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    Now I know the main reason I quit this stupid game 2 years ago. You claim to have fixed all these bugs. I play on the app on my iPhone. I get kicked out of the game at least 5-8 times per day. I have given you guys tons of money over the years. I have enough plus account for this round and one more round on Loch Ness. Then you can all stick the game wherever you want.

    So because the tech monkeys messed up again everyone just has to accept the status quo. If that's not a kick in the teeth for customer service I don't know what is. I said it once and I will say it for the millionth time stop with all the bells and whistles and all the nonsense stuff like the train spotters and just fix the core issues in the game.

    We invested 3 months in the last round on Smoke Chamber and all preregistered for the new round that just started because we are all friends and have played on the same teams for a long period of time. Now because of the tech monkeys being incompetent at there jobs we all have to suffer for there screw ups.

    You and customer support can spin this anyway you like but it just continues to show how incompetent the staff at Rail Nation has been and continues too be. Also continues too show how little you care about your players both paying and non paying. I am still willing to bet my last dollar that someday Rail Nation will suffer the same fate as Truck Nation. So put that in your pipe and smoke it for while. X(X(

    Who gives two rips about new features just fix the blasted game and stop giving us bells and whistles the majority of us are paying players and all we get for spending our hard earned money is a game that dose not work as it is advertised the stupid tech monkeys screwed up the app are we going to have to wait for the next update for that too be fixed

    Have a challenge for you Mr. Lars Jansen come on the Facebook page and have a open forum with the people that have made Rail Nation what it is. Discuss with us why the bugs in the game can't be fixed No matter what spin you put on the inability of your tech people too fix the game and the bugs I would give you 5 minutes on an open forum and you would most likely shut it down and hang your head in shame I don't think you have the guts to have a open forum

    It would be so wonderful if the stupid tech monkeys would stop messing everything up every they do maintaince or updates the majority of us are paying players so stop screwing us over and just give us a game that works I am tired of all the bells and whistles who cares about trainspotters and widgets I just want a game that dose not give me general errors or IDS errors or that is always freezing up. One of two things is going on here either the big cheese is missing some of his money so he won't let the tech monkeys fix the bugs or the tech monkeys are just to stupid to fix the bugs fix a few bugs and create 20 more standard operating procedure for Rail Nation.

    What they always seem to forget is that we spend real money too have plus accounts and we have too buy gold in order too have a plus account. You will never convince me that rail nation gives two rips about there real money players. (That was putting it nicely)

    They seem to forget that it was and is the players that spend real money in the game that has built them up. If we all ever stopped buying gold and plus accounts Rail Nation would suffer the same fate as Truck Nation did would just vanish into thin air.

    I for one am sick of the cheap compensation we get when the game goes down for something that is not even our fault as players and the lines of crap that we are fed for excuses we are told when the game goes down.

    Hey Lars Jansen, Tech Team and Support here is a challenge for you next time the game goes down prove too us the players that we really matter. As part of the challenge all the bugs in the game must also be fixed. Also no raising of the plus account price and no more bells and whistles ( Which are used too divert our attention from the non working parts of the game) (I guess they think we are really that stupid). I fear if Rail Nation took up this challenge they would end up with serious egg on there faces about 100 times over. I am pretty sure we would hear a boat load of excuses when they can't meat the challenge at 100%.

    All I want too hear from Rail Nation is challenge accepted. Wishful thinking at best.

    Stone you should really lay off the hard stuff