current rounds are over regardless of whether we are in the middle of the round or the round is getting ready to restart. That to let Rail Nation and TG we are serious in our statements that we all just stop playing the game for a round or two.

    It’s not like our gold or plus accounts are going anywhere, unless TG were to go belly up. I will commit to my proposal if everyone else will too.

    When you go into the support page click on the green lines on the the left side of the page and just follow the prompts to open a ticket. The icon on the right side of the page is for if you want to check the status of your ticket.

    The non working chat is an example of a bug that has been present in the game and known about for years. I started playing in 2013. The issue has probably been going on even I started playing. I can only speak of things from 2013 to present. I do agree that not being able to get into the game for 24 hours is beyond shameful.

    Just like I think getting kicked out of the game every 5-10 minutes is shameful too. I truly believe that Rail Nation should be very ashamed of themselves for allowing the game we all love to play get to this point.

    I don’t know if it’s incompetence on their part or if that management has put a tight rein on the purse strings. I truly don’t believe a technical team can be this incompetent. These people are supposed to be college educated.

    My instincts tell me that management is not allowing them to fix things for fear it would hurt the bottom line profit margin.

    I don’t know how difficult it is to turn a profit as a online gaming company. I only hope for TG’s sake that the other games they provide are not as buggy as Rail Nation is.

    If they are they are most likely hemorrhaging players worse than a dam breast that has burst because the patches and hot fixes are no longer going to hold the water back.

    If that’s the state of Rail Nation that’s just incompetence or a lack of caring by upper management.

    Most definitely not a company I would want to be employed by. I would be in constant fear that the company could go belly up at any moment.

    Maybe it’s also greed on the part of management and pressure from whatever shareholders they may have. Or maybe it’s just people have gotten fed with the state of the games provided by TG and are walking away. I can also say that they shut one of their games down a few years ago called Truck Nation because they weren’t turning a profit the game had tons of bugs they just refused to fix. The only difference between Rail Nation and Truck Nation is you were completing the same tasks as Rail Nation you were just doing with Trucks instead of trains. Not to mention that it was really lame. What’s the difference between doing the same things with trucks instead of trains little to none.

    You still leveled your home city you still had to buy different trailers just like you do in Rail Nation only difference is you have buy different rail cars to haul different goods.

    Only real difference was you had to donate money to open up special routes to get to different regions in the game. Now I know where they got the idea for different regions for Rail Nation’s Steam over Europe version of the game.

    Don’t hold your breath on getting in anytime soon they’ve had this issue for over 20 days now and in their words not mine the technical team is still investigating the cause of the issue.

    Which put more simply they don’t know what’s causing it and they have no clue how to fix it.

    We just finished an endgame on com 202 where every 5-10 minutes we would have to refresh the game in to move our trains for the next call. Of course we’ve been telling them about this for nearly a month now. Took almost a week for them to acknowledge our complaints.

    Took them another week to put a patch or hot fix or whatever you want to call it in to at least make it playable well they failed miserably at that fix because it’s still happening.

    The thing I’ve noticed though but they probably will never acknowledge it. The error seems to occur the most during peak playing times.

    Seems to be a lot less frequent once the players in the EU log off for the night. But then ramps up again around midnight US time which would be 6:00 AM in the EU because people are waking up.

    Which tells me and I’m not even a computer tech person that there servers can’t handle the load. Thus and therefore it causes outages which leads to people being kicked out of the game.

    So in layman’s terms it means they need to buy more servers and more network space which is very expensive and would cause a major hit to their profit margins.

    Hey look at that I just solved the latest issue in the game. I told you when it’s happening and what you need to do to fix it.

    But we all know that it will never happen. You’ll just apply another patch in the game thinking that will solve it as usual.

    It’s expensive but such a simple fix but you’re never going to do the right thing. Just do another patch job and hope no one notices. Got news for you we’re wise to your little tricks

    Raise a support ticket send us logs of errors it’s a known bug we’re truly sorry about the latest issues in the game we know how frustrating it is.

    NOOOO!!!! I won’t raise anymore support tickets or send you any logs of errors. I don’t trust you enough to install anything you recommend on my computer.

    I will no longer accept your canned responses from your support and the same tired old response of we’re truly sorry for our latest screw up we know how frustrating they are.

    My response and recourse for these bugs and errors and insincere responses will be to come on the forum and discord and call out this insanity. I will also tell all my friends who like to play online games to avoid Rail Nation like the plague and also make sure they tell their friends about Rail Nation.

    Of course I will probably get banned from the forum just like I’m banned on discord because a community manager didn’t like the way I was calling out Rail Nation Technical Team and Game Support and voicing my frustration with the current unfortunately an error has occurred considering the fact that it has made the game unplayable for the 20 plus days.

    Sorry not sorry if I offended any technical or support team members but you all have brought my anger and everyone else’s on yourselves.

    Your technical team has shown themselves to be incompetent. Upper management has shown themselves to only care about the almighty dollar. Support and the community managers have shown themselves to be uncaring in their canned and rehearsed responses.

    So if I’ve offended you or hurt your feelings or made you feel bad about yourself. I really don’t care you’ve all earned it now own it

    It’s been like that since I started playing 8 years ago in words of the support team it’s a known bug. My answer back is always the same if you know about the bug why haven’t you fixed it.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t really know how to fix these bugs or the higher ups won’t let them spend the time or money to fix it correctly. So they do the next best thing and put a patch on it .Got to wonder how many more patches can they put in the game before the whole game goes down in a flaming heap of garbage

    I don’t assume anything with Rail Nation nor do I trust anything they say or do anymore. They’ve been caught in so many lies and cons it’s maddening.

    They are putting profits ahead of people we the players are the ones who have made them so successful.

    Without us spending either a great amount of money or just a little bit the people they employ would not have jobs or be able to feed and house their families.

    Many of us play this game for different reasons. I play it to relax and forget about work for a while. I also play because I have made friends all over the world and because I actually enjoy the game.

    With all these bugs and errors that have plagued this game since I started playing in 2013, they either don’t know how to fix them or else the big wigs tell just put a patch on it.

    As I’ve said over and over again, pretty soon the patched dam breast isn’t going to be hold back all that water behind it.

    The really sad part of this whole thing is, that people are fed up with the lies and canned responses and the nonsensical official statements.

    People are just leaving the game regardless of how much gold or plus account time they have left. They’re just saying it’s not worth it anymore, I’ve given them every opportunity and I’ve even donated to the game and they still won’t fix anything.

    I guess Rail Nation has come to a cross road here, it’s entirely up to them as to which direction they go. Do they continue down the present road and continue to make excuses for themselves and continue to lose players every time a round ends.

    Or do they take seriously what their players are saying on the forum and in the discord channel. Start by hiring competent technical people and support and community managers that will give more than canned responses. Please stop telling us you’re sorry and understand our frustrations with the game because we know that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

    If you were truly sorry and understood our frustrations you would not put out such an inferior product and expect people not to be upset. For those of you here that remember the game Truck Nation that was a sinking ship for TG. They put the game out as a different version of Rail Nation you did pretty much the same thing as you do in Rail Nation just with trucks not trains.

    Well Truck Nation was only around for a little over a year and then went away. Reason being they couldn’t make any money on it. Because it was very lame secondly it had the same bug problems as Rail Nation they refused to acknowledge those bugs and always said it was on the players end not theirs. When they got enough complaints about something they would do a patch or give us a work around or better known as a half ass$$ job.

    Well to make a long story short Truck Nation is no longer one of the games offered by TG anymore. I fear if Rail Nation doesn’t get their act together soon Rail Nation will suffer the same fate. I don’t play any of the other games offered by TG so I can’t speak to how buggy those games are but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same or worse. But Rail Nation is at a critical point right now and like I said what they do will determine if I and 1000’s of other players just silently walk away we’ve given Rail Nation 8 years to get their act together.

    We’ve said oh it’s a new game or maybe they just made a mistake or this or that or the other thing. We’ve given you the benefit of the doubt we’ve even allowed for but the pandemic well that ones not going to fly anymore because things are starting to get back to normal.

    So the decision is up to Rail Nation as far as I’m concerned I’m giving you one more full round on com 202. If I keep encountering the same bugs and errors and issues as I have over the last 8 years this will be my very last round. Because at that point I won’t give a damn weather Rail Nation sinks or swims because I’ve had enough of the excuses and canned responses hearing we’re truly sorry we understand your frustrations. Hire some competent technical people and just fix the BLEEPING game.

    They just simply don’t care they want you to keep spending money on a sub standard product. I hope they never put this game out for people to actually buy and install on there computers. I shudder at that thought. I would never recommend this game to any of my friends who enjoy playing on line games. I’ve played a lot of really buggy games but this has to be the worst.

    The really sad part of this is all the excuses we get in there official statements is a total joke. It makes everyone at TG look like a bunch of blooming idiots.

    I stopped playing the endgame game on com 202 yesterday because I couldn’t take anymore of constantly being kicked off the game. I shudder to think how much prestige I lost by doing that.

    I don’t usually quit at anything but when it’s gets to the point where I want to throw my phone through a plate glass window or punch a hole in my computer monitor or come on the forum and just let loose then I know it’s time to walk away.

    Having to replace my patio window and buy a new phone and a new computer is just not worth it. Maybe a ban from the forum or a ban from the game would be a good thing for me.

    I don’t think it would be good for TG because they would really miss the money I spent on multiple servers I guess maybe I should limit myself to just one server.

    Heck they kicked me off the official Rail Nation Discord channel yesterday because they couldn’t handle me calling them out for their incompetence and lame excuses for the game not working.

    Thing is they didn’t stop me from playing the game or talking with the team of players I play this game with all they did was stop me from being a pain in their rear ends.

    Is Rail Nation ever going to get with the program here and give the players who made them so successful a decent return on our investment in or do we all need to go through Rail Nation withdrawal before they finally get the message.

    I won’t hold my breath on them ever having the lightbulb go on.

    I think they are hoping their core players walk away because then they can get a whole new group of players who are clueless about the bugs in the game some since 2013 and hope they will spend money.

    I took a 2 year break from this game due to health issues and bugs in the game. They convinced me to come back by letting me know they had fixed over 300 bugs. I think I got conned because the game isn’t really that much better then it was 2.5 years ago.

    Some people are just too thick headed to realize they are shooting them selves in the foot and don’t even know it because the pain signal hasn’t reached their brain yet

    Maybe if Rail Nation would do something besides always saying they’re sorry about the problems in the game, and actually finally fix the issues our attitudes and statements would be a lot different.

    All we ever seem to get is canned responses from support and from the community managers we only ever get raise a support ticket. We’re tired of raising support tickets and not having anything done.

    Been playing since 2013 and some of the bugs in the game then are still here. That tells me a couple of different things.

    Either the technical team has no idea how to fix the issues and they can only put a temporary patch on it.

    My two best examples are being able to open the chat to complete one of Lucy’s tasks, that’s been a on going issue for years and it’s still not fixed.

    Then we come to the latest issue with the game timing out every 5-10 minutes both on the app and on the web browser. Getting the message unfortunately an error has occurred you should be able to continue your game. I’m so sick of seeing that message I have nightmares about it.

    I gave up playing the endgame game on Com 202 because I got tired of dealing with it. Is Rail Nation going give me additional prestige points for all the goods I wasn’t able to haul because of the stupid error I couldn’t get my schedules to take.

    I know I won’t get any additional prestige I would be shocked beyond belief if that were to happen.

    How about some decent compensation for having to deal with this latest issue since it was reported back on 5th of April today is 24th of April so we’re talking about a 19 day timeframe. How about giving each player a 1000 gold and say 200 lottery tickets and a full round of plus account. Who am I kidding that’s never going to happen. Come on Rail Nation give up some of your profits and take care of the people who made you so successful.

    The really funny thing about all of this is every time I get a response from support or a reply from one of the community managers it always says we know how frustrating this is and we’re truly sorry the technical team is continuing to work on this issue. My question always wants to be well what the BLEEP is taking so long. Did they take an extremely long lunch break is it a major holiday in Germany. Did they forget where the office is located or forget to turn on their computers.

    I don’t think Rail Nation knows how incompetent these issues make them look in the eyes of their customers. Every time I go to buy gold I take a very long pause and say to myself is this really worth it. I do only because I hope at some point the game will work correctly at some point I am going to stop buying gold because I’m getting a poor return on my investment. Then I will just stop playing the game because I’m tired of the bugs and I’m tired of dealing with the response it’s a known bug or the technical team is investigating it if it’s a known bug fix it how long do you need to investigate something.

    The current issue has been going on since 5th April so again we’re talking about 19 days with no solution and only the statement send us logs of when it happens. Really you want me to do your job for you. Are you going to pay me to do that. When I was a restaurant manager my motto was if I have to do my job and your job then one of us won’t be working here. I guess they don’t understand that concept in Germany.

    You want the people who actually make it possible for you to feed and house yourself and your families to do your job for you. That’s some crazy thinking there and says you don’t care anything about your customers so why should we continue to spend money on a sub standard product I’ll just take my hard earned money somewhere else.

    Well if support can’t do anything but write a nice response and tell us it’s a known bug. What’s the point wouldn’t it be better if we sent technical issues to the technical team ? Since they are the ones in charge of fixing these forever present bugs.

    Is the technical team afraid we might call them on the carpet and demand they explain to us their customers why they can’t seem to keep the game working. My guess is that the technical team is only allowed to fix what the big shots tell them they can fix.

    The big shots are afraid it might cut into their quarterly or yearly bonus. They don’t want to upset their shareholders. But keep putting the screws to the people who made Rail Nation what it is. Without us your customers there’s no Rail Nation and there’s no money to feed and house your families.

    It’s as simple as 2+2=4 treat your customers good and we will return the favor by keeping you all employed. Maybe someone should clue the big shots in as to how things work in the real world. Maybe someone should remind them of the fate that Truck Nation suffered people stopped playing and spending money because of bugs being in the game that you refused to fix not to mention it was a really lame game.

    I along with 1000’s of other people probably only stick around and continue to play the game because of the relationships and friendships we have made over multiple rounds of playing the game.

    If it wasn’t for those relationships and friendships I along with 1000’s of other people would have left the game long ago.

    I’m sure 1000’s of are ready to figure out a different way to keep those people we play the game with in our circle. We are ready to tell Rail Nation to take a long walk on a short peer.

    So Rail Nation is finally going to investigate the issue with the unfortunately an error has occurred. Gee whizz that issue was raised on the 5th of April by Toots. Heaven only knows how many times it’s been discussed on Discord and 100’s if not 1000’s of support tickets.

    So now you’re going to investigate and come up with some lame excuse and some stupid work around. Why don’t you just come out and say the game is fuc$ed up and we don’t care but please keep giving us your money.

    So your investigation will take who knows how long or else it’ll be will get around to it when we feel like it. We’ll just put another patch on it and hope it holds. But we know that these patches are only going to hold the water back for so long.

    Why is it we never get the truth from Rail Nation why not just admit you all have lousy code writers and lousy technical people and big shots that are too cheap to let you all fix the game correctly because it might affect their quarterly bonus

    Why should we raise support tickets when we get canned responses from them. The people we actually want to talk to are the tech team and the big shots.

    They won’t engage with their customers because we would rip them new ones.

    Support can’t fix anything so why should we bother contacting them I have raised 100’s of support tickets since 2013 the majority of them not solved any technical issues in the game.